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  1. Yep the 2020 order should be the 70 series. Also 50105 might be lucky enough to be in active service with them as well.
  2. 69102 active sense July 11th 2019 69101 active sense July 27th 2019 69103 active sense August 19th 2019 first entered service with out bike rack 69104 active sense August 26th 2019 first entered service with out bike rack 69105 active sense August 28th 2019 first entered service with out bike rack 69106 active sense September 14th 2019 photo of 69106 is used with permision credit Mario Hanis
  3. 50105 made it out into service for the first time sense mid June this bus won’t die ! also 69103 to 69105 are in active service
  4. the sts has 6 serises of hybrids the first three have the logo and STS writien on the front (6410X-651XX-6610X) and the newer hybrids have just the logo (6710X-6810X-6910X)
  5. I don’t know why they did that. But it looks better with just the logo in my opinion
  6. As of Monday August 19th 2019 69103 has been put into service. It has been used on a limited status. Due to bus shortage it was rushed into service so that’s why it does not have a bike rack yet
  7. Here is brand new STS 69101 the second bus to be put in service from a batch of 6 buses
  8. I’ve been to busy to post this update. As of the last weekend of July 69101 has been running the streets of Sherbrooke
  9. I have a confirmed sighting of STS 69102 in active service as if today a ride video will be added to my YouTube channel thetransitbusfan
  10. I got Intel from a garage employee That STS 69102 has been fueled and is ready for active service tomorrow!! These are the first air conditioned buses sense 1994
  11. STS 50105 the oldest STS bus in fleet next to brand new 69105 the 5th bus of a 6 bus order When you say 7901 is no longer active are you stating that it is stored or retired?
  12. According to a post on Facebook said that 22-215 & 22-419 have been retired can someone confirm this statement
  13. with fleur de lys taking over public transportation in Shawinigan are they going to keep the ex tum fleet active or scrap it entierly for ex stm 2nd gens and brand new buses
  14. well you know that is almost imposible to get every single little detail. and sometimes yes the pictures could be better exsample my second picture but can not do anything about how the vehicle is parked or the weather "just saying" anyway here is 52105 on its rush hour doubler. there are only 13 buses in the oldschool CMTS livery this buses are soon to be retired
  15. ok... so what is it about my pictures that is wrong ?? i read the guidlines and i seen no problem with my pictures so what is it ???
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