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  1. Ontario Northland Railway

    Take the "aa" off the end of the URL and it works.
  2. Saskatoon Updates

    Presumably there is other data supporting that reliability argument. The 4:1 ratio in the shop could just mean newer buses are less likely to need repairs and because they represent a proportionally larger part of the fleet are going to be represented in the service bay in higher proportion.
  3. Bombardier needs to split into two firms along the rail and aerospace lines. That would be a good first start. The challenges surrounding each of those markets spaces is quite different and really needs to be structured in a way that attracts the best corporate leadership and investment dollars to each. As it stand now if I was a conservative investor who was comfortable with the rail business I'd be really spooked by the troubles dogging the aerospace side of the house. Similarly on the high risk, high reward aerospace side of the house, the bleak looking prospects and huge debt on the rail side of the house would scare me. In fact, if Bombardier had split before the C-Series program, they likely would have attracted more private investment and they wouldn't have given Boeing and Embrarer the ammunition to claim it's receiving unfair subsidies, that could ultimately kill the entire company.
  4. Poop powered bus

    $2 or 2lb per ride!
  5. Westjet

    I'm not sure what to make of the author. They author only seems to make two points: somewhere between 25% and 50% of the time gate agents do not enforce zone boarding and one the seatbelt light goes off, a few people who really need to take a leak make a dash for the lavatories. Both of these examples I'd cite as equivalent to asking for an extra pickle on your burger at Harvey's. Both substantially increase customer satisfaction at insignificant cost. What's worse: discretely letting the odd queue jumper pass or stopping the line to chastise and send the queue jumper embarrassingly to the back of the line? Do you demean passengers and require they ask permission to use the lavatory? Do you let some smug rule breakers feel satisfied about getting away with the extra pickle or do you instill fear and discomfort in everyone to the point where they feel the airline is being exceptionally generous to even allow them to board the flight they've paid for as some other airlines seem to do. And as for the lazy guy that put his carry-on in the bin at the front, it's quite rude but what rule is that breaking? Overhead bins aren't assigned with seats, maybe once there's a fee with the future ULCC but not now. And if WestJet ever started using both the front and back doors again, as Ask the Pilot blogger Patrick Smith suggests is common elsewhere, then this guy would have to wait until the aircraft is nearly empty to get his bag.
  6. Air Canada

    The -100 is quite a different animal. It's smaller, older, has a 4 blade prop instead of 6 so it's slow and noisy. The back row is like the back bench seat on a bus where the middle seat (row 10) has nothing in front but the aisle. They used to have 2 rear facing seats in row 1 which were incredibly uncomfortable during takeoff but I think that's been reconfigured. There are no great window seats due to the engine nacelles and propellers obstructing much of the view. Overhead bin space is very limited, most carry on bags end up being placed in the rear cargo compartment at boarding and you collect them on a cart as you exit the aircraft. It's a perfectly adequate aircraft for a short flight (under ~300km), on longer flights you'll start to feel more like cargo than a passenger. The -100 and -300 are comparable for comfort and speed with size being the main differentiation. The Q400's are much nicer in all respects. Official Air Canada info here: https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/fly/onboard/fleet.html
  7. Canada Jetlines planning to start operations

    And a model plane isn't even among the merch.
  8. Canadian Rail Accidents

    The article the trains will run Toronto to/from London but not through to/from Sarnia.
  9. Union Pacific fleet

    Maybe dig around in their annual reports. Maybe there's mention of it as capital assets.
  10. Saskatoon Updates

    Yes, 3, the U of S - Broadway (Avalon) - U of S portion of the route is only 30-ish minutes.
  11. Westjet

    If schedule is the determinant then my money is on the 787, either -8's or -9's that can be manufactured in Everett. South Carolina doesn't build the -8's and the -10's are only built there and their production rate is about 1/2 that in Everett. I don't think Boeing has had a new -8 order in a couple years so it should be a lot easier to find production slots for a -8 or a -9. If price is the determinant then without question the A330ceo is most likely.
  12. Air Canada

    The 300's and 100's are basically the same experience except for the size. The Q400's are newer, have some technological improvements to make them a bit quieter and use 6 blade propellers instead of 4 so they're quieter and faster. Air Canada Fleet
  13. Air Canada

    AC and it's regionals have been flying the Dash-8s for a long time. They're old, slow, loud, vibrate like hell but I'd still take one over a CRJ. Assuming they still have aft facing seats in the front row, starboard side, avoid them, it's really hard on your back on takeoff.
  14. Robot Co-Pilots

    I am serious and don't call me Shirley.