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  1. I was digging through my files and was able to find Ex 280 Ad Wrap
  2. Here is 280 before the final repaint in fall of 2018..
  3. Hi good morning, I was trying to upload a photo for the Winnipeg Transit 200 Series page and I ran into an error known as "Error creating thumbnail: Unable to run external programs, proc_open() is disabled. Error code: 1" I'm wondering what could be the cause of this error?
  4. Taylor Woolston https://github.com/TheCandoRailfan/Winnipeg-Transit-Bus-Stops Live Winnipeg Transit Bus Stop Application - Youtube
  5. 510 is done (Tuesday June 29th) seen here with out the driver dash.
  6. Winnipeg Transit #252 was seen here passing by Portage Place on the 22 Assiniboine Express
  7. Winnipeg Transit #371 was seen here coming inbound on the 60 Downtown from U. Of Manitoba
  8. CN 2322 (GE ES44DC) & 8024 (EMD SD70M-2) was seen here with Intermodal Freight for a shift change & refuel on the Rivers Subdivision just before Osborne Station near the Southwest Transit Corridor (Saturday May 15th, 2021)
  9. Hello I was wondering if I can have an additional photo of the XD60 Section with the (Facemasks Required) If any questions or concerns please let me know Thank you.
  10. Thats odd never see these out during rush hour..
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