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  1. I went last week and tridents were still everywhere. Even saw a few Expo D40LFs and Darts here and there.
  2. It does look like a turtle top body I've seen on GM and Ford platforms...
  3. I'm assuming it isn't being run by landsea since you implied the number was still visible Edit: the mall says UCL operates the cutaways so that's probably who it is
  4. @323 Surrey Ctrl Stn you might want to take note of this...
  5. Yeah, it's pretty vague. I'll check with TRAMS after my final exams to see if they have any information
  6. Right, it's just that we have to wait for the technology to get there, wherever "there" is.
  7. Technically, 7112 is the last standing '95 model in the hands of TransLink, but then it stopped carrying passengers in 2012.
  8. Not sure. Manufacturers are still committed (at least NFI, which says it'll manufacture trolleys as long as there's a system that'll buy them)
  9. Not really, because there's a chance they actually have the textured upholstery unless there's something you know that I don't. Either way, that doesn't really mean anything because these are still the exact same trains as our existing 11 year old units.
  10. I wonder if the new ones will have the textured seating upholstery used on everything else or the same smooth stuff as the 2008s because SNC Lavalin is cheap?
  11. 19304 was coming from Cullen's I think
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