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    Besides public transport, I am an information technology geek and have a fascination with the composition of popular music.
  1. Metro Transit

    https://www.metrotransit.org/new-rapid-bus-line-to-include-battery-electric-buses => New Flyer XE60 Seems to confirm that they will be New Flyer XE60s. Better go update the wiki. This press release seems to confirm that they will be New Flyer XE60s. I should go update the wiki. This press release seems to confirm that they will be New Flyer XE60s. I should go update the wiki.
  2. TTC Orion VII Movement List

    With all the NG hybrids coming to Malvern, I hope they aren't deploying too many of the OG hybrids on the 102 Markham Rd route. Their performance would be especially inefficient during long runs, particularly on the high-speed section of Hwy 48 north of 16th Avenue. If they have to use OGs, they should confine them to the 102A branch, using them on 102B/C only if unavoidable. 102D runs should operate with NGs entirely. And that of course as an interim measure - Mount Dennis would be much more appropriate setting given the greater scope of stop-and-go routes from there, and the move should be made as soon as enough NGs arrive.
  3. Last Days of MiWay E-Z Riders

    Remember they were built near L.A. in sunny California. They were obviously meant to be all-weather riders.
  4. PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    Two days ago I rode a late-evening trip on GO Transit's Barrie Line from Union Station to Downsview Park. I tapped on at Union and when I reached Downsview Park it was already late and I was so eager to catch the subway that I forgot to tap off GO. When I called Presto customer service the following day I was told that they could not do anything until I take another trip on GO and get a "missed tap off" charge on my account. I told them that since Downsview Park is an integrated GO Train/TTC subway interchange, I thought that because I tapped on for my trip on at a GO station and within GO's two-hour window, tapped on the fare gates at Downsview Park to get into the subway, the system would automatically recognize that I made a transfer between modes at Downsview Park and would end my GO trip there and deduct $1.50 from my TTC fare; unfortunately, this is not the case. I understand this because GO uses distance-based fares, yet I believe by integrating Presto fares at the station this would be an efficient method to manage passenger loads especially during peak periods, by not forcing users to crowd around the Presto machine to tap on and off. In the end, I was asked to call back 24 hours after my next trip on GO and they would amend the charge. However, since I use transit sporadically now I don't know when I would next use GO, so I was hoping to find a way to get this load off my mind.
  5. GO Transit

    If that is so, then it is highly likely that both of its engines were running. A single engine generates less electricity making it harder to haul (and hence slower acceleration). Personally I would suggest to GO's engineers that to minimize energy consumption one engine should be shut off during off-peak service except perhaps when hauling full 12-coach trains or during special services. I wonder at which point they'll start putting the new Metrolinx logo on. I think we could see it debut with the first production MP54ACs before they expand it to newly delivered BiLevels.
  6. Feature Photo Submissions

    Here are GO Transit CEM cab cars 335 and 329 at Union Station. The former was leading the 22:00 train to Allandale Waterfront yesterday evening.
  7. Cars

    Did you know that Plug n' Drive is offering free test drives of electric vehicles at the Canadian International Autoshow in Toronto? I am always looking to get an EV, but never felt the experience until yesterday. In particular, I wanted to try Toyota's Prius Prime, because I had been use to Toyota vehicles for years and a Canada-wide release is around the corner. Unfortunately because we only had time to go to the North building instead of the south and because I do not have a full license I never got the chance to go behind the wheel of the Prime, but I did get to sit in the back seat of a Honda Clarity PHV with my mom at the helm, always curious to find out more about EVs and chatting with the attendant. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AgqCsfFShZgBns1yZZ4ALi1bfIz-dw
  8. What are you eating right now?

    For yesterday's lunch I tried a hot dog topped with pulled pork and fries on the side at Cineplex's Outtakes bistro. That evening, at the Autoshow's food court, I tried a cheeseburger with poutine. Average, utility-quality food in both cases.
  9. TTC Photography additions

    Here is TTC 8921 at Don Mills Station.
  10. Today's Sightings

    TTC: Yesterday Flexity car 4445 was on King Street. It was probably on route 514.
  11. Anyone create their own transit system?

    In the real world, one month ago the governments of Malaysia and Singapore signed a bilateral agreement to build a rapid transit line between Woodlands in Singapore and Johor Bahru on the mainland. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-malaysia-sign-bilateral-agreement-on-jb-singapore-9864584 The interesting part about the proposal is that although completion and revenue service is still eight years away, some details are already known such as that the crossing of the Strait of Johor will be made via a 25-metre high bridge, the technical specifications of the trains would be identical to the Thomson-East Coast MRT line to which the RTS Link, as it is called connects to at Woodlands North, and that there will be co-located customs and immigration facilities on both sides to eliminate the need for passengers to go through border clearances twice. When I first found out about these details, I decided to begin trying my hand at plotting the route of the new line and designing the station layouts. To start off, I did not care much about the Johor Bahru side since the Bukit Chagar terminal there would be elevated. My main concern was that since the terminal at Woodlands North is to be underground, the track would have to rise from there to 25 metres above sea level to cross the high bridge over the strait. To avoid steep gradients, I came up with a spiral-like design (which can be seen in the Google Maps link below) where the Woodlands North terminal would consist of a pair of opposing side platforms oriented east-west, perpendicular to the centre terminal platforms for the Thomson line (or TEL), which has a track connection with the RTS Link line. The line towards Johor Bahru would head east, then swing 270 degrees clockwise to end up facing north while gradually gaining elevation. The line would leave the tunnel while facing to the southeast, and transition from ground-level to elevated in a south-west direction, passing over itself as it straightens out, eventually reaching its full elevation when it leaves the shore of Singapore island. Finally, here is the link to my Google Maps plotting of the route - note the contrast with the official diagram above, where the RTS Link terminal platforms are north-south, parallel to the TEL platforms. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V1ZNXwtOb6sr8VcfAhUymlxoFpsj2wDY&usp=sharing As I said above, the route on the Malaysian side is not my focus at this early development stage. There are still a few years before construction plans would be finalized and major work would commence, so I hope to refine my design further and update this post as necessary. For now, stay tuned as I would soon provide my own conception of how the Woodlands North interchange would be laid out to separate passengers arriving and departing Singapore. It would involve ramps, and that is all I can say for now.
  12. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Surprised that there are still cars being delivered with poles (thought 4459 should be the last). Shouldn't the pantograph conversion be fully complete by now?
  13. Today's Sightings

    I rode TTC 1251 (my first ride on a rebuilt and new-liveried Orion VII NG HEV, though I did not notice any differences from the inside) on board 199C Finch Rocket run 71 on my way home. Throughout the journey from Seneca College, OG HEV 1112 on 199A was following closely behind, and when we reached McCowan our bus and 1112 became part of a 6-bus bunch, which accounted for major delays on other segments of the route as checked via Transsee. This is definitely something I hope that VISION technology could minimize, if not eliminate entirely.
  14. MiWay

    https://www.ltgglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/SMT-12-16.pdf When it comes to side signs, the 16x120 signs are classified as Titan, while the almost-similar 14x112 signs are considered Horizon when compared with the 8x96 Horizon sign I see in the image. But from my perspective, I have not see stacked text on a side sign anywhere on a GTA transit vehicle besides YRT's TwinVision signs.
  15. MiWay

    From the looks of this image, no. I think only the Luminator Titans or Luminator Spectrums have a high-enough resolution for that, not the standard Luminator Horizons.