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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I have been using the Grammarly mobile keyboard on my phone for a year or so and hate how it still doesn't support swipe inputs. So much that now I am faster tapping keys rather than swiping.
  2. Transit geek

    Portland TriMet

    Wait till they give the next-gen MAX trains a similar paint scheme. 17 years seems too soon for such a significant rebrand.
  3. Transit geek

    Today's Sightings

    The TTC TR set on run 107 had a malfunctioning run number sign that (luckily) displayed:
  4. Transit geek

    TTC in the news

    The TTC's LED route maps would soon become antiquated. If you want to see what might be next, look no further than New York City's next-gen subway cars... The part where they show you surface route connections and the map of the station platform is way cool and would really save riders time trying to find the location of the exit.
  5. Transit geek

    You know you're a transitfan when...

    ...You find yourself, whenever you are on the subway, looking out the left side window for the run number box on passing trains and trying to predict at which point you would see each number in sequence. Over time, you would be able to pinpoint which runs could be causing delays, such as due to an emergency alarm activation on board. Let me show you what this is about. Today, I was on board TTC subway run 169 and was holding in the northbound tunnel south of Dundas while an emergency alarm was handled at College. Based on my calculations, the train affected was most likely run 166.
  6. Transit geek

    Today's Sightings

    TTC 3411 was on 21 Brimley. No mistaking for that big teal wrap.
  7. Transit geek

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    I can second this by noting that one of the NG HEVs on route 939 this morning rush had scrolling text on its LED sign. Oddly enough, that bus was in the 1700-series which is due for retirement. I could theorize that might have been an extra or a test vehicle, but my eyes definitely weren't deceiving that time.
  8. Transit geek

    Today's Special Sightings

    I thought this comment may be more appropriate for another thread so I moved it there. Will an ADMIN please DELETE this post. Thank you!
  9. Bombardier Inc. isn't in hot water with just its aerospace business. Last Tuesday, two of Bombardier Transportation's biggest competitors - namely Siemens Mobility and Alstom Transport, announced plans to merge, which would form a combined European rail business under the name of Siemens Alstom. The new company's revenues of US$18 billion would exceed Bombardier by far and would present a bold attempt to dominate the competition out of China's massively expanding CRRC Corporation. This is probably the most alarming thing I have ever learned of since I became a railfan in my high school years. All the companies mentioned above have made significant ground in the North American market. What is going to happen to all these vastly different products once they essentially are put under the same roof? UPDATE: News just came in that Bombardier wanted to merge with Siemens, but Siemens refused this deal, largely due to Bombardier's $9 billion debt. And that opened the floodgates for Alstom, and that's just what ended up happening. I'm really shaking my head now, and I'm sure most of us here at CPTDB would be, too.
  10. Transit geek

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    One of the vehicles on Finch East this morning did, but I didn't catch the number.
  11. After a ride on TTC's latest NovaBus hybrids, I would like to add on to this thread by remarking here that the latest-generation HybriDrive technology employs a shift selector resembling the Allison push-button type, with a two-digit 16-segment red LED display. It has the R, N, and D buttons in the usual places, but no arrow or mode buttons beside them. I understand the arrow buttons are redundant since there is no gear shifting (hence the drive indication is DD instead of the current gear), but if there are no extra buttons, I suppose prognostics and diagnostics remain under a non-user-accessible domain - something that is clearly possible with Allison with a full publicly-accessible YouTube video to show for it.
  12. Transit geek

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    No wonder trains were going so slowly near Davisville on line 1. I have some footage to confirm that TRs have (as they call them in Singapore) "flatwheels" but I'm sure nobody on this forum needs audible proof to confirm.
  13. Transit geek

    Today's Sightings

    Last Monday, I was on TTC route 68A run 4 (didn't catch the vehicle number) and the operator was smart enough to downshift to 3rd gear max in slippery conditions (and even turn on performance mode). Whether he remembered something from training or figured out how to use the shift selector I don't know, but definitely something most operators don't do regularly. And today, there were three LFS hybrids on route 939 in the evening (earlier this week there was no more than one), including this one, 3417 on route 939B, run 11 from Finch West station:
  14. Transit geek

