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  1. It's time for TransLink to change their tweet alerts to MVC instead of MVA.
  2. Maybe the "Lynn Valley" for the 228 refers to Lynn Valley Road? (If treated to the stacked signage on the bus, it could read 228 Lynn Valley Rd / to Dempsey.) I'm not too familiar with North Shore geography, but could the "Upper Lynn Valley" part of the 209/210 refer to the route north of Dempsey?
  3. The Buzzer Blog has a post about the stacked destination signs: https://buzzer.translink.ca/2020/10/metro-vancouver-bus-routes-pilot-stacked-destination-signs/ Is the northbound 10 still displaying "Downtown / to Waterfront"? Other bus signage that has bugged me recently: 210 BURRARD STN (and 209/211/214) 240 DOWNTOWN (and 241/246/247) 250 VANCOUVER (and 253/254/257) The first two have changed from VANCOUVER in the last couple of years. I think I know why they're moving away from that descriptor, but does anyone know the official reason for the changes, and why they were inconsistently applied?
  4. The display is likely to read "19 Kingsway to Joyce".
  5. "Emily Carr" was in my headcanon as the name for this station, more to honour the artist herself, and indirectly the institution attached to the station. (The rest of my preferred station names: Main Street-Mount Pleasant, Cambie-City Hall, Fairview-VGH, South Granville, Arbutus.) Imagine what would happen when the line is extended west of Arbutus – would "Macdonald" even be considered as a station name?
  6. Very much improved, yes, especially since the other pictures (of the 119/151/325) are displaying "Street Name to Destination". If I had a request on which route should next get this treatment, it's the 9: "Broadway (local) to" Alma/Granville/Commercial/Boundary.
  7. The stacked signage is new and nice, but the content (of this one at least): disappointing. How have the other routes given this treatment look?
  8. I just noticed in the service-change listings that the peak-only 32 Dunbar will remain suspended; it is identified as a "university route". Anyone else see that?
  9. I poked around a few more routes, and I see that phrase. I also read the prologue at the top of the page: 18 routes with increased frequency, 26 with decreased frequency (mostly for the FTN services and/or in peak hours).
  10. Someone in another forum speculated that the recurring phrase "We’re adjusting the frequency in response to changing customer demand" is PR doublespeak for "decreased frequency". For the routes I usually take, I know the old and new headways, but for almost all the others, not so much. It would be nice to know what the previous headways were for the various time periods listed. Example – the changes for the 245 do have them:
  11. The 22 is my primary route (see my username πŸ˜„). 23 stops is a lot. Where do I find the list of stops being removed, and the rationale? I can think of only a handful outside downtown that can be justified.
  12. 8:00am today – spotted #18391 signed 25 "TO GRANVILLE".
  13. Going to Main Street Station makes sense, to provide access to SkyTrain. But isn't there a destination sign "19 Main St Stn" programmed when the summer shuttles were extended to the station last year?
  14. I've been seeing these diesel buses running on the 19 (I have a good view of Kingsway from my work-from-home station), but when I look them up on the Radar app or T-comm, I don't see them listed. I rode one of these 19 "To Broadway" buses a few weeks ago. I expected the driver to turn left onto 10th, but he continued to Broadway, where he announced the bus will continue to Main Street Station. Is this still happening with these "to Broadway" buses?
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