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  1. New Flyer XE40 buses 7001 and 7002 are rolling in. (7001 arrived yesterday or today) They're a new shade of Blue compared to the usual red we're getting. From what I've heard, they are 100% running out of East Liberty and most likely exclusively running the Route 88 "Penn"
  2. After almost 40 years, the Neoplan era of Pittsburgh is coming to a close. Of the 4 remaining AN460s, 3122 and 3103 have been scrapped within the last week. 3123 is in limbo while 3124 sees very occasional service. It's clearly the end of an era.
  3. Update on Pittsburgh Neoplans: of the remaining four, 3103 and 3122 are confirmed dead and ready for scrap, 3123 is in limbo, and 3124 sees occasional service
  4. Collier no longer runs the 28X at all, it's an East Liberty route, so it shares the massive pool of East Liberty artics with routes like the P1, 71ABCD, and most of the East Busway Flyers. As for the latest news: The last 2 2003 Gillig Low-Floors (5221 and 5223) were retired in December 2018 The last 2005 Gillig Low-Floor (5419) was retired in January 2019 About half of the 2006 Gillig Low-Floors are retired Only 2/25 Neoplans seem to be left in active service (3122 and 3124). The 6500s are rolling in now, we're getting buses 6501-6559 2 of our oldest hybrids seem to be hanging in the balance, one is definitely retiring (5376), the other is unknown (5373) but requires a lot of money to be made operable again. Phantoms 1530, 1532, and 1538 were, at the end of their lives, given to Butler Transit Authority and 1508 was donated to Ozark Regional Transit after their devastating fire. BCTA buses 600-606 are 2018 MCI D4500CT CNGs BCTA buses 503-506 (approx) are 2017 Gillig Low-Floor CNG 35 footers New Castle Area Transit buses 1851-1854 are 2018 Gillig Low-Floor CNG 35 footers, while 1855-1856 are 2018 Gillig Low-Floor CNG 40 footers Westmoreland Transit buses 131-136 are MCI D4500CT Diesel buses, 137-142 are MCI D4500CT CNG buses The Westmoreland Transit 2018 Gillig Low-Floor CNG 35 footers are 500-504 I believe Westmoreland Transit Buses 226-227, 229-230, and 231 are retired I believe as they are all 102-D3s
  5. There are a few floating around, we in Pittsburgh currently have 1 in revenue service, 1 that seems to be in repairs, and 2 that are unknown, most likely retired. All 4 are 2005 Neoplan AN460s, the last batch Neoplan built. 1982 Neoplan AN440A #3500 got preserved by a third party agency, but no one can find the actual status of it.
  6. These are the four finalist Neoplans in Pittsburgh, outlasting 21 others by over a year. All the Neoplans started out at East Liberty division. After Harmar closed down, 3119-3125 were sent to Ross, where they served the rest of their lives. At the beginning of 2018, 3103 was given a second lease on life by being sent out to Ross as East Liberty retired the 5 remaining ones they had (3104, 3105, 3106, 3112, 3117) by the end of the year. The Ross ones missed out summer 2018 due to AC issues, and only recently have 3103 and 3123 seem to be retired. 3124, by the signs I've seen from the bus itself, and various operators, seems to be headed towards preservation, which is awesome. Unfortunately, though, the last Neoplan bus ever built by Neoplan (3125) is long gone.
  7. As far as I know, the original MAN Artics from 1979 were spread between East Liberty, Harmar, and West Mifflin. The 1983 MAN Artics were East Liberty and West Mifflin only. When the Ikarus 436s rolled in, those were slated only for service on the EBA, EBS, and EBX (Old P1 and P2). In 1998, an order of AN460s was cancelled by I believe Houston, and PAT acquired those 25 buses. They were spread among East Liberty, Harmar, and West Mifflin again. In 2005 came in the Ikarus replacements, 3101-3125 all at East Liberty. In 2011, the big order for Artics came in. 61 buses came, and ended up at every division excluding Harmar which closed. Harmar's articulated buses were spread among East Liberty and West Mifflin, while East Liberty gave up 3119-3125 and those went to Ross. So the real order is 1979: East Liberty, West Mifflin, Harmar 2011: Ross, Collier Currently, Ross uses their articulated buses the least. They only show up on the rush hour routes O1 and O12. Collier's artics only end up on the G2 and sometimes the G3 and I believe the 36.
  8. Yep, the only downside is that I do not like using inwards opening doors because of how small they are. (At least I haven't gotten to the Flxible doors yet)
  9. So I don't have "masters" lying around, but I do have a few complete products 6202 - 2016 Gillig Low-Floor Advantage (Gillig #4, X293) 1706 - 2015 Gillig Low-Floor Advantage (Gillig #3, X292) 2600 - Now Retired 1996 NovaBus Classic (Prototype, X287) 3124 - 2005 Neoplan USA AN460 (Prototype, First Artic Completed, X289) 3024 - (Retired by the above) 1991 Ikarus 436.03 MA (Prototype, First Artic Started, X291) I no longer have any "templates" to follow since these are the templates! I took nothing from no one (except the reference pics that I used, which don't appear). These buses are all handmade, no prints were made, so they aren't 100% accurate (and to be honest, the bellows on the artics are TERRIBLE). Anytime I make a new bus (for better or for worse) I start from scratch. If anyone wants to follow, these buses are all exactly 1 inch (2.7 cm) wide, pretty much every window is 7/16" (1.1 cm) tall. I don't know how good these are in your eyes who make better, more accurate models that I do, but I try my best to do these by hand since we cannot afford a printer Whatever, I love making these it's so fun, well, except for this: Other than the Phantom it's great doing the research, working on it, and completing it!
  10. So here are some PAT updates from a Pittsburgh local: I cannot edit the wiki so if anyone sees this they can add these to it: East Liberty Division has retired buses 5439 and 5458 Repowered buses 5201, 5234, and 5329 are all retired and at Harmar 1508 was given to Ozark Regional Transit and finally, and most excitingly... http://triblive.com/local/allegheny/12020524-74/options-buses-officials There is a new Oakland-based BRT system in the planning stages that includes restricted bus lanes on either Fifth, Forbes, or both (one way), a new garage the buses will be based out of, and, most excitingly, and entire fleet of new CNG buses!
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