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  1. Back in the late 80s / early 90s, which TTC trolleybus routes were the leased Edmonton vehicles run on? I remember 6 Bay for sure, but do not recall the others. For example, did 74 Mount Pleasant?
  2. Thanks for the information Dan. I just sent an email to TTC Shop to change my currently unfulfilled three-bus order. Really wanted 8985 as the last of the CLRV paint schemes, but don't need 58A Malton. It's a finicky business! I've requested 2784 instead, which is signed as 25 Don Mills. Have to build that Thorncliffe Park / Leaside area fleet!
  3. @smallspy For the new run of TTC buses, can the route signage be removed and replaced if we want a specific bus number, but don't care about the route number that Rapido chose?
  4. Does anyone have a copy of the schematics of the UTDC Mark I vehicle that they can post? The TTC had it in a pamphlet in the late 1980s. I cannot find mine at the moment, but would like to use it as a reference for a drawing.
  5. A "back to basics" sort of question: What is the turning radius of our T1 and TR trainsets? Thanks
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