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  1. That probably would be quite costly but it would make sense RTC Quebec Has the same concept with LCD Screens
  2. 70101 and 70102 came to service today STS’s 2020 orders had 5 buses 70101-70105 and 50105 didn’t make and is now retired IMG_6811.MOV
  3. Today’s STS Sherbrooke Sightings 52101 Voiture 68 52102 Voiture 74 52109 Voiture 89 53102 Doubleur 202 53103 70101 Voiture 96 70102 Voiture 89
  4. 70101, 70104, 70105 were all delivered today ! And 70102 was delivered yesterday
  5. STS Sherbrooke took delivery of it first 70 Series bus in the late afternoon of July 24th 2020
  6. Well it the end of the line for the CMTS/STS tokens(jetons) Due to a new multi card called (La Pratico) more about it on there website.
  7. i really dont know i seen the color of the bus and the sign. i do remember the unit number was at the top right of the windshelid if thats any help .
  8. i was in Saint Jerome yesterday and seen a Purple exo novabus on the 9 Lafontaine but it had a white destination sign . is it a new bus they recently recived ?
  9. sts 50105 at sunset this bus is now 20 years old and still running strong
  10. A Picture of 65108 on its first day of service back from a 7 month absences after crashing at the Chus Fleurimont Photo taken November 9th 2019
  11. they have been talking about the STS on thye radio all day. they say there shoulod 8 new buses next year(2020) with more service increase so that means the 2020 order of the STS should be numbered 70101-70108
  12. the ATUQ demonstrator has arrived to the STS garage today
  13. sts 53104 and 53105 at the garage after having spent all day in servrice witch is very uncomon for these units in paticular.
  14. 2 of 9 STS 2002 units deadheading to the garage after AM rush.
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