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  1. Victoria's new Handydarts are G5s because of operators disliking how mobility aids are loaded and unloaded from Arbocs
  2. All CMBC ARBOCs in service. WVMT just took delivery of 19536 and 19537 Turns out WVMT got four of the 49 ARBOCs.
  3. Thought we might as well compile a list of VINs. Here's what I could find on the Wiki: 2P9A33402F1001001 - 1985, Viking Trailways (Joplin, MO) 2P9A33404F1001002 - 1985, Alaskan Star Charter 2P9A33408F1001004 - 1985, Alaskan Star Charter 2P9A33401F1001992 - 1985, Gray Line of Vancouver 2P9A33403F1001993 - 1985, Americoach 2P9A33405F1001994 - 1985, Gray Line of Vancouver 2P9A33407J1001522 - 1988, PWT 2P9A33401J1001525 - 1988, PWT 2P9A33401J1001542 - 1988, PWT Some VINs were listed as Astral XLs on this wiki page but the 4th character "L" indicates Le Mirage. Also, there are some units including 1986 models operated by Bell-Horizon, a 1985 operated by CBL of BC and one or two more without VINs listed on the wiki. Even though William Luke claimed that only 12 were built, it appears there may have been more (perhaps Prevost had only built 12 units at the time of his writing). All I know is that 1985 and 1988 seem to be the model years for which most were built and this model is still very rare.
  4. Having seen all the older H-Series coaches with newer body parts swapped on, I've always wondered if the newest ones are based on the same basic architecture from the 80s or if they moved to a newer architecture at some point
  5. Coast Mountain had a 1992 NFI D40 with a 6V92TA and B400R. However, the transmission was swapped in after the fact. The original box was an HTB-748.
  6. Another question: when did the change from manual passenger door to power door occur?
  7. There was a one-off E-550 Polar built in 2002 and sold to TransLink. Was that a prototype as well? Also, is the company still capable of producing buses despite the closure of the Bus Division?
  8. Looks like these have side lifts and an additional door at the rear, much like many private examples. Thought they were going to be mostly identical to TL units.
  9. 15 year old body design on a 25 year old cab/chassis design with styling that's almost 20 years old. At least it isn't an Aerotech on a Ford chassis. The Aero's design last saw significant changes in the early 90s while the Econoline chassis dates back to the 70s with an early 90s cab and late 2000s styling. I don't think GM will kill the Express anytime soon. Ford said they were going to kill the Econoline by 2019 when the Transit was launched here but you can still buy a new 2021 model today. My guess as to why it has electronic signs despite initially going to Handydart is because it will eventually end up doing fixed-route service Also, does anyone know how many of these are coming?
  10. I wish they could get some sort of uniformity going on for anything below XX5XX, but I guess it's impossible with so much spillover going on (e.g. VTC Novas going from 183XX into 184XX). Everything from shuttles onward is completely uniform (WVMT conventionals under this system are XX6XX, non-revenue XX9XX as seen here, etc.)
  11. Never understood the S prefix on shuttles, considering they were all internally numbered 1xxx and 113xx. I know it meant "shuttle" on the cutaways but it meant STC on the Orion IIs, which can be considered the predecessor to the current shuttle system.
  12. I was talking about TikiBus. I see them advertising themselves as "rural transit" and "community shuttle" but I haven't really looked into how they actually operate. They've posted pics of their bus showing several destinations like "Nanaimo" and "Lil' Ronnie's BBQ" so I thought they had routes. I guess it's just a dial-a-ride with occasional A-B runs if it operates on that model.
  13. There's currently a private service being operated in the area with a single 24-passenger (seated and standing) shuttle. This should be interesting.
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