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  1. Would you be interested in a current fleet roster for Regina?


    1. AbbyTransitFan


      Sure, that would be great!

  2. Here is a short video of a later flight. You might want to turn the sound down, I added some free musak.
  3. in Sask there used to be a clause in the old Highway Traffic Act that amongst other examples, said if you were on a prescribed route and speeds under 40kph you weren't required to wear your belt. They changed that with the new Traffic Safety Act (2010) and tightened it up, and there are no loop holes that could apply to Transit anymore. Since then policy is catching up to the laws.
  4. Good day folks, I was flying a drone around a random farm yard last week, and came across two retired RTS buses, #218 and #220. I have included some low res pics, but have better quality - the content will be limited until the melt is done and it either refreezes or dries up. As an employee of RTS, I can also provide some insight as to buses we have and things we have done. I see in the topics that someone noted our old trolleys we had (and have since moved on) and that the topics haven't been updated in a while. I hope we aren't too boring! Let me know how I can help! Derek
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