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  1. Assuming that Route 39 has been fully transferred over to Malton, as it seems that all buses on the route have been from Malton garage this week. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Got into thinking about what the requirements are/what the process is for transferring a route between garages. Wonder if some of you that are more experienced on this topic can shed some light? Thanks
  2. Screenshot from BT Facebook of the NFI XE40.
  3. Spotted a 2020 Novabus being delivered yesterday (Unit 2016), travelling NB on the 410 north of Steeles around 11:30 AM. Couldn't grab a picture as I was driving, but it looks like this batch was ordered with the new driver window, which I noticed on this unit.
  4. Came across this Facebook post and link from Brampton Transit regarding a new garage on Highway 50 north of Castlemore. https://www.brampton.ca//EN/residents/Roads/Pages/road-works-details.aspx/3098/Transit-Maintenance-Facility
  5. Apologies for the crappy pictures in advance. Don't know if this is news or not, but 0520 was spotted on the 25/26 today, and Transit55 shows it was in service yesterday as well on the 27/35. I thought that this series of buses was retired for good, unless I'm missing something here.
  6. Agree with you on that one, that is still the case today. I'd would even go as far to say that all buses have a tough time getting up there unless they're running nearly empty.
  7. http://www.brampton.ca/EN/residents/transit/plan-your-trip/Pages/September-Improvements-Preview.aspx September Service Improvements are out featuring new routes 28 Wanless and 81 Mayfield West, a new branch 50A Gore Road, along with the usual added trips, increased frequencies and schedule adjustments for various routes.
  8. 1820 entered service this afternoon on the 27/35.
  9. Spotted 2327 at Hamilton GO at 9:20 tonight.
  10. I rode on 1204 a couple days ago and it sounded like it had a ZF tranny in it. Can anyone confirm?
  11. Spotted 8457 at Square One at 7 PM this evening, and 8460 and 8461 heading opposite directions on the 47 at Erin Mills at 7:30 PM.
  12. 1004 also has the same new digital infotainment screen setup as on 1002.
  13. Saw 8453 in service on the 47B at Square One earlier this week. Heard from a driver that 8455 is in the garage at Hamilton.
  14. On 1002 and there are 2 digital screens that are installed on the driver side, 1 right behind the driver side cabinet and 1 in front of the first row of seats above the stairs. Only the rear screen is working, and it has pretty clear images, showing adverts for local business, the city, the media company they would've contracted for this (I'm assuming), and also CBC news headlines which is pretty neat. Would anyone have more info on this pilot/project/roll out and if we could soon see this across the entire system?
  15. 8444 at Square One on the 40 WB at 6:35 AM.
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