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    Besides public transport, I am an information technology geek and have a fascination with the composition of popular music.
  1. General Subway/RT Discussion

    I have some hand-drawn sketches of what my conception of trains crossing the Leaside Bridge on a lower deck. Openings would be cut through the supports for a new deck with tracks to pass through - they would be stacked, with uptown-bound trains above the downtown-bound trains. I think you get the idea...if not, I'll post these sketches if I can find them.
  2. GO Transit

    Also, the trains passing through the Channel Tunnel must be at least 375 meters long to comply with safety requirements. Eurostar e320 are 400 meters long, while the older e300s are shorter by only 12 meters. That's why ICE trains cannot use the tunnel - at least not until the regulations are relaxed to 200 m.
  3. York Region Transit \ Viva

  4. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Unfortunately, those things are ridiculously expensive and unreliable, as the folks at Neoplan learned.
  5. OC Bus Spottings

    That route DEFINITELY needs DD's or Artics!
  6. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Or the cost of tunneling under the ravine itself.
  7. Future TTC Bus Orders

    According to the wiki, the TTC's 2015 order could have gone to New Flyer instead of Nova, if it was not for the former "declining to supply a "Vendor Cross Reference Parts List"".
  8. Streetcar News

    I have just read the Wikipedia page about the Portland, Oregon Vintage Trolley and noticed that the old trolleys used what is described as a cross between a pantograph (the type of collector used by MAX) and a bow collector, instead of the trolley poles which the city's original trolley cars used.[3]"
  9. Definitely should do a remake and feature the double-deckers and the Flexity cars! And lol, it's all about a matter of continuity; this always happens with television, film, or other media.
  10. Spadina Subway Extension

    Any news on when York University GO station will be closed? Perhaps it will be timed to coincide with the opening of Downsview Park Interchange?
  11. STO bus spottings

    I suppose the lighting in which the photos were taken is what makes them appear to be identical (the HYBRIDE bus is more well lit than the other one).
  12. Air Canada

    How ironic considering the new flights are destined for a country (or place) where some of its newly ordered jets are being made amid controversy: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/09/18/bombardier-row-tops-agenda-uk-canada-trade-talks-northern-irish/
  13. STO bus spottings

    Are you sure the liveries of these two buses are different? They look the same to me, save for the "HYBRIDE" designation on the second.
  14. TTC Nova Bus Deliveries & Entered Service Tracking

    I am pretty certain that both Saint-Eustache and Plattsburgh are making them, considering I have been seeing deliveries on the 401 in Whitby three days in a row last week.
  15. MiWay