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    Buses, especially New Flyer. The D40(HF), and D901A are my favourite New Flyers. I also like the MCI TC40-102N Classic, and GMD T6H-4521. I like the Detroit Diesel S50, 6V71N and 6V92TA engines.

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  1. Add D30LFR Page

    I really think a page for the D30LFR should be created. The reason is because a page for the C30LFR exists and that bus was never built, while 1 D30LFR exists but there is no page. Here is the D30LFR itself. (At 630 Kernaghan Ave in Winnipeg)
  2. Winnipeg Transit and area

    630 Kernaghan Avenue, very west end of the property by the fence. Seems like it's been there since 2014 based on Google street view imagery.
  3. Winnipeg Transit and area

    New Flyer D30LFR demonstrator
  4. New Flyer Xcelsior Prototype SR1212

    I'm referring to the XD40 wiki page. I've seen forum posts and pictures about it.
  5. On the wiki for the XD40, the SR1212 prototype is mentioned but has no pictures. I found SR1212 in Winnipeg today, and got pictures. The bus is busted up a bit and it's not the best image in the world, but it's better than nothing.
  6. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Winnipeg Transit 998 today
  7. MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    MTA 7485 in Winnipeg
  8. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Looking at the reroute of 84/86 to Fort Rouge Station, I gotta say I don't really like it. I'm used to it being passing Taylor @ Stafford, but now it doesn't, and I have to remember that.

    I support having longer routes in general. I think, for my uses, the 95 is mostly fine, except when it only goes from Riverview to Pan Am Pool. I don't recall ever seeing a 30-foot bus on the 84/86. I'm pretty sure that's a 40-foot route.

    The 95 usually has the 30-foot buses especially on weekdays, but they have the 40-foot buses more often on the weekends for some reason. They're usually pretty empty, especially on the weekends, when for some reason it only goes to Pan Am Pool. The 95 is not the most ridden route, hence why it uses the 30-foot buses, though I use it because it's a half block away from my house. It's used a fair amount by Churchill High School students though, which is a block away. Outside of that, when and where I ride the 95, it's usually half empty with the 30-foot buses.

    This is 932 with missing bumpers, which I just saw today while biking. I'd expect Winnipeg to at least keep the 2001 buses going for awhile on routes like 1, 2, 3, 95, 99, and probably others. There's at least one or two repainted 2001 D30LF's. On the other hand though, recently I've seen 40 foot buses on 95 more often, and even 1 and 2.
  12. Winnipeg Transit 1994 D40LF's #991 to 993

    I'd be surprised if they go after a D40LFR for a very long time. They should take 992 or 993, they were the first low floor buses.
  13. Winnipeg Transit 1994 D40LF's #991 to 993

    So 993 is gone now. Sad to hear this. I'm glad I got outside footage of 992 and 993 while I could, though I sadly never had the chance to ride them. The first D40LF buses in Winnipeg, and the only ones with the early nose design. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqjsKEQcfBc
  14. Winnipeg Transit and area

    What are the bellows? I've heard it in multiple places now.
  15. Winnipeg Transit Battery Electric Buses

    I meant, it was very different from the normal font used by Winnipeg Transit. I'm not used to it.