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    From what I can tell, the issue is the Canadian government's insistence that PCR tests be provided when crossing the land border. If that ever gets lifted, I can see the Tunnel Bus resuming shortly after.
  2. That's exactly what it is. Correct. Same goes for GO equipment parked elsewhere that hasn't moved in a while also. A trial is underway (I don't remember where) of car length signage on the platform. Since the spotting markers are already there, they're being merged with those where possible. Trains will likely be back to 10 and 12 cars before this gets rolled out system wide. As for adding car lengths to the departure boards, that's not as easy as you make it sound. If it was, it would have been done by now.
  3. Route 8 used to go to Main and Bailey at times and was cut back to University Station all day in the past 10 or so years; having that extra option along the busy part of Main north of the station will be good. Extending route 11A up to Boulevard Mall is a great idea that will provide a faster alternative to get there, even if it is an infrequent route. A lot of people from Niagara Falls and Grand Island will squawk about the 40 going open door, but I can't see it having a huge impact on travel times and it will improve service along Niagara Street corridor significantly. Niagara Falls headways have always been awful. These 10-20 minute adjustments don't seem like a lot, but making the service more appealing with predictable schedules will be a huge benefit to existing and prospective riders. As for the fare change, presumably they'll either be getting their smart card up and running by then (if they're still doing that) or this will just be for people who use Token Transit. Anything that would bring back bus-to-rail or bus-to-bus transfers without having to buy a day pass would be an improvement.
  4. Are both types of electric buses free to be on either the 23 or 26? Since they started on the 23, I haven't yet seen an electric LFS there, and I haven't seen an electric Xcelsior on the 26 since before the 28th.
  5. TTC and YRT had surveys on their websites that were asking people's opinions on those fare options so yes it's legit.
  6. That's not happening. 47 and 52 weekend service will remain as is.
  7. I wonder if Nova won because they had the highest overall score or if it's because they're the only bidder who quoted a price for all of the options. The 6/10 grade for NFI under qualifications and experience is interesting. I wonder how much of that is from asking other agencies and how much is NFTA's own past experience.
  8. My understanding is that MiWay will be allowed in there starting the first week of December. Whether that means service will start that date or not is another story.
  9. Looks like some ex-GO MCIs have found their way to Miami.
  10. Part of a toll road use reduction strategy that started in June of 2019 that affected many routes.
  11. If employee only routes showing on Google Maps then it's because Calgary Transit included them in their GTFS package. If they don't want people to see them, they need to remove them, or if they're pick up or drop off on demand only then CT needs to change the stopping pattern codes to show that so that planning tools don't incorrectly include them in people's itineraries.
  12. I got 91 along with 10, 27, 46, 89 and 96.
  13. Do any of you know how Presto fare collection works on the Downtown Express buses now that the extra fare is built in to one's tap? Are there special buses used on those routes with Presto devices programmed for it? Does the Presto system on the bus use GPS to determine where the bus is to know to charge premium fares? (could be risky in areas where non-premium routes run) Is the Presto system on the bus set up before it leaves the garage? Something else?
  14. I contacted the university after taking some photos there earlier in the year to confirm fleet numbers, and after being passed around a few times the email chain eventually died. Numbers appeared on the tracker that they had at the time but I neglected to write any of them down.
  15. Sounds like CCC has fallen into a sad state, and I can't imagine that deadheading to and from Rockville is doing the equipment any good unless the contractor has a facility in or closer to Baltimore. I would assume that these new Novas are a tack on to the big MTA order?
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