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  1. But at this rate, by the time it is in service, they still won't be ready to go. They've updated and prepared every other stop, why not these ones? If you don't care about transit, then why the hell are you even on this site in the first place? Waste of an account if you ask me.
  2. Not including today or April 12th, there are 5 days left before Phase 2 is set to open. Yet, none of the plastic flag stops have been updated yet, as far as I know. What the heck is going on with that? Everything was finalized like a month ago!
  3. The flu doesn't just magically appear, just by being near people. They have to be infected.
  4. Just for the heck of it, I decided to try to recreate the new departure board, and what it would look like after April 12.
  5. The northbound Fort Rouge Station one had been missing for I have no idea how long. A very long time. At least a year, if not more.
  6. Me too. It's annoying having to stare at them, having no idea when it will go back.
  7. Route # on the left, time on the right destination in the middle, is it really that hard for people to figure out? It also displays which page is being displayed.
  8. Actually 1 week and 1 day (as of when you made the post). Soooooo close!
  9. New monitors up and running at Fort Rouge Station, including an electronic billboard, displaying current information, and Phase 2 information. Jubilee Station is unchanged, and the signs at both stops are also unchanged. With the new upcoming bus monitors, wouldn't it be nice if they always displayed the number of minutes until the next bus, or at least extend it to 60 minutes (instead of the current 15 minutes)? For example, that next 170 was scheduled to come in 27 minutes, but you wouldn't know that until you did the math in your head.
  10. Yeah, I'm still planning on walking all the way to Balmoral for 5:30 AMish. If the weather is subpar, then Harkness or Fort Rouge, I'm not missing the first BLUE bus.
  11. I'm not staying home because of a fake disease.
  12. This is Winnipeg, not Vancouver, or San Jose, or Europe/Asia. "Distancing" is not needed here.
  13. For awhile now, drivers have used Phase 2 as a Not In Service short cut, especially around rush hour.
  14. There's advertising everywhere. On buses, on bus shelters, on bus benches, on affected bus stop signs, on https://winnipegtransit.com, and even on the LED BUSwatch signs to some extent (warning of the upcoming schedule change). Other people are saying on online ads, TV and newspapers too. People were able to adjust to the changes when Phase 1 opened, I think people can adjust to the Phase 2 changes too. It might take some time, but people will adjust.
  15. European buses are ugly. Just use Xcelsior buses. If only Winnipeg Transit would paint them BLUE, or Orange.
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