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  1. I'd to preserve a bus from a transit agency in the future.
  2. So, I'm trying to learn about buying a bus from an online auction. I've learned that some auction houses will auction transit buses as "Dealer Only", but there is a way to go around that. I'm hearing that I could hire a proxy bidder who has a dealer license, but I'm not sure who could that be exactly. I'm guessing that means to ask a truck dealership to go on my behalf to an auction, but I'm still not so sure about it. Is anybody who bought their transit bus from an auction willing to share their experience?
  3. @Detroit Diesel 6V92TA, @themikepeng So... I'm not sure if this applies to First Capitol, but I read that usually auction places that have an online auction website. And the ones that do usually have the website work as the proxy for dealer only vehicles. Though, I've read the rules for First Capitol and it does layout the rules for Dealer Only items. But, I'm wondering now if that only applies to being physically there at the auction house...
  4. Yep, glad we know each other now😄 Also, I've been doing some research and I found out that one can hire a proxy to buy a Dealer only vehicle at an auction on your behalf for a fee. I still need to do more searching, but I'm hoping that that'll be a way to aquire one. Nice! I've always found C35LFs interesting as I don't really see them as much, and how the CNG Enclosure splits at the rear like CNG Gillig Low Floors.
  5. I noticed that the C40LFs being sold in the past are the Original 2002 models(Built as a CNG), while the "2003" Converted buses are still in service. Have you and N Scale Transit Models ridden in any of the first batch of the (2002) C40LFs? Because in a Santa Cruz Bus video by Nabinut, it shows #2202 sounding like a regular Cummins C Gas when it passes by, followed by 2226 that sounds like the converted models.
  6. Yeah I think he told me about you changing the CNG engine names on the SCM Wiki for the Orion V buses. And we also both agree that the C40LF's might have a John Deere CNG Engine as well . Also, is there a link to the recent auction? I can't seem to find it. Even if I tried to get it up to current standards?
  7. Yep, I was referring the Santa Cruz buses. I found out that these were rare(Through "N Scale Transit Models" on YouTube) even though I used to ride them when I was little. I just hope that I'll be able buy one of them in the future. Also, the recent auction is one from 2015 right?
  8. Well, these specific ones were originally Diesel powered ones that were converted to CNG. Meaning they have the Diesel Exhaust pipes making them sound different. I'm not sure if it makes any sense...
  9. Hi! So I'd like to buy a retired CNG bus in the future. However, I heard that it might be illegal to buy a transit vehicle in California if it doesn't meet the emissions standards. So what would happen and what's the process if I try to buy this said bus? Thanks! Sincerely, ANIME-AND-BUSES
  10. I didn't realize Canada has what I think is many license classes. I'm used to only hearing about class C for cars, B for straight frame trucks, and A for Semi trailers in the U.S.
  11. Santa Cruz Metro in 1998 with the D40LF. Tulare Inter-modal Express in 2009 with the Blue Bird Ultra LF CNG.
  12. Okay, so I'm wondering where can anybody find used bus parts like gas and brake pedals, dashboard with steering wheel and the side panel with most of the original parts such as the gauges, switches, indicators, and a Allison or Voith Gear selector from a New Flyer D40LF (any of the Low floors) or Gillig Low Floor. I would like to make a custom Steering wheel set for the bus simualtor OMSI 2 for the New Flyer or Gillig Low Floor. I've seen people create custom ones for MAN SD202 and MB Citaro buses on youtube.
  13. That looks cool. Sorry for the late response. I don't think im receiving the emails for updates.
  14. I like the bus and the skin, I'm a fan of Sailor moon as well. I actually made a Repaint Pack of all the Sailor Scouts for a bus simulator called OMSI 2. Here's the link http://vtransitcenter.com/index.php/topic,74.0.html
  15. The skin pack is for OMSI 2, and what is A.C.T.O.T.S? Never mind, I didn't know what was the meaning of A.C.T.O.T.S. I put the post here because there is a Bus skin of Sailor mars. Which I think is cool.
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