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  1. CMBC's route 413 (then C93) was the first bus I've ever taken and only one for quite a while. I started taking it when it was still being run with diesel GMCs instead of gas Chevys, and there wasn't a single low-floor unit (except for the occasional conventional school special) to be seen on the route. I didn't care much about transit for the longest time. Sure, I knew different bus makes like Prevost, Novabus, New Flyer and Orion, but that's because I was (and still am) an automotive enthusiast, and it was just natural for me to figure out who made what and which model a certain vehicle was, if that was indicated anywhere on the vehicle itself (so I didn't know bus models other than ones like MCI J4500 or Prevost H3-45). Everything changed when I moved during high school and started taking the 407 to and from school. After about half a year of taking that route, I noticed that the after-school Gilbert run was always driven by the same operator. It got to the point where he could actually recognize me, so I decided to have a conversation with him during his layover in Steveston, where I was living at the time. We had many more conversations after that and let's just say that through our conversations, he sent me down the transit rabbit hole and now, here I am. I learned a lot about buses and CMBC from him, so as a transit enthusiast, I'm only really interested in buses, anything from a shuttle to an articulated double decker. Being my local system, CMBC/TransLink is definitely the system I'm most familiar with, although I enjoy exploring other systems and their buses too. Got myself into TRAMS last year and even though I don't plan on working in transit, I'm working on getting my class 2 so I can drive buses for any reason. Most recently, I've gotten into the motorcoach enthusiast game after discovering the world of Prevost LeMirage and Astral series coaches. I don't actively go out and photograph/film buses or do anything like that; I like going online to discuss transit, riding buses to experience them myself (not to record them for others), and representing TRAMS at community events as a volunteer to talk transit with all kinds of people. Sadly, the drivers of that particular run changed during my senior year in high school and it's honestly been impossible for me to find the operator who got me into transit again, as much as I'd like to see him and converse with him.
  2. This was years ago but I still remember my first time on the CMBC 405. I got off the SkyTrain at Brighouse to catch one and I accidentally got onto the Cambie instead of the Five Road because I was confused by the map and after looking at it, I thought it would travel eastbound along Cambie and turn right onto Five Road (with the Five Road bus heading the opposite way—I only took the C93 at the time so I didn't understand how the other routes worked when it came to destination naming). Luckily, the same bus was going to head back in the other direction instead of becoming a 407 when it got to Marine so I didn't have to get out and wait in the blazing hot sun.
  3. outside a hotel in Thunder Bay Delivery driver: "Come on, please start. I need to get you to Richmond by the end of the month." No-Start CMBC E500: "You know they don't need me right? Why do you have to send me there when I am better off spending the rest of my life in this parking lot?" Delivery driver: "What do you mean they don't need you? You're supposed to be ready for service there by next month!" No-Start CMBC E500: "Yeah, by service, you mean just sitting in the yard forever and slowly becoming a million-dollar paperweight because all the operators are on strike, right?" Delivery driver: "You know that strike is over, right? In fact, the SkyTrain strike already happened and it was ended before it even started!" No-Start CMBC E500: "Then I don't know, man. I just don't feel too comfortable working for TransLink if there's a chance I'll have to sit and rot due to job action. I mean, their past two generations of buses have suffered from that." Delivery driver: "So can you please start? I need to get you to Richmond because my company has arranged a return flight for me the week after I'm supposed to have gotten you there, and that's so I can help get the rest of you guys across the country." No-Start CMBC E500: "Well, I don't know what else to say, but… the truth is, I'm actually broken." Delivery driver: "Alright, I'll get you a tow so you can get fixed because we're starting to run behind schedule now." no-start E500 gets dropped off next to 19417 and 19419 at Thunder Bay Transit No-Start: "Hey, what are you guys doing here?" 19417: "Well, we were getting tired of providing heat to a single person on board during our journey, so we thought we'd just break our heating systems to allocate more energy to driving. Who cares if the drivers were cold? They're Ontarians so it's not like they'd freeze to death when they live in the cold every single day." 19419: "And besides, they don't need heat over in BC anyway because it's so darn warm over there! I mean, I heard they had to import snow during the 2010 Olympics because they don't have it!" No-Start: "Actually, you know that isn't true right? It can actually get pretty cold in BC and snow actually exists there. In fact, it snows every winter in parts of our future stomping grounds like Burnaby! Also, I'm pretty sure your drivers were freezing to death. Humans are humans." 19419: "But still, it's not like we're going to run in Burnaby! It's just Richmond to Surrey and back all day, every day!" 19417: "And don't forget the ferry runs! Those sound fun!" No-Start: "Actually, we're supposed to be there by the end of the month so they can throw us on the 555 next month. And you know where the 555 goes? That's right. None other than Burnaby."
  4. -insert something about full power outlets being better than USB-
  5. Scared of D40LFs? What? 1. Yes, 7115 was scrapped. Machines don't last forever when subjected to years of hard work. That bus was built in early 1996 and outlasted everything else in the order it was part of (except for some older buses that BC Transit bought back, but I don't think those are in great shape now). 2. Buses are maintained to a. comply with laws and b. ensure the safety of passengers, operators, and anyone who shares the road with them, yet they are subjected to hard work at the same time because people need them to travel. A D40LF's workload can be identical to or lighter than that of a brand new XN40; the latter point is because those buses are old, reaching the ends of their lifespans, and if there are enough newer buses, they'd only see use when they're really needed. Also, equipment depreciates so there's no point in keeping buses in service forever or fixing them when replacements are already present (only exception would be West Vancouver's 995 because they want to save it as a "heritage bus"). Furthermore, selling the buses really depend on their condition and in many cases, the buses aren't really fit for resale unless the buyers want money pits. At least many buses are used for parts to keep better examples on the road for longer before they get scrapped. 3. Please elaborate. Are you referring to operators slamming on the brakes? 4. ???
  6. Still better than driving 3106 or 4107. At least it mostly blends in with other buses.
  7. New Flyer has made it into an anime: https://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_1306081-New-Flyer-Xcelsior-XD40-2011.html https://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_1306090-Chevrolet-Camaro-1968.html
  8. WC Remarketing auction shuttle bus (can be seen at location on Google Street View) - ex-HandyDART T711, now looks like a RapidDART. https://vancouver.craigslist.org/bnc/ctd/d/burnaby-2008-gmc-savana-g-passenger-bus/7029734015.html
  9. Hmmm… were those the only models produced by Girardin in 1996? My only theory to explain this, if it isn't anything else they built, was that the bus originally had a different rear door or none, and the rear door was taken from a salvage/scrap handydart and grafted on which may also explain why it's held on with many bolts (first time ever seeing this on a bus). Actually read the ad description and it didn't mention transit anywhere. What a mystery.
  10. Badge on left rear door indicates this unit was originally sold or leased by Dynamic Specialty Vehicles, while outlines of a unit number suggest it was a BC Transit/TransLink unit.
  11. Can someone identify this Girardin model I found on Facebook Marketplace? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2321182064765042/
  12. They were very recently reported to be using a facility in an industrial park on North Road (identified on the park's sign as a HandyDART facility) to store buses.
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