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    General FY Moments

    Two things I want to share: I am part of the praise and worship band at my church as a keyboardist. Since then, our worship leading opportunities have been largely limited to internal events within our parish community. But last night, we went on stage and were featured in the pre-show for an event attended by hundreds of people from across the region and that was even live streamed over the Internet - and for the first time since joining the ministry about a year and a half ago, I felt that I belonged to the team as a real worship leader. Amazing, but true. Meanwhile, today at work, we were playing a game of Jeopardy where we were tested on our knowledge of Finance. After a grueling start where my team fell behind our opponent by a wide margin, we managed to claw our way back and in the end, came out on top, winning ourselves the prize of being able to leave work 90 minutes early tomorrow and get paid for it! ...
  2. Transit geek

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Maybe they should consider putting up sound barriers, like GO Transit is doing. After all, residents don't want to have to look out at unsightly subway tracks whenever they want to go out for fresh air. Hint: there has been no shortage of media coverage - here, here, and here.
  3. Transit geek

    From the archives.....

    I don't think it's ever technically possible to convert a high-floor transit bus to low floor considering how much equipment has to be moved around. Even if the circumstances are right, such an undertaking would probably cost as much as buying a brand-new Low Floor outright, if not more. Here's a post from a different forum that may be of interest though: https://www.busconversionmagazine.com/forum/index.php?topic=24687.0
  4. Alexander Dennis doesn't even make the full-height (4.3-m) Enviro500 for North America now... they only offer the standard 4.1-m ("Go Anywhere") and 3.9 m SuperLo versions. There's little to no demand for a vehicle that can't even meet most US and Canada height clearances... https://www.alexander-dennis.com/media/69790/enviro500-brochure.pdf https://www.alexander-dennis.com/media/69789/enviro500-superlo-brochure.pdf
  5. Transit geek

    GOA transit news, info etc

    Since the Transitway will have to close for good once Stage 2 LRT construction gets underway in the coming year or two, why can't OC simply restrict DDs from travelling through this section and route them along the future detour route that all the buses will eventually use once the road gets shut down for conversion?
  6. Transit geek

    Missing in action subway cars

    Well I think the rest of the H4s need to go before the wayside signal system is decommissioned. That way the TTC doesn't need to waste money installing CBTC equipment only to remove it a few years later.
  7. I am on board 939B from Finch West station and the bus has been packed like sardines. Most of these people who boarded before Finch station got off there and if it was not for the 939A already loading in front of us, our ride could have been slowed down more than ever. To that end, I could propose that the TTC route the 939B to bypass Finch station (at least during rush hours) and instead introduce express service between Finch and Finch West as the 936 or maybe 906 (similar to 905 east of Kennedy) which could extend west of Finch West as needed until the opening of the Line 6 LRT.
  8. Transit geek

    TTC in the news

    Could we please divert detour purely political discussions to the intended destination? https://cptdb.ca/forum/42-political-discussion/
  9. Transit geek

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    But can't the sign controller just integrate with the AVL terminal? All the AVL really needs to do is signal which code to use at the right time and the sign controller can do the rest. I'm sure the controller model is the same as that of the Horizons.
  10. Transit geek

    Today's Special Sightings

    TR set 586x had side LED signs activated at Finch station yesterday.
  11. Transit geek


    A meh contrast to the MCI J4500. That kind of headlight design (with the halogen and not LED bulbs) would give the impression of dating back to sometime around 2009.
  12. Transit geek

    What are your New Year's resolutions for 2019?

