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  1. I noticed that too, I cant remember if it was my camera or the actual light
  2. I filmed some I-17 Rapid buses
  3. Thank you sir! Is that "LOC" like the Status of the bus?
  4. So what is norths 6500s start at.. 6533 or 6534
  5. Do u have a list for North yard?
  6. 5224 ON 44
  7. Theyre doing rapid Bus training, anyone knows where else they train?, they came down south 7th st, then east on greenway do they do i-17 then sr 51 route?
  8. I see 6555 & 6556 were moved from south yard, to north yard
  9. Yeah ive noticed in the back of the 6300s and the 6500s in the summer when the A/C is on, the hot engine air blows up thru the chairs, Do u know if the mechanics try to fix that
  10. how often do busses overheat in the summer, i know 62/6300s overheat very easy, but i wonder about the 6500s
  11. Do you know how they assign buses on a route or is it random?
  12. Hey everyone Im new here, ive been watching the buses mostly from The North yard since 2015, Today I see 6224 is on 106, 6225 on 12, 6229 on 80, 6231 on 7, 6233 -106, 6237-106, 6238-122, 6241-122, 6284-19, 6286-186, 6290-170, 6292 on 170, I hear 6243 is the worst bus in the city