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  1. The last two RTSs #501 and #509 are up for purchase on GovDeals.
  2. #504 has been sold for $983.55. They really want these buses gone for sure since these are being sold for such a low price.
  3. #504 has been put up for auction once more.
  4. It does make sense since the ratio for Phantoms to RTSs is 43 to 11 which works out well when it comes to the factors you pointed out. I expected the Nova's to cost up to around $4,000 for the condition they're in. But seeing them being sold for these prices makes the dream of owning one more realistic. Get one if you can!
  5. The auction has closed and #505 has been sold for $1,422.
  6. Seeing the 2001 Nova's being sold makes me surprised that the ex-LYNX buses bought in 09 haven't been retired yet despite hearing they had problems with the transmission.
  7. Recently while I was at depot park, I spotted the retired Nova's still at the old RTS facility and no Lynx buses. I guess they've been auction off somewhere. Here are some photos
  8. Here are some sound recordings of #558 and #2502
  9. Thanks for making this thread. I was surprised to find that no threads about RTS were up until now.