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  1. 2 hours ago, anyfong said:

    I don't like the rear being all dark red. The current rear that is mostly white (those on the Nova hybrids) is much better because it's more visible.

    Have to agree. An all-red rear almost certainly meant the bus went from stick-on decals to having a paint job.

    Can't the TTC just peel off the old livery decals and stick the new ones on? Is there nothing better than simply painting over them?

  2. 19 minutes ago, BYD said:

    Since trains on Lines 2 and 3 don't even possess most of the interior security cameras, this incident on early Saturday is a huge consequence. Would the TTC able to retrofit security cameras on all the T1s and the Mark I/S1 cars so incidents like this one won't happen again? 


    Good topic. Personally, I don't think that installing cameras on the SRT cars would be worth the investment considering technical challenges and their impending retirement.

    As for the T1s, that could be viable, at least on a semi-permanent measure until the replacement fleet is delivered. There is plenty of room to install the necessary equipment.

  3. I hope this hasn't been brought up already, but when I was busy searching for media of "Stop Requested" voice announcements, I came across this one-act play script:


    It almost made me laugh to see the automated voice that irritates many bus riders suddenly being forgotten in the wake of patriotism!

  4. Two Fridays ago, I was riding Line 1 northbound on the University branch and wanted to film the changeover between wayside signalling and CBTC at Dupont from the operator's perspective. I had my cell phone camera pointed through the cab door window as the train went from Spadina to Dupont. Just after the train opened its doors at Dupont, I expected the M on a red background on the cab display (signifying CBTC was not active) to change to an A on a green background (meaning CBTC is active with ATO enabled). But instead, I saw a track signal symbol on a green background - an icon which I recall seeing when a train was operating on coded manual (being manually driven under CBTC signal guidance) to even out train spacing. I was curious as to whether the operator may have not enabled ATO, and was excited to see the train about to be controlled this way.

    But then the cab door suddenly opened and I was faced with the operator inquiring what I was doing. I said something like, "Oh, just interested in your train control system. I'm a railfan." The operator was silent for a moment, but knowing it was time to move on, closed the door. When the train left Dupont, its movement did not feel like that of ATO, but I could not verify as the operator had drawn a curtain to block my view of the cab display. However, from St. Clair West onwards, the movement definitely felt as if the train was using ATO.

    At Sheppard West, the operator who I confronted left the cab to change shifts, and as he walked down the platform, I saw him peer at me, still in the train. Perhaps I was being a little too distracting? Anyways, the new operator had removed the curtain and the cab display was once again visible, but it was of no interest as the train was already on ATO.

  5. 9 hours ago, Seashore_518203 said:

    According to a reliable source, the number is 14. Bus 8468 was seen on a road test in Falkirk, Scotland yesterday.

    What reliable source? Hard to find a bus-spotting forum in the UK - at least one that is publicly accessible.

    Whatever it is, maybe ADL wants to send out as many buses sent out as possible from Falkirk before Brexit causes possible havocs with exports.

  6. Not to mention that the use of a robotic voice calling out stops brings back the all-too-familiar problem of mispronounced names, i.e. "Next Stop Brid-le-towne Circle West". Thankfully, this can and has been rectified this past week, presumably with a reconfiguration of the syllables the TTS uses. Not new to the TTC, after all: https://www.thestar.com/yourtoronto/the_fixer/2011/03/22/the_fixer_they_say_spadeenah_but_are_they_right.html


  7. I was visiting Paramount's at First Canadian Place last Friday and got myself what they called a "Yalla Special" - basically fries topped with shawarma and garlic sauce. The name almost confused me as if there was actually a type of food called "Yalla" - turns out, it's an Arabic word for "let's go" - presumably a marketing term for something as close to poutine Middle Eastern cuisine can get!


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  8. Traffic approaching the intersection at Yonge/Finch from all directions was at a near-standstill at around 6:30 pm yesterday evening due to malfunctioning signals both there and at the south entrance to the Finch TTC bus terminal (the signals are probably linked, from the patterns I've noticed previously).

    It wasn't till after 7 pm before they were repaired, leading to 30-minute delays on pretty much every route that runs into Finch, including the 36 heading east.

  9. You can do a simple web search for Clever Devices on YouTube and you'll see quite a few results, the most obvious being this training video for Ann Arbor, Michigan, which has an almost-identical UI as the TTC's (save for the TTC's lack of farebox linkage and the relocation of various controls at the top.)

