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  1. I think parts of them are built in each country.
  2. I'm guessing it was one of the 49 ARBOCs. Did you get a number?
  3. That would essentially turn it into the Bowen Island Express (easily recognized as the white Prevost LeMirage XL-II running between HSB and DT Vancouver via Taylor Way for anyone out of the loop)
  4. Someone in a Facebook group told me some were in the mainland Same model or different?
  5. 994 has been saved... For parts 995, on the other hand, has been saved as a complete running bus
  6. 16102 making weird noise when accelerating and decelerating (especially when doing the latter) while shifting quite violently. Left brake light is also out. A supervisor has rolled up behind it but hasn't gotten out to check it out; instead he let the bus go on a 406.
  7. 18459 being used for route training right now. Just seen taking trainees on a 412 orientation run.
  8. 994 dead, joins 990 as a parts bus 995 preserved (by WVMT, joining 61) and being restored. Should make anyone looking forward to a D40LF preservation happy because it has happened. 997 and 998 haven't been seen out on the road since April, waiting for confirmation of their current status
  9. Apparently very few were imported and sold in the US. Does anyone know if there are still some survivors out there, running or not? These were produced between 1982-1990 but I'm not sure if that applies to the US market.
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