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  1. Spotted retired Coast Mountain 7238 in the opening sequence of tonight's episode of The Good Doctor. (Season 2, Episode 11) It was in a light blue and white livery with the bike rack removed. They used the same number on the new livery, presumably so it would match the completely untouched interior. The only obvious change to the interior is a US dollar bill decal on the fare box. I know the bus was purchased by a studio in 2016, but I thought it was cool to recognize it on prime time TV.
  2. As of August 28, 2017 the routes and schedule for Campbell River has changed. The Stories Beach and Rockland routes have been discontinued and are served as part of other routes now. The link to the Campbell River route map from the Wiki page is now broken. Here are the current routes: 1. Willow Point/Campbellton via Dogwood 2. Willow Point/Campbellton via Alder 3. Willow Point/Discovery Mall via Hwy 19A 4. Campbellton 6. Oyster River/Willow Point 7. Petersen 8. Quinsam/NI College 15. Homalco Here's the URL for the new schedule/map page from BC Transit: https://bctransit.com/campbell-river/schedules-and-maps/
  3. Vicinity #4041 is confirmed in operation. I spotted it on the #1 route, then rode aboard on the #2. I haven't seen 4042 or 4043 yet, and I'm not sure if Campbell River Transit has taken delivery of those as of yet. It's nice to have a bus with effective air conditioning in Campbell River! I also appreciated the ample legroom in the raised floor section. The 30' Dart buses are my nemesis- especially in the seats over the rear wheels. I sat in the same position on the Vicinity and there's only a slight hump in the floor at one's feet. There was plenty of room for my feet and backpack in front of me, and my knees were neither touching the seat in front nor were they uncomfortably elevated. I found the seat backs very supportive and comfortable. The placement of the stop buttons along the window rail was a little disconcerting as I'm used to them only being located on the aisle side. Subjectively, I think there was more interior engine noise at idle than with the Darts, but certainly much less at accelerating and cruising speeds. Upshifts and downshifts were also dramatically smoother than the Allison-equipped Darts.
  4. Site selected for new Campbell River transit operations and maintenance facility Aug 24, 2017 Campbell River - A site has been selected for the new BC Transit operations and maintenance facility in Campbell River, at 1150 Evergreen Road. The proposed new building will include features to support the introduction of compressed natural gas (CNG) technology. And as noted in the Wiki already, Campbell River will have three 30' Vicinity buses in service soon. A local radio station report notes that these buses will be in service beginning Monday, August 28 to coincide with the route and schedule changes taking effect that day. The report also mentions that the new buses are replacing 18 year old buses. (presumably the 1999 30' Darts) New buses arriving in Campbell River Aug 24, 2017 Campbell River – Three new BC Transit Vicinity buses are coming to Campbell River this summer.
  5. Spotted 8117 this morning in downtown Campbell River, in service.
  6. My goof! I forgot there were three 30' plus three 35' Dennis on the roster. 0102 and I believe 9059, 9915 were in the shop simultaneously. I've spotted 0102 back in service recently. Of the three buses, one had an electrical fault, one had a transmission failure, and one had a major coolant leak. As far as I know, one has been decommissioned and has been/will be sent to Victoria. I'll see if I can confirm.
  7. 9724 (1996 D40LF) is on loan to Comox Valley and has been for a few months. It's in regular service on weekdays. It was brought in after all three Dennis buses on the roster were out for repairs.
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