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  1. Hello I was wondering if I can have an additional photo of the XD60 Section with the (Facemasks Required) If any questions or concerns please let me know Thank you.
  2. Thats odd never see these out during rush hour..
  3. Isn’t this to common? Good morning everyone and happy Hump Day! You’re full of it
  4. Been hearing rumours that Winnipeg Transit will be buying D35LF’s after the D30LF retirement..
  5. Winnipeg Transit #978 2003 New Flyer D60LF bought in 2013 from OCTranspo to help with over crowding on main express routes. BPOManitoba 2018
  6. Was it the Downtown Spirt? Because I was on 940 last Friday and it had the Route announcement.
  7. I have a website for you to check out! Updated every month and haves updated news & info for you! Visit Bus Photography of Manitoba | Winnipeg Division
  8. Ex Calgary Transit 7575 (Now Winnipeg Transit 656) 1995 New Flyer D40LF were bought in the summer of 2016 for a fleet upgrade. All buses from 641 to 663 are equipped with Detroit Diesel Series 50 275HP & Allison B400R5 Gear.
  9. I’m pretty sure I have seen it in like December or so or that could’ve been 408 ..
  10. Winnipeg Transit #234 was seen here on Friday while during a Winnipeg winter storm that lasted till the late evening hours of rush hour. - - 2005 New Flyer D40LF.
  11. Ah yes.. #826 of Winnipeg Transit. On a beautiful snowy Saturday morning in the downtown Core of Winnipeg (Near Portage & Edmonton) #826 and the 800 series of the D40LFR was bought from New Flyer in 2013 and are powered with a Cummins ISL9 280HP Motor and an Allison B400R Transmission! Camera: iPhone 6
  12. All of Winnipeg Transit's Ex-Calgary Transit D40LF buses have a Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine and Allison B400R4 transmission, and were built in 1995 for Calgary Transit, sold to Winnipeg in 2016.
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