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  1. I assume this info came from cmbc employee Evan Russell. "Fit for service" means tmac and fare collection systems are installed, making the buses ready for revenue service if needed. Only 7406 and 7438 are confirmed to be fit for service; the third bus may or may not be.
  2. I see what you were looking at now. It's a Blue Bird ambulance bus, although I'm not sure who the operator is. Has a solid red cross on it. Perhaps someone in the emergency vehicle discussion can identify the operator.
  3. Was it configured differently by the time it rolled out back then?
  4. A Gillig. Gmaps blurred out the unit number and moving the camera makes it disappear so I'm not sure which unit it is.
  5. It's 6-7 now, being a 2014 model. It is indeed the same vehicle in the post. Also, it was spotted in Burnaby today outside a construction site. The company have a Vancouver branch so the vehicle was most likely called out by a client to check out their offerings.
  6. Found this shuttle conversion in Burnaby, BC serving as a mobile showroom for a Washington-based building materials supplier. The way it is configured screams ex-transit bus and the VIN (from the license plate) is 1FDFE4FS5EDB10498, which is not listed anywhere on the wiki.
  7. Drove by RTC today and couldn't see 7112 anywhere from Steveston Hwy. Only a few Orions remained in the dead tracks where it was parked. Could have been moved (within RTC or to another TC); otherwise removed.
  8. 12014 is the second 2012/2013 XDE60 to receive a headlight upgrade
  9. 16911, a 2016-built 2017 Dodge Caravan used by CMBC supervisors, got involved in an MVA at some point and ended up being written off. It is now being parted out by a yard in abbotsford. https://www.empireabbotsford.com/inventorysearch/index.php?id=13154
  10. Would be fun trying to figure out which part of some fiberglass insulation, an aluminum can, or a steel beam was originally a TransLink D60LF.
  11. The C40LFs stayed on the road for way too long imo
  12. Possibly, since rapidbus units are being placed on non-rapidbus routes and short rapidbuses are appearing so frequently
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