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  1. Tomorrow I'll be moving to Hong Kong for a two-year work placement as a contractor for a major bank there. I will be exposed to a vastly different living environment - longer working hours, more formal appearances, expensive housing, but lower public transport costs and cheaper food. Not to mention consistently hot, humid temperatures with more frequent rainstorms and flooding. At least there's a strong bus and rail fanbase there and always lots to see...
  2. For me, it depends. I typically keep to the front so I can get a good view of the instrument panel (the seat behind the driver on a Nova LFS is perfect for that!) but sometimes I find a seat in the rear, especially if it's a new vehicle and I want to hear how it sounds and how noisy it is.
  3. Frankly speaking, the Confederation Line is basically like the underground section of the Eglinton line, only longer and with higher capacity since it is the backbone of their transit network, comparable to our Yonge and Bloor lines. And, just in case you weren't aware, the ITCS technology is now known as Bombardier Innovia Metro, and the Mark III trains are even going to Saudi Arabia - albeit using conventional electric motors instead of LIM. Maybe we could look to Japan for inspiration; I know they got a couple of LIM lines operating in Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kobe, Yokohama, and Sendai. They all have similar objectives: smaller trains, smaller tunnels.
  4. That destination sign font looks very different from a Luminator/TwinVision, but similar to some signs in Europe and Asia. Does anyone have any idea who made it?
  5. I came across a video of a Miami-Dade Transit bus ride showing the automated stop announcement system in action and discovered it behaved very similarly to TTC's VISION system - even the robo-voice was identical. I immediately recalled a photo on CPTDB showing a bus in Miami with LCD screens installed, and it didn't take long before I found a primitive representation on what we could be seeing on our screens in a matter of months... P.S. Not surprisingly, Clever Devices was behind MDT - deploying their system close to six years ago.
  6. Not to worth mentioning three-door double deckers do exist, either of the kind in Berlin and London (UK) which has a doorway at the rear as well as the middle, or the kind recently in service in Singapore which has two adjacent, independent doorways in the middle. In either case, a second staircase is adjacent to the rear doorway.
  7. Vancouver used to have a heritage streetcar until the line was modernized for the Olympic demonstration service in 2010. Since that ended, numerous plans to restore some kind of street railway service had been brought up, but all got stalled. The city is now looking to expand its successful elevated SkyTrain network instead.
  8. I clocked a TTC operator yesterday hitting 80 km/h between stops and braking hard upon approach - on a LFSh. Which makes me think (if it hasn't been brought up yet) why can't there be devices to track fuel consumption on these vehicles? The TTC could then use this data to perhaps use those to reward safe and efficient operators, in line with their Green initiatives.
  9. Or maybe they are funding the buses with their own money. It is likely the electric bus program was funded in the same way as electric car rebates - the cap and trade program - and got slashed alongside it, albeit much quieter than the Tesla affair.
  10. Was it this one that looked wrapped in a PCC-like "CHAMPIONS" livery?
  11. Maybe they delivered it to Hillcrest and then loaded onto a oversized road trailer for transfer to Mount Dennis.
  12. The train is not the focus of the picture, it seems. If a lower third (in TV terminology) was to be superimposed upon it, it would be almost invisible, and the harbour or maybe the port behind the freight cars would become the focus. If the camera was angled lower about 10 to 20 degrees, the train would become centered in the frame and become the focus as intended.
  13. I am surprised the Nova doesn't have a dual trip meter. I believe New Flyer puts those on its Xcelsiors.
  14. If only the TTC could add transponder car keys to their buses to prevent such incidents. It would so easy to lock intruders out that way and keep everyone safe...
  15. Woohoo! Mr. Babcock, how do you feel, now that your team is alone with the longest active Cup drought in history at 52 years and counting?
  16. Are the Red Line trains starting to show their age? https://www.boston.com/news/commute/2019/06/11/politicians-react-mbta-train-derailments
  17. Those last two shots clearly prove the Luminator Spectrum is too big to show the cutting. If only the TTC could program its sign to display messages of a maximal resolution to ensure nothing gets cut off...
  18. I didn't know the TTC would put new hires straight into subway training without going through surface transport (buses or streetcars) first. Probably to prepare for the mass hiring that will come as Line 5 nears completion and operators will have to get used a brand new mode of transport.
  19. He was waving in such a manner that from the camera's perspective his hand appeared to be over his nose. Surprised CMBC doesn't force all its employees to wear uniforms...
  20. Looks like the full LCD instrument panel would be an optional extra. What I see here seems to be adapted from that of the Xcelsior - not a surprise.
  21. Why would it? I can only see OC planning to instead build more transitways as feeders into the light rail, designing them in a way that would allow tracks to be laid to replace the pavement as ridership increases. It shouldn't take much research to find cities using this method as precursors to extending rail transit lines.
  22. Thanks for sharing the guidelines. That being said, here is my submission: TTC 3400 (2018 NovaBus LFS Hybrid) on route 39 Finch East, taken back in March late in the evening rush.
  23. Isn't that model still grounded after the crash in Kenya three months back?
  24. I also have to add that the vents on the 3400s (hybrids) seem to be more spaced out due to (correct me if I'm wrong) the AC being electrically rather than hydraulically operated. Or is this so for some of the diesel buses as well? I haven't ridden the 3100s enough to make out an audible distinction, and the raised roofline on the 3400s is really concealing the parts of the vehicle that interest transit fans like us.
  25. Well, at least you won't be seeing any T1 cars anywhere other than line 2. And as for line 1, wait till we see the TTC try out LCD screens like they have in Asia...
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