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    Buses, especially New Flyer. The D40(HF), and D901A are my favourite New Flyers. I also like the MCI TC40-102N Classic, and GMD T6H-4521. I like the Detroit Diesel S50, 6V71N and 6V92TA engines.

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  1. Love it when I check a stop, and it says the bus'll come in 3 minutes. 3 minutes later I check again, and it say 3 minutes. 3 minutes later, still says 3. WTF? Also, 13+ minutes for a 60?
  2. 369 on the 19 earlier today, with it's white destination sign.
  3. To make the buses look as boring and unattractive as possible. Wpgtransit11-25 and bus is coming 1965 are just being bus scrooges. I'm sure I'm not the only person who wants buses (whether it's Winnipeg or not) to look half decent, not lazy shit. Even if it's just a solid colour (not white), it's better.
  4. Who gives a damn F? The city should look good; buses are part of the city.
  5. I just want our buses to look good at least, instead of plain old white.
  6. Kinda unfortunate, I was hoping they'd be blue, for the Blue Line.
  7. Near Jubilee Station, there are lights that go over the tracks, use that as a height reference point.
  8. Now that is weird. I guess I'll have to keep an eye out for a white destination sign now, lol. I wish people wouldn't do that.
  9. Pedestrian crossings already exist on the main lines, they're called sidewalks. Having fencing (though I don't want it) and gates would certainly help prevent people from crossing as a train is approaching. It's not fool proof, but it would help, and it would be a magnitude cheaper.
  10. LFR's are garbage. Invero's were awesome.
  11. What about all the other route and route number changes? Those won't confuse people, eh? The BLUE is a route, just named BLUE instead of a number. The 95 goes to Fort Rouge, but it's not being numbered 695.
  12. GWWD 202 (MLW RS23) in Winnipeg on March 21st, pushing some tank cars into their yard along Dawson Road.
  13. I saw a D40i turn off Graham today, around 3 or 4 PM, but I didn't see the number.
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