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  1. Some of the pictures I took while I was out today.
  2. I can officially confirm 398 is the first BLUE bus.
  3. Well, its 2:12 AM, so Phase 1 RT service should be officially over.
  4. This is Canada, we have freedom to stand up, take control, and ride buses whenever we want, instead of panicking over fake news of a fake virus.
  5. Are you going to ride the first bus? I've had my alarms set for 2 or 3 weeks now, even if it means an hour long walk from home to Balmoral at 4:20ish in the morning. I've got my 7 day Peggo ready to go.
  6. My own custom East Transitway spine Route is RED, though it could be an extension of BLUE too.
  7. It is already displaying BLUE info. It switches between 2 pages.
  8. Absolutely nothing I can find so far indicates anything going down there.
  9. All 676 stops east of Pembina are the same way Which is in Zone 5 (and my picture is in Zone 1). It really seems Transit is only changing Zone 6 stops to the new style. Part of the Transit Master Plan? Who knows.
  10. 635 stop on Misericordia, not using the new style of stop. Are they only putting the new style stops in Zone 6 or something?
  11. I wonder, what will happen to stops where regular service is being discontinued, but will still have school routes? Transit does have new timetables for those stops, with the school route(s) on them, but transit doesn't post school routes on stops.
  12. Or they can transfer to the 3 at James, if they're okay with riding the "Homeless Express".
  13. As Andrew said, the 47 doesn't stop there. James, William and Pioneer will probably be the most popular choices to transfer at.
  14. I've been using QB64, a modern(ish) dialect of BASIC. I also have Visual Basic 2008, which I may try using too.
  15. I would love to, but I don't think I can with the language I'm currently using.
  16. They still have service to downtown with the 47. But if they want to go to Graham or Balmoral then they need to transfer.
  17. Jubilee and Fort Rouge Stations.
  18. Bus 398 I also saw 396 with the same wrap.
  19. Not a very good final day for the 94-2, which is stalled on Windermere. (Bus 835)
  20. I have no idea. It's like that on the website and in GTFS data too. Also, Windermere loop has a 649 map now, and even though Pembina at Windermere/Point still have the old routes listed, they have new maps too (Why not add the new routes, if you're going to add the new maps?). It also seems like a different person made the 649, and 47/60 maps, with the styles being quite different. Additionally, here's a few shots of the info board at Beaumont (which has an odd mix of Markham Station (61216) and Osborne Junction (10068)).
  21. Beaumont Station. Jubilee Station is (still) unchanged.
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