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  1. On 5/22/2019 at 10:35 PM, Gil said:

    The strip make makes sense if used in conjunction with the subway/streetcar map which should fit in the space beside the doors usually reserved for ads.

    Well, at least you won't be seeing any T1 cars anywhere other than line 2. And as for line 1, wait till we see the TTC try out LCD screens like they have in Asia...

  2. GO Transit's passenger info systems are in desperate need of improvement. Last Friday, I boarded a Kitchener line train intending to get off at Weston (saving myself the extra cost that now exists with the UPX), but it wasn't until the CSA said the word "EXPRESS" did I realize I was in for trouble. I ended up talking to a fellow rider before I discovered my train would not stop until Bramalea...!

    Then I realize that GO was in the process of retrofitting digital signs inside its train cars, though they had targeted the accessibility cars first. Will they ever hurry up and retrofit the other cars, and perhaps modify the signs to display stopping patterns as well? I would not have run into this last minute confusion had the cars been so retrofitted and displayed messages like in this Australian intercity train:


    Additionally, I do see the potential for GO to retrofit LCD screens in its carriages to display even more useful information at once.

  3. 1 hour ago, Articulated said:

    They had TRs down in Lower Bay for the Doors Open event; I would imagine that this train would have been either heading towards the centre track east of Broadview in order to turn around for the connection to Line 1, or it was heading to Greenwood Yard to be stored overnight.

    Turns out the deployment of CBTC through St. George has complicated the transfer of trains between lines. Ideally, the Finch-Eglinton section could have be converted first so that T1s could still access Davisville Yard in the interim. Instead, the TTC wanted to have a single signal system changeover during each one-way trip, leading to essentially a monopolized fleet for each line until the deliveries of the T1 replacements.

  4. 1 hour ago, The Queensway said:

    I'm sorry to say this, but this is not on topic. This topic section is about the old current buses on service that recently retired. I understand your new to this site or it must have been your first day here. In this site we separate our forums so we don't talk about all things at once. Like this one for example: 


    I think he meant to claim this post was off topic:

    On 5/23/2019 at 11:43 PM, Genius101 said:

    How about those Raptors they are 1 win away from their first ever NBA Finals appearance. 👏


  5. What about plug-in hybrids then? I'm think this has been brought up before, but just in case it has not, the principle would be the same as ordinary cars: the bus would run on pure electric power most of the time, but in case it runs low on charge or needs a boost, such as at high speeds, an auxiliary ICE drive would kick in so that the vehicle wouldn't stall and have to be towed. Basically, it's just an extension of the extended-range hybrid, and of course, the ICE can use any fuel: diesel, CNG, propane, you name it.


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  6. CPDTB isn't behaving nicely with Microsoft Edge. I try writing a post but when I press CTRL+ENTER, the box goes blank but my post is not submitted. I have to retype my entire post before it works. Let's hope the new Chromium engine fixes this and then we won't have to worry about EdgeHTML.

  7. The TTC ought to organize a media event to introduce the public to their upcoming zero-emissions ride before they even consider putting it in revenue service. If they just go ahead with deployment, how would a rider react when they realize their bus is moving without hearing any engine noise? Could they think their bus might have stalled and would go out of control? I would think of retrofitting artificial noisemakers to assure these riders nothing is wrong with these buses. Just as how the public needs to be educated about electric cars, they should also know what to expect from an electric bus.

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  8. Media are reporting of the TTC's new signal system being up and running down to St. Patrick on the University line. But Google Maps is reporting delays of up to 15 minutes between Vaughan and Downsview Park. It really begs the question whether the TTC is ready to activate CBTC at this time. I remember back when they spent a weekend closure upgrading Sheppard West to Dupont and finished the work early enough on Sunday to put the new system into revenue service in the evening (I think Brad Ross even tweeted about this), only to have to revert to wayside signaling for a few more months.

  9. I would like to chip in here by suggesting that Doug Ford can't always have his own way. We are probably lucky that there are only three levels of government in this country. It gets a lot more complicated in Europe, such as France. Hey, we could draw parallels between this project and the Grand Paris Express. Two line extensions plus four brand-new lines using technology incompatible with the existing ones. How quickly can they get it ready for the Olympics in five years' time?

  10. I also don't like the isolation of the UPX platform from the rest of the Union station. It makes transfers to GO trains more complex and that something that has to be addressed to provide a smooth, efficient implementation of RER. Since the UPX platform track actually continues as the track on platform 3 in the main station, perhaps a corridor directly connecting the two could be a possibility?

  11. 2 hours ago, Imgursdownvote4love said:

    Are they forgetting that they've had light rail for almost 20 years?

    In my opinion, it really doesn't make much sense for a railway service operated with European-style DMUs to be considered "light rail". The same kind of DMUs are actually used on medium long-distance services across the Atlantic. In fact, nearly identical Talent trains operate on trips that take close to an hour one-way - longer than a round trip on the Trillium Line.


  12. On 4/9/2019 at 7:11 PM, Imgursdownvote4love said:

    This is not the case for many systems. Coast Mountain Bus Company, BC Transit, TTC, Medicine Hat Transit, most American systems, and many others had high-floor, wheelchair lift equipped buses.

    To justify, there was almost an exactly 4-year gap since the retirement of the TTC's last non-accessible bus (the "Fishbowl") in December 2011 and that of the last high-floor bus (the Orion V) in December 2015.

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  13. You know you're a transit fan when you are commuting on the subway home and whenever your train slows to a halt in the tunnel a few stops away from the terminus, you peer out the window on the right for the numbers posted on the wall indicating track distances, along with the signposts indicating distances in metres to the nearest station or emergency exit. Over time, you eventually discovered that the double crossover south of Finch station was located at around the number 605. You also found out the emergency exit at Church Avenue was situated around the number 587 and were able locate it on a road map.

    After a week or two of doing this, you find yourself not only tracking your train's journey via a map with no cellular signal or GPS, but also predicting your how far you would be going and how long it would take before your train finally pulls into the terminal, even coming up with alternate routes to take to avoid this congestion, such as changing to the Sheppard line and using an extra bus ride to catch a bus on your intended route.


  14. Guess no PSDs are coming to the new Scarborough Centre for now. I was on the UPX a few days ago and my train overran the doors at Union only by a few centimeters, but that was enough to force the train to reverse that small distance in order to align with the doors and allow them to operate. Imagine if TTC operators have to do that every time they pull in to STC and waste 15-30 seconds of commuters' time.

    At least the TTC doesn't have to pay the price to install and maintain the doors - but who knows, maybe they could build gaps between the tracks for people who get pushed to fall under and avoid getting run over.

    Image result for suicide pits


  15. 16 hours ago, Lex Reid said:

    The new door "switch" is 1 feature im not a big fan of..


    The doors are almost certainly electrically powered so I don't see why they need to design the controls such that you need to twist your hand extensively to operate the knob. Even the Nova HEVs have the same handle-type controller as the older batch with their air-powered doors, so there's no reason a totally new style of controller is needed.

    And as for moving the kneeling / ramp switches from the right hand side over to the left so that they can operated by the same hand as the door controller ... mmm ...