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  1. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Entering "1008" and "1009" return S008, S009
  2. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Possible tcomm numbers for this bus because i found these weird ones in the retirement export file: 2701, 2706, 3101, 3104
  3. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Don't these buses have tcomm though? We just need to know their numbers since 1008 and 1009 are shuttles in the system
  4. Vancouver Special Sightings

    My friend sent me a pic of the first RTC 410 in over a year. She said it was around 9:30 this morning.
  5. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    The only complaint that should be made is that the side destination sign is unreadable unless it's dark outside (in that case it'll barely be readable) due to the wrap.
  6. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    They'll probably cut it out when it enters service. With that being said, the genius who wrapped the bus was probably the one behind the lovely graphic design too
  7. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Use tcomm.bustrainferry.com. I'm not sure if 1008 and 1009 are the codes you'd be using since typing those in right now will give you framecracker Fords There doesn't appear to be a side destination sign
  8. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    It was most likely done by the same graphic designer behind 7112's livery
  9. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    The wrap looks like Clean Air combined with 7112
  10. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    From News1130 This actually looks like a good pic for the wiki - I'm going to try to obtain permission to use it Edit: got permission but it seems @Jeffrey Ngai beat me to adding a pic. Still uploaded the pic to the wiki though
  11. Own any bus

    The person i want to sell 8010 to would be Jason lol
  12. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Looks like CMBC is now replacing burnt out incandescent lights with LEDs because 8038 has an LED side turn signal
  13. Own any bus

    Want to own CMBC 3284 and restore it to original (clean air livery, series 50g, voith) as well as CMBC 8010 (to sell to someone later) but they'll both probably head to the scrapper before I could afford them. With that being said, I'm thinking of buying one of the Chevy Express shuttles that TransLink just retired and doing a crazy 1000+hp LS swap to it
  14. Vancouver Special Sightings

    That's pretty cool then. I learn something new everyday
  15. Vancouver Special Sightings

    It was using the 49's stop and arrived at the time the 49 was supposed to, so I'd like to know more then. Doesn't St George's have it's own buses though? The passengers getting on didn't look like St. George's students but i believe you