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  1. Freightliner XBP chassis; coach is a CT Coachworks Passenger Transportation Bus (wow, that was a mouthful) Passenger Transportation Bus | Passenger Transportation (ctcoachworks.com)
  2. 1990 Ballard prototype. Photos were taken just minutes ago
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/641250863202906/
  4. Hope the film industry can save a few. Saying this because I can't predict where the TMS will be by then (hopefully much better than it is today, but one can only hope) but there are several 7100-7200 units living on in the film industry.
  5. Could have been an Orion V that was out there for whatever reason. As for New Flyers, IIRC there are still some in the training dept. and 7112 is still being used for PR. I know that 7112 has been out recently so it's possible that was what you heard. Otherwise, there are a few 95-96 ex-CMBC units owned by 911 Film Cars and Mammoth Studios that are used in the film industry. This possibility might be a stretch but it could also have been the Tofino Bus ex-Community D40LF. If it was a GM-era (read: two-stroke) Detroit then it could have been any old commercial vehicle or motorhome equipped with one before emissions regulations outlawed such engines. I believe the only truck applications of the S50 were in Daimler-Benz/DaimlerChrysler's own products. The Freightliner FL106 is the most common truck application and there was also at least one Western Star model that used it. I know Southridge Building Supplies in Surrey have an FL106 with a Series 50. This was before you heard the S50 on Knight but it backs up my guess that it was an Orion
  6. A bus with the (test?) number 882 is currently running the 321 White Rock Centre. Clicking on it throws a 404 error. https://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus/882
  7. IIRC they do have what is more or less a pickup truck engine (Cummins B series, same as the Chrysler Ram trucks). That could explain why their performance leaves so much to be desired.
  8. Anyone know which unit it actually is? 3101 is a testing number right?
  9. I'm no expert on bus body construction so I have no idea what that means. What would it be in simpler terms like "Krystal Koach bodies utilise a steel skeleton and aluminium skin construction"? Seems like a nice upgrade from cutaways since I haven't really heard anything bad about Vicinities. Are the new ones still coming from China or from the U.S. now that they have plants down there?
  10. Switching to G5s now? Styling aside, I'm also no fan of the ride quality. I know G5 bodies are mostly (if not completely) metal. What are Arboc bodies made of?
  11. I think it's a holdover from the days when buses were numbered and constantly renumbered in a very complex manner by specific sets according to TC (e.g. 9xxx for Poco or something like that). Someone decided that there should still be a way to identify the TC a bus is stationed at when they switched to permanently assigned numbers. They really should have done away with it if buses would end up being frequently transferred.
  12. Wonder what that construction was for…think it has to do with air traffic if the airport was behind it?
  13. Saw several BC-99 express buses heading eastbound on Westminster Highway in Richmond towards the onramp after No. 5 Rd last night around 2100. They appeared to be coming out of Brighouse Station instead of Bridgeport. Two Novas running the 351 and 601 and a decker on the 620.
  14. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/cto/d/riverside-2010-motorcoach-for-sale-bus/7171109122.html Archive for future: http://archive.is/MOs6W
  15. Didn't know that was a thing. Thought the driver just took a wrong turn or something
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