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  1. TheTransitBusFan

    Feature Photo Submissions

    STTR 1801 in the STS Sherbrooke garage Photo credit from a bus driver of The STS Used with permission Or The STS Sherbrooke garage in midi day. Photo credit from a bus driver of The STS Used with permission 
  2. TheTransitBusFan

    Today's Sightings

    do you have any other pictures of this bus ?
  3. TheTransitBusFan

    Société de transport de Laval

    does STL still put 7777 the 2013 electric bus into service its stil tracking at the garage
  4. TheTransitBusFan

    Today's Sightings

    STS sherbrooke 65108 got the front part of its roof ripped of yesterday
  5. TheTransitBusFan

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    is there a difference bettween this buses in photo bellow or are they the same buses sorry if in wrong thread
  6. TheTransitBusFan

    STM 22-XXX & 23-2XX Retirement Watch/Sightings

    23-216 is retired acording to a post on a facebook group
  7. TheTransitBusFan

    Réseau de transport de Longueuil

    seen on a facebook group a ATUQ demo at st-hubert division
  8. TheTransitBusFan

    STO 89xx-95xx Classic Spottings/Retirement Watch

    i seen on some where that tremblant retired there classics and thats why they have 2 or 3 ex stm 22-XXX runing there now but all major transit systems have retired ther classics
  9. https://www.fm1077.ca/nouvelles/economie/202717/11-autobus-de-la-sts-doivent-etre-inspectes-durgence At the STS the 6710X and 6810X are affected by this due to having electric power steering
  10. TheTransitBusFan

    Société de transport de Sherbrooke

    pictures of STS 66102 with vermeille wrap this bus has had this wrap sence january 2017 aproxamitly (can use in wiki)
  11. TheTransitBusFan

    Mauricie Transit Discussion

    Is it in service . And also there is going to be a new transit company to do public transit in shawinigan
  12. TheTransitBusFan

    Mauricie Transit Discussion

    does anybody have any information on Shawinigan's TUM 20 as seen in picture https://www.barraclou.com/bus/shawinigan/index.html
  13. TheTransitBusFan

    STM 22-XXX & 23-2XX Retirement Watch/Sightings

    22-201 seen on st-laurent blv then turned into the legendre garage . 22-333,22-325,22-387 seen on layover at Fairview terminus March 17th 2019
  14. TheTransitBusFan

    Société de transport de Sherbrooke

    Yes tokens/jetons are still available and station du depot is closing due to problems with cars and limocar buses being parked any where they want. And is turning back to a 1 way street like in the old days because of the downtown upgrading from a very sketchy part of town to where less poor and etc La vermeilleuse you can put as much money as you want on it if you want and when scanned give an automatic transfers on the card . With this method you can also pay for a friend all you do is tell the driver and the driver pushes the (multi/multiple).you can also have the U. DE S. student card. And certain high schools as well. There is the monthly pass as well for around 60$
  15. TheTransitBusFan

    STM 39-XXX Delivery Watch / Sightings

    39-045 was active on the 33 this afternoon