    General FY Moments

    The place I work organizes a group game every Friday afternoon. Today's was actually a two-part game. The first part was a Kahoot quiz, played by each class individually and whose winner would represent the class in the second. As it turned out, I managed to come out on top out of seven participants in my own class and therefore gained this distinction of moving on. As for the second game, the ten class representatives would be divided into two teams whose aim is to form a variety of geometric shapes using a looped string and their bodies. One person had to lead the team by providing audible directions to the other four members, who were blindfolded and unable to communicate in any other way. I volunteered to lead my own team this way, and in the end, we edged out our opponents and won a prize of junk food and souvenirs - and left the other classes with plenty to talk about afterwards! P.S. the climax was in the fifth and final round, where both teams were tied and we had to build a five-pointed star, which we did by looping the string around our bodies and stretching it. My team won because I came up with the idea first (and the spectators were whooping once I did so!), while my counterparts only copied it, according to the judges. P.P.S. I had considered not participating in the Kahoot game, but now you know what wouldn't have happened if this was the case!
  15. Transit geek

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    I think all the 2000-series got it during their rebuilds.
  16. Transit geek

    Today's Special Sightings

    The TR set operating on run 111 today had flat spots on its wheels. I heard them during my commute home without even trying ... since in another rare circumstance, the climate control fans were completely off and if it was not for the shuffling of the commuters, one might have even heard a pin drop.
  17. Transit geek

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    Since you asked, and because I do not want to bite newbies on the forum, let me tell you that VISION refers to this computer you see in the buses. It's similar to what all the other GTA transit agencies are using to track their fleets. It is replacing the bulky black box to the right of the operator with the numeric keypad and the long green LCD display at the top, and the retrofits are supposed to be complete within a few months (which I believe the TTC is on target for except for the Flexity cars).
  18. Transit geek

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    Well there will come the day when the TTC's fleet becomes all-electric. Unless they can pay for upgrades to accommodate roof-mounted batteries, Queensway is going to have to shut down before the last clean diesels are retired. Thankfully the TTC ought to have built another garage (in addition to McNicoll) to replace it by then.
  19. Transit geek

    General FML moments

    I didn't have my driver's license stolen (fortunately) but left it (in my backpack, thankfully) at a credit union branch last Saturday at 4 PM, when it closed for the weekend. My mom was there and, assuming I had it on hand, let me drive home. Only when we got home did we realize it was missing. So we went back there before 5 PM, but the staff had all gone (there was no maintenance worker). Thankfully, our advisor recognized my bag and was able to give it back to my mom when she came this morning at quarter to 9 (15 minutes before opening). This taught me an all-too-familiar lesson, and am lucky that it could have been worse, as has happened to the aforementioned user last week. P.S. and while I'm at it here, wonder why the TTC never reminds its riders not to leave anything behind, while SMRT in Singapore displays such a message in the LCD screens in its newest trains at virtually every station stop.
  20. Transit geek

    Gas Prices

    The GTA has recently been in a gas shortage. Many stations have reported a price of .0 for this reason - not because that they are giving away free gas. Still, those stations which were lucky enough to have stock were reporting prices as low as 94.9 cents per litre.
  21. Transit geek

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    I think so. Besides, if I'm not mistaken myself, the Thunder Bay-built Flexity streetcars need to be brought to Kingston for test runs before they can be sent to Hillcrest for commissioning.
  22. Transit geek

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    I wonder why there hasn't been even talks of implementing bus lanes on Brimley to accommodate rush-hour service. They could just be part-time so that traffic wouldn't be clogged during off-peak service. And speaking of crumbling infrastructure, it seems like there are similar problems just down the 401... https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/detroit-people-mover-closed-wednesday-evening-due-to-bitter-temperature
  23. Transit geek

    Durham Region Transit

    I suggest that the stop positioning is meant to be on an interim basis while the extension to Scarborough Centre is being planned out. If the Line 2 subway extension goes ahead, it'd be almost certain that Pulse service will reach there (and maybe even integrate with the TTC fare system as an express link to the Line 5 extension at UTSC - similar to Viva/Züm in Vaughan).
  24. Transit geek

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Which in term will spell the end of the T-series cars due to the expenses of retrofitting and upgrading the cars as opposed to simply procuring a brand-new replacement fleet. Perhaps the TTC might open tenders sometime within the next year or two, possibly in conjunction with the Line 2 signal upgrade contract and maybe even for the relief line when constructed. Simply that the TR's traction equipment differs greatly from the T1s enough to necessitate alterations in the locations where operators need to stop applying power and start braking in order to stop the train at the correct position on the platforms. I have not rode Line 2 in a while, but will look out for those next time around.
  25. Well, we remember the day last week when the TTC pulled all CLRVs/ALRVs from service due to the polar vortex and replaced them with buses - without withdrawing any Flexity's, thus unknowingly making the entire surface network accessible for a day (sadly this hardly made any headlines...)