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  1. Whatever they have on hand that works. We'll just have to wait and see
  2. 9229 was doing a 408 to Brighouse earlier today (pic was taken around 3 pm). Sorry for the blur, it was raining and there were some droplets on the windshield (for the record, I was passenger so I wasn't taking pics while driving). It was the second time I had seen an Orion on a non-403 urban route in Richmond after seeing one on the 407 a few years ago.
  3. I don't think they commission buses there anymore so it probably came from HTC all ready to go
  4. Where in the article did it specify standard trolleys? It just states a very ambiguous 188 units which could include both standard and articulated models.
  5. There may soon be another 19 unit at a random TC because one just ran into a ditch
  6. I remember they used to just send the entire bus to scrap, or at least after pulling some usable major components but not literally everything that can still be used. I know they're even removing the sign controllers from shuttles before sending them to auction
  7. Seems like standard procedure for any bus that's no longer considered feasible for use in service. I used to see Orions with a whole bunch of missing parts in the RTC dead tracks when I went to the neighbouring mall. I distinctly remember one with its doors open and an entire transmission just sitting there at the top of the steps.
  8. Fresh pics? Looks like they're just slowly picking away at it
  9. I think it's a Latin American body of some sort. They had something else that looked similar, manufactured by Veguzti of Peru, but not identical.
  10. The only times buses have gone out recently were for charters and events
  11. Saw a 22 Knight via Industrial for the first time today. Thought there was something that caused the 22 to detour into Richmond until I looked it up.
  12. Guessing it wasn't an Orion... also, I'm not sure if Southridge Building Supplies still have a Freightliner FL106 truck. Those were also fitted with S50s and theirs used to run out of their former yard in Steveston (now a residential/retail building). I used to take the bus out of Steveston back then and hearing the truck would always trip me up.
  13. Maybe that's what's happening to TMS 9753. I believe it recently went in for CVI so it can be used to transport passengers.
  14. The Vancouver forum seems to have reached the conclusion that 62 is the total number of units but given that it was originally thought to be 53, before changing to 59 and now 62 confirmed units, I agree that it's probably best to wait until any further units cease to arrive for a while.
  15. Grech Motors used to be Krystal Enterprises. Krystal went bankrupt around 2010-2011 and sold all their bus assets and branding to Eldorado circa 2012–2013. They restructured around that time and returned to bus manufacturing in late 2013. They seem to have been pretty successful since then and have returned to the limo and RV businesses (although their limos are now all van-based).
  16. Not sure when fan trips will be happening again but a lot of work has been done to 3334 quite recently and it's in much better shape than it was when originally received. I only know that 4276 has recently been out for shuttle service. I will let you know if there's ever an opportunity for you to ride 3334.
  17. Looks like a few more units have been added to this set yet again… Can someone please rename Coast Mountain Bus Company 21501–21559 to Coast Mountain Bus Company 21501–21562?
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