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  1. Oh boy I have quite a few. I dont usually take pictures of buses because moving veichles are hard to take pictures of two recent examples
  2. Live in the Northeast can confirm there is none here They finished retiring them in September
  3. I'll miss the old locomotives but they had a lot of problems
  4. the front sign for#8661 is broken in half
  5. Septa D40LF on Route 127. Deadheaded towards Trenton TC. Photo taken at Oxford Valley Mall in Middletown, PA. That is the routes western terminus.
  6. I would not know. I was not there at the parade.
  7. How hard would it be to use a 400 bus for your daily commute?
  8. Unlike what most think, you can ride the bus today without a pass.
  9. There apparently used to be 3 bus routes that went to Limerick. The 93, 99, and 139 Also there was a 100 And bus service to Northampton Township existed.
  10. Right now I am trying to archive as many maps for dead Septs routes as I can. Here is two examples the 63 (Pier 70 Shopping Center and Queens Village to Grays Ferry Shopping Center) the 76 (Penns Landing and Old City to Mantua and Philadelphia Zoo) The maps are from here: https://web.archive.org/web/19991109062435/http://septa.org:80/riding/routes.html
  11. I wish the old version of the 414 still existed. The old 414 linked Northeastern Philly with NJ at Frankford Terminal. it went to Marlton. If they rerouted this to a bigger city, then this would surely succeed, right?
  12. What if they made some sort of thingy that would take the person out of the car and melt the normal car if they went on the streetcar tunnel
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