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    Besides public transport, I am an information technology geek and have a fascination with the composition of popular music.

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  1. Transit geek

    CTrain - U2 cars

    Has CT started planning a farewell run for the U2s? They've come a long way, and it's amazing to see them going strong after 40 years. They'll surely be missed.
  2. Transit geek

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I spotted a Prius Prime plug-in-hybrid (which was only released in Ontario two months ago) on consecutive days. On Tuesday afternoon, I saw it on Sheppard Avenue east of Fairview Mall (in the photo). The next morning on Elgin Mills Road in Richmond Hill, I saw a white one used as a driving school vehicle - never saw that coming! Even driving schools embracing EVs?
  3. Transit geek

    NHL Discussion

    Totally agree. Unlike you, though, I think the two teams would be head-butting their way to a Game 7, in which Vegas would end up victorious in and Fleury be crowned MVP.
  4. Transit geek

    TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    An idea as terrible and as analogous as possible to the TTC subway interlining trial - at least unless they extend the line southwards to avoid confused riders taking over the streets!
  5. Best if the TTC simply reserves the remainder of the 9000-series for clean diesels and put the alternative fuel buses (which will at some point be the only new buses in the fleet) into the unused ranges. Ideally, I would prefer the 2000-series for the hybrids (as there could be a lot, and all of them have been unused since the last Fishbowls left) and the 3100-series for the battery-electrics - at least until the RT cars are gone and scrapped, which will probably not happen before the rest of the 6000-series (and maybe even the 7000-series used by the Orion Vs) gets taken by the T1 replacement trains, just as happened to the D40s.
  6. Transit geek

    Best sounding railway vehicles

    Thought that this topic could be spun off into its own thread. Just like buses, trains and other railway vehicles have their own unique characteristics that give them their own soundtracks, the Taurus loc mentioned above being no exception and of which was even covered in a Reddit post where the VVVF drive system has been described: This particular thread can be used for other railcars too, heavy/high-speed rail to subway/metro to light rail to streetcar/tram. For example, this IGBT traction system in Nuremberg's driverless metro trains sounds just plain epic - almost like a spaceship: Of course, Germany is just a starting point. I'm sure many more epic train sounds are lurking somewhere and just waiting to be revealed to the world!
  7. Transit geek

    General WTF Moments

    I was subject to that same telemarketing scam. The voice in the most recent messages kept warning "this is your last chance" when it fact it was not - I have since blocked the number.
  8. Transit geek

    What are you eating right now?

    Did I ever post an image of "cup noodles" with a twist: packaged instant noodles served in a cup - a measuring cup, that is? 😄
  9. Transit geek

    Stalker Buses

    Not sure if mentioning that I came across TTC 1798 on Finch East on three separate occasions on the same day would be notable for this thread.
  10. Transit geek

    TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Richmond Centre You mean the building with the HSBC on the ground floor? They would probably need to build the second track over it. Regardless, it would be difficult to add a second track to the current platform without relocating utilities and the such. Rebuilding the station might not be any much cheaper than creating a single-track loop through Richmond to keep trains moving.
  11. Transit geek

    2018/2019 Electric Bus Project

    To further clarify, SL1, SL2, and the new SL3 have primarily used so-called "dual-mode" buses (electric only via trolley wires and diesel-electric generation), with several battery-electrics added for the SL3. CNG and hybrid-only buses are used only on the SL4 and SL5 as they would not be able to operate through the tunnel used by the other services. No news yet about the possible replacement of the "dual-mode" buses with battery-electric-capable hybrid buses. Which is exactly what Dayton, Ohio is procuring - read this before you consider whether Vancouver could join the bandwagon!
  12. Transit geek

    MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    MUNI might be very interested in Dayton's NextGen dual-mode trolleys - with a 15-mile off-wire range! Assuming the buses would be convertible to plug-in and/or fast charging and the trolley poles would be removable, wouldn't that be the perfect transition to autonomous, emission-free transport?
  13. Transit geek

    Today's Sightings

    Perhaps Arrow was just putting the auto stop announcement system through its paces?
  14. Transit geek

    Streetcar News

    To remain consistent with the pending deployment of Flexity cars, that is totally understandable. Same reason why they've not displayed route names on replacement buses all these years: because the streetcars never did so. Need we say more?
  15. Transit geek

    Who have you met? (Famous wise)

    Several years ago I met the Cantopop singer Teresa Carpio during an audition for her singing academy. But she has since moved to Vancouver.