    It's interesting to note how OC Transpo and other agencies use a vastly different layout that is main text-driven rather than graphics-based.


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  10. Wellington, New Zealand is going through a similar situation since their trolleybus lines were taken down in October 2017. They have been proposing to retrofit its 2009-built DesignLine trolleys with turbine-electric powertrains, though plans have stalled recently.

    The rollout of Wellington's promised new electric hybrid bus fleet remains up in the air.

    As it turned out, they did manage to convert a single trolley to full-electric propulsion. (credit to https://www.flickr.com/photos/wellingtontrolleybuses/)

    NZ Bus -Test Electric bus -


  11. 4 hours ago, D. Jacenkovic said:

    With all the 7000-7300's long gone, and now the 7400's gone as well, there's no reason why they can't start reusing the 7000+ series? It'd take a while to reach the 7900s, the original of which would probably be gone by then too.

    I think that the 7000s will be used for potential Relief Line rolling stock, so the 2000s is likely the best bet. But we have to take the Crosstown LRVs into account, too.

  12. 3 hours ago, dowlingm said:

    A Woodbine transfer station to an "Airtrain" would have solved a lot of issues around UPX like high platforms at Union, Bloor and Weston. But I guess without a direct link, it would have been harder to get 4 tracking and West Toronto separation in the first place. To my mind, with this and the grade separations west of Malton progressing, it's time to look again at truncating UPX to a shuttle and giving UPX slots over to more GO trains.

    Of course, what's more likely to happen is that Woodbine will simply add a UPX platform and turn the airport train into a premium train to the casin... I mean... important mainstay of Ontario's horseracing industry...

    How about extending the Pearson Link train to the casino instead? I'm sure that could be done at a much cheaper price without any sacrifices to the UPX travel time, and it would be a free journey too. Just imagine a rail link from Kitchener to Pearson, albeit at the cost of a transfer... but oh, how much time would be saved from forcing to travel to Weston or Union!

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  13. 21 hours ago, bus_7246 said:

    But all new operators still need to be trained on all concurrent equipment that is still relevant, and still being utilized for service to whatever capacity 

    It will be interesting to see what the TTC does with the CLRV simulator at Hillcrest once the old cars are all gone. Surely they can preserve it, maybe even donate it to a museum or some other place for people to try out? Or maybe the electronics are just too old to keep...?

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  14. My mom took the family car out to the body shop yesterday. We were supposed to get it back tomorrow but the repairs are taking longer than usual and now we won't be expected to have it back until Tuesday. This meant I will have to commute to work for at least another day or two, after having to do so today. And I won't be able to go to church this weekend... 😞

  15. I was on board 3505 leaving Finch station on 939c when it suddenly lost its VISION connection at around 5:00 and the automated stop announcements stopped functioning. The operator was unable to log back on by the time I got off half an hour later. So many kinks to iron out - if only Bell could keep the TRUMP units up at least until this stabilizes and perhaps all the 1700-series gets retired to avoid having to uninstall VISION kits.

  16. The operator of 1245 today had a problem logging on to VISION. He repeatedly entered tried to enter his run number as 3912, 39012, 039012, etc., but when he tried to submit the data, there was a spinning wheel icon for about 30 seconds before a ding-done tone sounded and a dialog box appeared, containing nothing but a big fat exclamation mark in a red triangle. No explanation in words as to what went wrong is clear evidence of poor UX design - something that appears throughout the rest of the user interface.

    This is such a stark contrast from the text-focused interface of INIT, as seen here on DRT and UPX (yes, it's a little blurry, but the difference is clear).




  17. In the FML topic, I made a long post about how I was determined to get a Ritual "Bonus Boost" by ordering three times within a week. I had made my first two orders for hot chocolates at Nez Yum Yum and Nadege, but only received one; the second was cancelled at the last minute, leading to me getting credited with an order despite not being charged for it.

    As I said before, I have a habit of buying my lunch on Friday. Originally someone from my office bought us all pizza, but it was delivered too early and by lunchtime it had cooled down. While everyone was taking turns with the microwave to heat their slices up, I managed to place an order with Kanga, the same shop which rejected a previous order which was out of stock (as it was almost closing time) and thus didn't count, but this time it did and I finally earned those 2000 bonus points!

    P.S. today's order was originally clocked at over $10, but I ended up paying only $4 thanks to a one-time promotion plus the unused credit I got from Ritual support concerning the cayenne shot I got from Booster Juice burning my mouth yesterday.