    Sticking to the topic of jobs, I just started one last year with a company that would train you in technical skills with the goal of landing a placement with one of their clients. So let that be my simple yet specific resolution for the year.
  13. Transit geek

    Failed Photos

    It gets even harder when you're in a tunnel. For example, this TTC northbound TR passing my southbound train in the covered section north of Summerhill: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7hSeNDgRpkqW9NdeA
  14. Transit geek

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    I notice this too on some of the deliveries from 4430 or so (together with a lower-pitched door release alarm), but (correct me if I'm wrong) the original loud stop request chime and door release alarm was found on later deliveries got to around 4500. Probably a matter of inconsistent passenger equipment (as expected when a company is trying to catch up with the delivery schedule). Now let's just hope VISION doesn't duplicate the red square Stop Requested indicator beside the LED signs. It is probably unnecessary on the retrofitted Orion VIIs which already have a separate indicator adjacent to the sign - maybe this contributed to the complaints, who knows.
  15. Transit geek

    2018 SkyTrain Procurement

    Ideally there could be room for a bigger LED sign. The Mark II cars in Seoul have an example (seen at 1:15) but perhaps the loading gauge (and hence the car body) is wider there. Still, there is no reason why there can't be room to install a sign capable of showing both destination and next station simultaneously without scrolling - perhaps an LCD panel even.
  16. Transit geek

    What TTC routes are your favorite and why?

    We could put a general thread in Transit Lounge, yes, but since the started specifically wants to talk about the TTC, here would be okay if it sticks. To that end, I'll say that my favourite TTC route is a tie between 501, 504, and 506, since the neighbourhoods they all pass through paint a virtual picture of the history of such a traditional yet modern, world-class city. But the 501 would stand out due to it being the longest of its kind still standing in the Americas.
  17. Transit geek

    Last bus ride of 2018. And First of 2019

    The last ride I had in 2018 was a 1500-series hybrid on 939B. My first of 2019 will be a TR set on line 1.
  18. Transit geek

    TTC Electric Buses Orders and Deployments

    Isn't the big technical difference between the OGs and the NGs that the NGs have EPA2007 compliant engines and the OGs don't? (Similarly, the second batch of NG diesels would get another rear grille redesign because of the EPA2010 engines.)
  19. Transit geek

    TTC in the news

    Why isn't there a clearance barrier prior to that underpass for buses to hit before it causes any major damage? Sort of like the one you'd find at entrances to multi-story parking structures. Anyways, that's just a hint of the past. Nobody would design such a low-clearance "tunnel" in the 21st century. P.S. thank goodness it was a LFS. Just imagine how worse it could have got had it been an Orion VII...
  20. Transit geek

    Transit Involved Collisions

    Don't we have a thread devoted to TTC delays and disruptions? Those are largely attributed to collisions.
  21. Transit geek

    Are there transit systems you're jealous of?

    The Netherlands has one of the most organized transport networks in Europe and everything is very integrated too. They've even got an intercity metro network from Rotterdam to The Hague and spanking new trams in all the big cities... Don't forget about the high-speed, high-tech line between Amsterdam and Rotterdam... Such a beautiful place the low lands are.
  22. Transit geek

    Stalker Buses

    TTC 1740 has been a notable spotting due to the different font of some of the characters on its rear grille... Or was it 1741?
  23. I was on board the subway and we were stopped short of the Finch crossover waiting for a track to clear when someone started saying irritating things to another person in the large open carriage which I cannot remember off the top of my head, but thankfully it never escalated any further before we pulled into the station and got off. Another time I was heading south towards York Mills in a crowded carriage when a guy took off his tops and changed in plain sight of commuters, but fortunately there was no reaction from anyone or this could have been caused some nerd to pull a passenger alarm and delay all of our commutes to work in the wake of personal safety.
  24. Transit geek

    Christmas Loot 2018 What did you get?

    I got mostly food but also a couple toys, most notably a Rubiks Cube. My auntie who gave that to me told me it was a great activity to challenge my mind while commuting on the subway to work daily. But I only know how to scramble it instead of the reverse. The cube I got had instructions that were meant to be easy as pie but in reality, left my head scratching even more. Oh well, at least solving Sudokus is something I can focus better on.
  25. Transit geek

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    Well the retrofit is going to have to be fully completed before the TRUMP network can shut down. And it will be interesting to see how VISION affects the P.A. and LED signs. It would be impractical to retrofit the LCDs which the new Novas have in place of the LED signs due to headroom, so maybe that is what the TTC is trying to figure out before the rollout of VISION to Flexity cars commences.