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  1. It does have its faults. For me it worked for some expired plates and ones that were on a vehicle that now has different plates; it didn't work for some that are active. I think it is dependent on shops/dealerships that record both the VIN and plate number of a vehicle in order to tie them together. Update: only use it very sparingly; otherwise it will detect "commercial use" and effectively ban you from using the service unless you pay to upgrade to a commercial account. It's telling me to remove some of the buses I looked up but it won't actually let me do anything unless I upgrade because I was flagged as a commercial user.
  2. It is now possible to obtain VINs from Canadian license plates using Carfax Car Care. You will have to register an account but it's completely free. I used it to successfully grab the VINs for some newer TransLink shuttles. Update: use sparingly or upgrade to a paid commercial account unless you want to get banned for "commercial activity" on a free account. See further down for more information
  3. Tsawwassen Ferry Park and Go, a privately owned parking facility with a shuttle service, has permanently closed and is listing vehicles for sale. As a result, S302-S304 are back on the market and looking for new homes: https://vancouver.craigslist.org/rds/cto/d/delta-southwest-passenger-bus/7158602965.html
  4. It was a pickup, not a van. Looks like it was going straight while the bus was turning, likely speeding or trying to rush a yellow.
  5. Speaking of electronic farebox, do you know which cubic model it is? I only know it's the same as the kind being being phased out by NYC
  6. They aren't being sneaky at all. There was a post on the Buzzer saying a full rollout of paper transfers will occur next month
  7. Not to mention how old they are. NYC's are supposedly from the late 90s!
  8. Those fareboxes are also used by the NYCTA and they too are in the process of ditching them
  9. As in a combination of push bars and those wave sensors?
  10. Victoria's new Handydarts are G5s because of operators disliking how mobility aids are loaded and unloaded from Arbocs
  11. All CMBC ARBOCs in service. WVMT just took delivery of 19536 and 19537 Turns out WVMT got four of the 49 ARBOCs.
  12. Thought we might as well compile a list of VINs. Here's what I could find on the Wiki: 2P9A33402F1001001 - 1985, Viking Trailways (Joplin, MO) 2P9A33404F1001002 - 1985, Alaskan Star Charter 2P9A33408F1001004 - 1985, Alaskan Star Charter 2P9A33401F1001992 - 1985, Gray Line of Vancouver 2P9A33403F1001993 - 1985, Americoach 2P9A33405F1001994 - 1985, Gray Line of Vancouver 2P9A33407J1001522 - 1988, PWT 2P9A33401J1001525 - 1988, PWT 2P9A33401J1001542 - 1988, PWT Some VINs were listed as Astral XLs on this wiki page but the 4th character "L" indicates Le Mirage. Also, there are some units including 1986 models operated by Bell-Horizon, a 1985 operated by CBL of BC and one or two more without VINs listed on the wiki. Even though William Luke claimed that only 12 were built, it appears there may have been more (perhaps Prevost had only built 12 units at the time of his writing). All I know is that 1985 and 1988 seem to be the model years for which most were built and this model is still very rare.
  13. Having seen all the older H-Series coaches with newer body parts swapped on, I've always wondered if the newest ones are based on the same basic architecture from the 80s or if they moved to a newer architecture at some point
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