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  1. 5240 was on 50 Yesterday, and all the 6200 1999 NABIs are Retired
  2. Yeah idk why it says 8003 becuz when I drove over to PVCC on its layover it was some Gillig
  3. strange it was on the live vehicle position thing
  4. 8003 on rt 16 I didnt think any artics were assigned on sundays
  5. Is there a list of each Blocks/Runs with Mileage so the guy in scheduling assigns the correct type of bus?
  6. 5133 44N at tatum & Thunderbird, Broke down 2:30pm friday
  7. Are holding areas, just Park and rides and transit centers?
  8. When a bus overheats, does the driver get it towed back and someone, from the E/B takes over the run in a different, or does E/B drive a new bus to the driver to continue on route, and E/B driver goes with the Wrecker
  9. Do u work over night
  10. Thanks, Im planning to film older buses like 1999 nabis those are the rare ones
  11. I noticed that too, I cant remember if it was my camera or the actual light
  12. I filmed some I-17 Rapid buses
  13. Thank you sir! Is that "LOC" like the Status of the bus?
  14. So what is norths 6500s start at.. 6533 or 6534
  15. Do u have a list for North yard?