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  1. I'd to preserve a bus from a transit agency in the future.
  2. So, I'm trying to learn about buying a bus from an online auction. I've learned that some auction houses will auction transit buses as "Dealer Only", but there is a way to go around that. I'm hearing that I could hire a proxy bidder who has a dealer license, but I'm not sure who could that be exactly. I'm guessing that means to ask a truck dealership to go on my behalf to an auction, but I'm still not so sure about it. Is anybody who bought their transit bus from an auction willing to share their experience?
  3. I didn't realize Canada has what I think is many license classes. I'm used to only hearing about class C for cars, B for straight frame trucks, and A for Semi trailers in the U.S.
  4. Where I live in, we have a CNG Station where they keep the buses and garbage trucks, and I googled it, and it says it was public
  5. Hey everyone, I want to ask owners of used buses, or just anyone how do you know if a transit company are going to sale their buses. I know there are dealerships but this one transit I know is most likely to retire their 98 D40LF' and 2003 C40LF's probably within the next few years. But, how can someone in the market for a used bus get notified of buses being sold. And in addition, how could anyone buy a brand new bus directly from the manufacturer like New Flyer, or Gillig for example. Thanks for reading.
  6. I said that because the last time it was updated, was on Jan 2016.
  7. I used to ride the 1998 new flyers and the earlier C40LF's. I hope the roster of the system gets updated on the CPTDB Wiki.
  8. Hi Everyone, ANIME-AND-BUSES here, I'm new here and this is my first topic. So, in the future, I plan to buy a New Flyer bus hopefully when Santa Cruz Metro retires some of their models. But I want to ask others what was their experience with buying a used bus, and what do they do with it.
  9. Hello, world, greetings from apple world!

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