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    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    I back that up, especially considering that Malvern will be the last division to receive VISION equipment. But I find it interesting that diesel 40-footers are returning to Malvern after just under 4 years of having a 40-foot fleet composed entirely of hybrids.
  2. Transit geek

    2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    Consider how in Singapore they'll be able to fit three stacked train depots and an adjacent multi-story bus depot (for double-deckers!) on the same site. Read the press release, which just came out days ago: https://www.lta.gov.sg/apps/news/page.aspx?c=2&id=3ea9df4b-d1c1-48ab-bcb8-ce5141af0f82 TransLink might just learn something... I know it's coming...
  3. Transit geek

    TTC's Bike Rack Buses.

    The conventional fleet has been fully equipped ever since the retirement of the Fishbowls. The wheeltrans fleet is another story.
  4. Not to mention how much the city would have to shelve out to make room along Hastings for an elevated guideway and/or a cut-and-cover tunnel for 15 km followed by a 5 km bored tunnel under Burnaby Mountain! Thankfully the city has a decade or two to get everything sorted out, by which time there could be either higher demand for such a service or none at all.
  5. Transit geek

    Streetcar News

    I kind of do not like how the branch suffix on the 504 Flexity is placed as it could be confused with the destination itself. This is barely alleviated by (if it hasn't been mentioned already) the use of mixed casing for the destination.
  6. Transit geek

    TTC Electric Buses Orders and Deployments

    I think we might have a duplicate topic somewhere... let me seek it... EDIT: here it is, it's in the sightings forum. These could be merged but can't think of where it should go... sightings or main...
  7. Transit geek

    Streetcar News

    Technically speaking, this is no news. Flexity cars have been in service (even being signed as 501) along much of the route during their trips to and from Leslie Barns. What would be news is if the Flexity cars would be running a continuous Neville Park-Long Branch service without turning back at Humber. And this would be unlikely especially with the worst of the season just around the corner.
  8. Transit geek


    That bus was in due time for retirement within the next year or so. Glad it wasn't a new Nova involved or else... P.S. wondering if collision warning systems might have been able to brake the bus in time to minimize the damage?
  9. Transit geek

    MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    I personally have no idea, but in due time the Xcelsiors will fully replace the high-floor fleet in accordance with ADA. That is unquestionably true.
  10. Transit geek

    Today's Sightings

    GO F59PH set 559 pushing a southbound train towards Union on the Stouffville line. En route to Agincourt GO as I type this.
  11. Transit geek

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    This might change, of course, once the fleet-wide VISION installation is complete.
  12. It would be cool to see modern AC traction equipment on the older cars - just like SEPTA did with their PCCs. Hum... maybe Brookville could help breathe life into our CLRVs: https://www.brookvillecorp.com/streetcar-restoration.asp - although it may be harder cause unlike the PCCs, our CLRVs isn't really a standard design.
  13. Transit geek

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Careful, the ZF AS Tronic is an automated manual transmission. It feels like a manual transmission in operation, yet gear shifting normally is done automatically with minimal operator intervention. I've rode on these kinds of buses before and can feel little difference from the passenger side. Fully manual transmissions would hardly be practical in passenger transportation since the load does not vary as greatly as in freight transport, and vice versa - how many newly-built trucks out there have Allison Automatic shifters compared to the old-fashioned stick shift complete with a clutch pedal compared to buses despite their similar sizes?
  14. Transit geek

    Merging pages

    Hello to the CPTDB Wiki editors reading this post. I have combed through the wiki pages about destination signs and would like to consider merging the two pages about TwinVision's products as they are rather short stubs with little details that would make it notable for its own article page. On Wikipedia, there is a specific policy about merging pages, which I am aware of as I am a regular editor there as well. I wonder if the CPTDB Wiki has any similar policy, and if so, how to proceed with such a merger? Thanks and regards, TG
  15. Transit geek

    General FML moments

    Was at the Ambrosia grocery store the other day, where they have spankingly modern POS equipment installed. The particular software it was running (L-POS by Logivision) is known for its high degree of customizability - including display layout, colors, and even fonts. As someone familiar with UX design, I did not like how the company laid out its customer display, but nothing stunned me more than see the "virtual receipt" appears in a font no other than Comic Sans (which unfortunately I forgot to snap). This may be tolerable for a Toys R Us or other family-focused store, but to see it at a natural foods establishment patronized greatly by seniors... quite outrageous. P.S. Comic Sans is also in use at Purdy's Chocolates locations which use LCD monitors for customer displays - although thankfully, not all locations have them.
  16. Transit geek

    TTC Application Process

    Well, unlike buses, streetcars don't have air brakes - at least, not the kind that would mandate Z licenses. Technically, you don't need any Ontario driver's license to operate streetcars, though I'm almost certain the TTC requires a full G license at least no matter what kind of vehicle you operate.
  17. Transit geek

    Street Car

    ADMIN: this thread is unneeded since the creator posted in the main TTC employment thread, so I would appreciate a full deletion. Thank you!
  18. Transit geek

    Durham Region Transit

    I still dislike how next vehicle arrivals are still given as times of day rather than in the "countdown" format (e.g. in 5 minutes). Just imagine if that's how they show departures on digital signs at bus stops - if my bus arrives at, say, 10:30, how long do I have to wait until then? (Also worth noting is that Triplinx still doesn't provide real-time DRT vehicle info - as evidenced by the icon besides the time like this besides YRT/TTC trips: ).
  19. Transit geek

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    By that time we could see its big brother delivered and undergoing tests with CBTC equipment installed - wondering how that'll work:
  20. Transit geek

    New Flyer D40LF Retirement / Storage watch

    Likely someone trained to inspect the buses regularly, since the factors that go into deciding what condition buses are in - "poorer" or "better" - are more qualitative than quantitative (in scientific, physical terminology).
  21. Transit geek

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Please, can we save these kinds of rants for here? https://cptdb.ca/forum/42-political-discussion/
  22. Transit geek

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    No point with the OG hybrids since they are already getting VISION - something I never expected in the first place considering their impending retirement. But as for the NGs, yes, I could see all the ones lacking VISION getting it by year-end or ending up at Malvern where they'll survive for at least another 2-3 more months without them.
  23. Transit geek

    Greyhound in the news

    Or perhaps they have GPS units. At least, that's what tour bus drivers frequently use, even though I can't tell whether it's provided by the company or is their personal device. Better still, have the GPS built into the dash (though it might become somewhat of a distraction, like a Tesla.)
  24. I remember posting in another thread about the design similarities of the Orion VII NG and the Ambassador by VDL Berkhof of the Netherlands - most notably in the destination sign housing. Since the Ambassador design predates the VII NG by six years, I can't really say whether Daimler was inspired by or simply copied Berkhof's design when restyling the VII NG.
  25. Transit geek

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    I seem to have spotted the VISION computer in place of the TRUMP unit on board 1271 operating 42 Cummer. If so, it would be no surprise considering it is out of Wilson division where 169 Huntingwood has already made the switch. EDIT 10/24: Drove on Cummer/McNicoll today and was able to make out enough buses with VISION units to conclude that the route has indeed made the switch.