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  1. Take this with a grain of salt, but I've read somewhere that this design was a generic one created by NFI and picked out of a catalogue by the customers (BCT and Academy in this case) who specified their own colours. Apparently common practice in the coach industry but less so in transit. Again, take this with a grain of salt because I've been unable to find any supporting evidence. It could also be possible that Academy saw photos of BCT-liveried D60LFs when ordering these and requested the same design in their own colours, but this is just my speculation.
  2. I see. So they basically took the original body and threw it onto a medium-duty chassis? The bus was spotted in a random driveway in Abbotsford. Is it still GW property, did an employee take it home, or was it sold off to a private party?
  3. A short, single-door Vicinity with small, 8-lug wheels was recently spotted in Abbotsford. It is similar in appearance to the prototype 7130 but the mirrors are different, the front fascia is all white and there are sets of blue stripes on the sides. Does anyone know what it might be? An LT prototype? No fog lights (just empty space where they would go).
  4. Was under multiple BC coach operators: 1989 E350 Econoline Diesel 21 person bus - cars & trucks - by owner (craigslist.org)
  5. Technically, the NFI Enviro200 is still a thing thanks to ADL continuing to offer it in NA and the NFI buyout.
  6. From what I've heard the Vicinity is not a bad bus. They are apparently being produced by two manufacturers now (Shyft in Georgia, US in addition to good ol' Weichai in China, although the Chinese production now comes from their Xiamen Fengtai BCI division instead of Yangzhou Yaxing) and GW are planning to set up their own plant in Washington State.
  7. Did the ransomware attack affect the automatic operation of destination signs based on GPS data? I have seen two buses running the 410 22nd St. displaying the incorrect message: one was an XN40 showing "410 Brighouse" while the other was a Nova showing "104 22nd St." Both buses had departed from Brighouse and were heading north on No. 3.
  8. 9001 is apparently going back to NFI after retirement, or so I've read on Facebook
  9. Freightliner XBP chassis; coach is a CT Coachworks Passenger Transportation Bus (wow, that was a mouthful) Passenger Transportation Bus | Passenger Transportation (ctcoachworks.com)
  10. 1990 Ballard prototype. Photos were taken just minutes ago
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/641250863202906/
  12. Hope the film industry can save a few. Saying this because I can't predict where the TMS will be by then (hopefully much better than it is today, but one can only hope) but there are several 7100-7200 units living on in the film industry.
  13. Could have been an Orion V that was out there for whatever reason. As for New Flyers, IIRC there are still some in the training dept. and 7112 is still being used for PR. I know that 7112 has been out recently so it's possible that was what you heard. Otherwise, there are a few 95-96 ex-CMBC units owned by 911 Film Cars and Mammoth Studios that are used in the film industry. This possibility might be a stretch but it could also have been the Tofino Bus ex-Community D40LF. If it was a GM-era (read: two-stroke) Detroit then it could have been any old commercial vehicle or motorhome equ
  14. A bus with the (test?) number 882 is currently running the 321 White Rock Centre. Clicking on it throws a 404 error. https://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus/882
  15. IIRC they do have what is more or less a pickup truck engine (Cummins B series, same as the Chrysler Ram trucks). That could explain why their performance leaves so much to be desired.
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