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  1. MUNI 5497, a few days before all ETIs were retired. Photo taken on August 28, 2019 on Fillmore St & Lombard St. - So lucky i could take some pictures of them when i was there...
  2. 5724 on Route 22, taken on 8/28/2019 at Lombard St & Fillmore St. License plate is 1432974.
  3. Bus C-7 is one of the last four NFI C40LF from 2004 running at the Grand Canyon Shuttle. This picture was taken on September 10th in 2016.
  4. Very nice pictures! Do we really not have an active roster of the shuttle buses? The wiki is incredibly incomplete on this...
  5. Long time since something was written here. I hope, it is okay to reuse this thread. I just noticed that in this vin list of FAX 9901-9910 every check digit is incorrect (exept 9906 but i guess that's a lucky match). Is it possible that there is a mistake somewhere? https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Fresno_Area_Express_9901-9910
  6. Okay, I won't speculate on something I'm not familiar with. For me it seems like Flixbus is doing the same business that they started here in Germany in 2013. The business model is the same, but maybe it's more about the route planning? I think it's difficult to 'steal' a business plan that Flixbus is realizing for five years by now. But of course there may be some details that I don't know...
  7. Hey guys, seems like nobody has started a thread about Flixbus yet. "Five years after the launch of FlixBus, Europe’s fastest-growing long-distance mobility provider, the company behind the green buses is bringing its one-of-a-kind business model to the United States." Flixbus itself cares about route planning and ticket sales, while local bus partners operate the busses. Currently these local bus partners are Arrow Stage Lines, American Explorer Motorcoach, Gray Line Arizona, Pacific Coachways, Transportation Charter Services, and USA Coach Services. It would be great if we could collect some pics oder create a list of all Flixbusses in this thread (or maybe the Wiki editors can create a vehicle list? - might be the better place). Routes and further information on Flixbus can be found on their website: https://www.flixbus.com American Explorer Motorcoach 8229, AH94909, Van Hool CX45 (built 2018)
  8. Unfortunately not, they have become very rare. This year MAN releases the new city bus models, which is then the third generation after the NL202 era. You can have a look here: https://www.bus.man.eu/de/en/man-world/man-in-germany/press-and-media/MAN-Lion_s-City_-The-start-of-a-new-era-295233.html
  9. ...so it was not in vain. Edit: I forgot to write some text for the pictures.. 1) COE-NL 433 at Duelmen, Station. 2) OE-FR 318 at a rail replacement bus service in Au (Sieg) 3) SI-HU 370 in Bad Berleburg, central bus station. I think the last one is still running, while the other two buses above are retired.
  10. San Francisco MUNI 5433 at 18th St & Market St in August 2016.
  11. Hello there, i'm new to this discussion board. I'm a bus enthusiast from Germany (near Dortmund) and last year i visited the US for the first time, where your CPTDB Wiki helped me a lot. For me it is always something very special to see vehicles from other continents and I guess it's the same thing to you, so I decided to share some photos from where I live with you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. HSK-KR 72; Knipschild Reisen (Meschede); Setra S 415 LE Business (LE = Low Entry) UN-WV 32; Vehling Reisen (Bergkamen); MAN NL 283 Lion's City (A21) as a rail replacement bus in Dortmund UN-VK 1467; VKU (Kamen); Mercedes-Benz Citaro G (C2) in Lünen HSK-KR 200; Knipschild Reisen (Meschede); Setra S 516 MD in Münster UN-VK 356; VKU (Kamen); NG 313 Lion's City (A23) in Lünen COE-T 2003; Althoff Reisen (Lüdinghausen); Setra S 315 NF SO-AC 850; Stehrenberg Reisen (Geseke); Mercedes-Benz O 405 in Lippstadt - this old one from 1995 is still in service! LH-UL 6; Lücke Reisen (Nordkirchen); Mercedes-Benz Sprinter MidCity at Bönen Station And the last one for today: HSK-Z 8900; Zacharias Reisen (Meschede); MAN NG 313 (A23) in Meschede These pictures show some of the most common bus types in Germany - i really hope you like it. Best regards, Markus
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