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  1. Spotted 8457 at Square One at 7 PM this evening, and 8460 and 8461 heading opposite directions on the 47 at Erin Mills at 7:30 PM.
  2. 1004 also has the same new digital infotainment screen setup as on 1002.
  3. Saw 8453 in service on the 47B at Square One earlier this week. Heard from a driver that 8455 is in the garage at Hamilton.
  4. On 1002 and there are 2 digital screens that are installed on the driver side, 1 right behind the driver side cabinet and 1 in front of the first row of seats above the stairs. Only the rear screen is working, and it has pretty clear images, showing adverts for local business, the city, the media company they would've contracted for this (I'm assuming), and also CBC news headlines which is pretty neat. Would anyone have more info on this pilot/project/roll out and if we could soon see this across the entire system?
  5. 8444 at Square One on the 40 WB at 6:35 AM.
  6. Spotted 1811 with a single-line desto this evening on the 3 which was pretty interesting.
  7. Just spotted 1802 at 9:45 PM on the 2 NB on Sandalwood past Hurontario, and I spotted 1804 sometime last weekend on the 23 WB at Heart lake. Seems like they're slowly entering service.
  8. Heard from a Brampton Transit operator many weeks ago that they won a contract to operate transit to Georgetown. Ran across this thread so I thought might as well ask if anyone can confirm or deny this, or if they've heard anything about it.
  9. Spotted 8401 on the 47 at 9 AM this morning, heading to York University on the HWY 410/407 interchange.
  10. There were 2 coaches sitting in a lot on the southwest corner of Dixie Rd and Derry Rd in Mississauga last time I checked.
  11. And maybe even the Transitway Shuttle back from 2014.... You do have a point, but in my opinion this is a different type of "shuttle" service. It's running for a whole week as a revenue service route, not just for an event or for a single day. I just thought that if routes like the Carasauga and the Pan/Parapan-Am games shuttles are up on the page, then this could deserve a spot on the list as well. Anyways, it was just a minor suggestion, up to the editors to decide now...
  12. Speaking of flying under the radar... http://miwayblog.ca/2017/12/shuttle-service-for-humber-college-from-westwood-transit-terminal/ MiWay is operating a direct shuttle service between Westwood Mall Terminal and Humber College this week only. It's replacing service provided by the 107 that is cut back to Westwood during the holidays. The service should be operated using 2 buses for 12 minute peak and 1 bus for 20 minute frequency off peak frequency. The blog was the only place that this service was mentioned in and was kept out of the service changes/holiday service plans for whatever reason. I was wondering if the wiki editors could add this service to the MiWay page in perhaps the former routes section if possible.
  13. According to CP24, there was a townhouse fire with 10 units involved. I would guess that it is a shelter bus for the residents.
  14. Saw this at Westwood yesterday afternoon...apparently it was a collapsed airbag. How often does such a thing occur, and is there something external that causes it? Is this a similar occurance to the artic losing a wheel a few weeks ago?
  15. Saw this yesterday on google maps around 3:10 pm when I was waiting for my bus. Didn't know where else I should have posted it. This couldn't have been for real right, maybe a glitch or something?
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