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  1. VIA Rail Canada

    Can't explain. But one thing I know is that the FRA regulations apply in the U.S. and although Canadian railway equipment generally adheres to FRA, they are not subject to its rules because, well, this is not under the jurisdiction of the U.S. and hence not the FRA. We have Transport Canada for a reason, after all.
  2. Absolutely. The Xcelsiors look like so unique, it was the star of this goofy photovideobombing incident: Maybe Xcelsior sales are about to see a similar boom - NFI be warned...!
  3. Vancouver Special Sightings

    Well, I guess now we know something new about the specs of these buses' equipment...
  4. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

    A possible (but equally, if not more unwieldy) alternative to lowering the platforms would be to raise the trackbed to facilitate level boarding of low-floor LRVs.
  5. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

    I agree. Ripping up tracks is too much, especially with the Red Line sharing part of the route. Imagine if buses and heavy rail rapid-transit trains share the same lanes? They just don't fit in. Something else that would be much better: convert the Red Line to low-floor platforms and then order low-floor LRVs to replace the Tokyu cars as well as the Bredas. AFAIK, ridership on the Red Line isn't high enough to warrant the need for heavy-rail cars; those trains are empty most of the time (as many YouTube clips show) and the infrastructure is largely similar to that of the Blue/Green lines except for the current high-level platforms.
  6. GO Transit

    Definitely. One of them was parked in the Whitby sidings when I drove by them on Highway 401 this morning - and it probably was 256. On another note, more shunting work appears to be underway in the newly completed East Rail Maintenance Facility, today involving a F59PH and two bilevels, one of which was a CEM cab car.
  7. Modifying a page title

    Should the page above be devoted only to the Oshawa Bus Terminal served by GO? A set of close-proximity but otherwise-ordinary DRT surface stops aren't noteworthy for an entire CPTDB Wiki page about them.
  8. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    No, as they are being delivered by flatbed cars in otherwise-ordinary freight train consists; contrary to Siemens of Florin, CA which afaik wraps all of its railcar deliveries as they are trucked along public highways. The TR subway cars were similarly wrapped for the same reason several years ago.
  9. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Another thing to consider is the recently upgraded Luminator destination sign controller, which controls the external speakers that announce the route and destination. Would that be kept and perhaps installed on future rebuilds, as has happened to the equipment for the internal stop announcements?
  10. Eglinton Crosstown line

    Here is something that might bring this thread back to life: https://transit.toronto.on.ca/archives/weblog/2017/11/12-eglinton_w.shtml If this and the Eglinton East extension goes according to plan, the Eglinton Crosstown line would become the longest rail transit line of any kind within Toronto, providing a unique journey when travelled from end-to-end from the airport in the west to UTSC in the east, passing through historical neighbourhoods and sprawling commercial areas, combining at-grade, underground, and now elevated track on a route that would act as a visual timeline of the evolution of the city and its suburbs. Not only that: UTSC could suddenly become a viable target for international students by being the first GTA university campus with a one-seat ride to and from the airport - something the university definitely would boast about!
  11. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Has there been any consideration of a cross-platform interchange at St. George? All that would need to be done is to reconfigure the tracks so that trains in each direction on the same line call at separate platform levels; then, say, a commuter from the west end could get off a line 2 eastbound train and walk across to the opposite platform to board a line 1 southbound train and vice versa. As with the Bloor-Yonge problem above, the trackwork required to make such a configuration would be too much of an impact on commuters. Too bad the proposed relief line hasn't been planned west of the University line yet and there is no timeline on when construction on that section would begin. But the problem at St. George has never been as serious as that of Bloor-Yonge.
  12. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Just so you know, OC Transpo's 2009 double-decker pilot project did not see any special wrap applied to the buses; in fact, they were painted in the standard OC Transpo livery just as if they were any other bus in the fleet. Even BC Transit did not promote its first double-deckers to the public like Translink is doing today.
  13. What are you watching right now?

    It's not really today, but I have been watching some really long cab views of end-to-end Japanese train journeys on YouTube recently: Back in September, I took a Hokuto limited express journey from Hakodate to Sapporo - which took about 3.5 hours on a KiHa 183-5200 "North Rainbow Express" which was temporarily substituting for the usual train, therefore permitting a front view for the whole journey. Throughout the ride, I really enjoyed seeing the dramatic scenery of Hokkaido...an oft-forgotten part of the country very much like the Great White North! Contrast that to where I went last month, though. I took a Keisei N1000 series on a limited express service from Narita Airport to Misakiguchi via the Keisei Narita Airport Line (incl. Hokuso Line)/Oshiage Line/Toei Asakusa Line/Keikyu Main Line/Kurihama Line - a 2.5-hour, ~140 km journey over four operator's tracks including one of Tokyo's subway lines. Amazing to see how subways and railways blend right into each other!
  14. General FML moments

    I once borrowed a first-gen Microsoft Surface (RT) from my school and have to say it was nothing but junk. I could go more into this, but here's an example of what it did when I was using the crappy OneNote app from the Windows Store. Here's what it looked like back then: And here's what it did to me:
  15. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

    Wasn't the MBTA going to get all-electric buses? http://www.transithistory.org/roster/