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  1. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/translink-air-conditioning-buses-new-fleet
  2. Is it just mostly XD40s and Nova Urbans right now?
  3. Can this page be renamed to Elkhart Coach EC II to reflect the current nameplate it is sold under? It hasn't been sold as a Goshen for a number of years and the Goshen brand was axed last year. Goshen Coach GC II - CPTDB Wiki
  4. Currently known fleet numbers: 21002 (marked "coach 02 of 25") There is also another "16 of 50 coach" seems like they made it 75 units at some point?
  5. The availability of vaccines is helping soften the blow so that's why fewer people are dying this year. They did say at one point that it wouldn't be as bad if 70% of the population received two doses and we are currently somewhere around that figure.
  6. The Tofino service is currently being run with this unit and a Ford cutaway. No idea what happened to the D40LF that used to provide the Tofino service
  7. I thought the latest XT models are coming standard with extended battery range that could allow for trolley R4s?
  8. A lot of stuff isn't listed on their website for whatever reason
  9. Don't know how I missed this video but it looks like an actual example of the truck exists. Does appear to actually be based on the Isuzu NPR (the headlights and cab match up) with a custom front fascia. An interesting thing to note is the apparent lack of front turn signals since only the lower portion of the Isuzu's headlights are being used on the 1200, though I suspect the bumper lights may actually be turn signals instead of fog lights. I also noticed that it lacks DOT side markers but I assume this is just an Isuzu-based prototype. I do know that Isuzu trucks are built at the Shyft plant where some buses are built so I wouldn't be surprised if something happened there to create this unit. The final product may be an original design from the ground up for all I know. Fully Electric VMC 1200 Class 3 Truck - YouTube
  10. Take this with a grain of salt but I heard from one source that the order of Nova LFSe+s was cancelled and a new order of trolleys was placed. If true, I guess the heat waves made them reconsider because every current trolley has the potential to become an oven on wheels.
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