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  1. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    also either 8491 or 8492 is a wrap
  2. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Does anyone have a list of wrap buses for Septa? I know 7329 is a wrap bus and there is a wrap running in the same department that the 123 runs in but does anyone know any others?
  3. Missing in Action buses

    wow somebody probably used a small font size like this for the bus. No wonder you could not find out the number it has. But seriously thats odd. Also I hope that its still alive now
  4. Ban the user above you

    banned for letting this almost reach 400 pages!
  5. Childhood Moments and Memories

    My oldest memory is of me staring at a CRT TV during a WCAU Newscast. This happened before April 2006 when my sister knocked down the TV. I would say that its from late 2005 - early 2006.
  6. The Random Thoughts Thread

    I think I may be going insane this is a duplicate of a duplicate of a duplicate of a duplicate of a duplicate of a duplicate of a duplicate
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    Sometimes I wish my door goodnight
  8. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    The 55 has a lower ridership amount then those two.
  9. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Why does the 55 only use Artics?
  10. Feature Photo Submissions

    Septa Training bus on route 67. It was seen going on Veree.
  11. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    You welcome!
  12. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Heres a word of advice: If you want to see those NF Midis, go to Willow Grove mall.
  13. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    Well I dont go that far west so count me out Also is it normal for Septa to reuse fleet numbers? I am asking because I spotted a Novabus with the fleet number #7144, which was used for a Neoplanner. Edit: it says 7464, not 7114. Nothing was reused
  14. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

  15. Feature Photo Submissions

    A Septa Freightline Defender seen at a junkyard near my house.