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  1. Can they use some of the city's enforcement vehicles?
  2. A few sightings yesterday: 1001 was on the 9W at 5:45 PM. 0824 has its last digit missing on the inside and was on the 107. 1036 with a grey coloured back "grill or vent" (possibly refurbed?) instead of the usual black. Car C209 was used by an enforcement officer to get to one of the eastern transitway stations (Forgot which one exactly).
  3. Spotted Super Lo 8365 around 8:55 PM at Winston Churchill Station on the 25 heading Westbound.
  4. Good to know, thanks.
  5. It was definitely heading to the Prevost building located on 7655 Tranmere Dr. Is this location just another service center from Prevost?
  6. Saw a TTC Nova in the old livery going WB on Derry Rd in Mississauga at 8:24 AM this morning. It turned NB onto Bramalea Rd and then i saw it lined up to turn WB onto Drew Rd in the distance. At first I thought it was a Brampton Nova on the 115, any ideas where it was headed?
  7. Anyone know which bus was involved in Wednesdays accident and the extent of injuries for the person involved and damage?
  8. Well the contract was awarded in 2013, so the funding is probably going to be used for future buses, plus it's 13 buses not 17.
  9. They were delivered to Sandalwood and "will hit the road later this summer".
  10. Brampton Transit shared photos of new 2017 Novas about 3 hours ago on Facebook and Instagram. 13 new conventional buses are now in the fleet which would complete the 70 bus Nova contract from 2013.
  11. Spotted this about 2 minutes ago. To be more specific: Bus 1620, SB Airport Road, south of Clark, around 3:45 PM, signed: 65 - Seniors Shopper, probably deadheading to Humber College for service. Anyone have information on so called route 65?
  12. This past Tuesday I was at the airport and I spotted this. Really cappy pictures but you can make out "Proof of Payment - In Effect". Was this just simply a rare sighting or is the TTC going to have all door boarding on just express routes or all bus routes?
  13. That new A105 sure is loud, heard it coming all the way down my street. Anyone know what engine/transmission powers that beast?
  14. The section about the replacement trucks is taken out from the future plans tab on the website.
  15. Any pictures of the new truck or P121? Also, does anyone have any information about future replacement trucks?