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  1. Transsee is back showing valley metro! https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=valleymetro
  2. I havent found anything since Transsee, That was literally the best to use. Is it me or did valley metro give up on the gtfs data
  3. New Gilligs at North Transdev yard, 5633 (hit by a car last night on route 35,) 5634 is on route:154
  4. Since the new announciator change, most 6500 2007 d40lfs and 5001-5120 C40lfrs arent showing up on Phoenix Transit API page, or Transcee, today no buses are showing at all
  5. South Gillig bus 5156 on route 138 today, which is a North route. I wonder if theyre replacing north yards 2007 D40LFs yet
  6. 5252 on route 19... i had no clue the new gilligs were here already are they Cng or Diesel
  7. I just saw North bus #6536 on the South route 70 on this run https://transitfeeds.com/p/valley-metro/68/latest/trip/1868 Idk if South borrowed a North bus or theres actually 1 north bus assigned to route 70..?
  8. Route 0,7,8,12,15(weekends) ,16,19,27,35,44,50 are the only routes that are run by North and South.
  9. Route 60 is operated by South Transdev yard
  10. I saw 8063 smoking..never seen it before..is this a problem or regular
  11. 5240 was on 50 Yesterday, and all the 6200 1999 NABIs are Retired
  12. Yeah idk why it says 8003 becuz when I drove over to PVCC on its layover it was some Gillig
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