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  1. Congrats finally! feels good doesn't it?
  2. Thanks bro. Thanks bro, I'm starting next week I'm READY!!!!
  3. proud of you bro, its been a long journey but you made it! cheers!
  4. sure man. i'll stay in touch. i hope you get the call so I can see you guys on the 21st at hillcrest. Loads of interview tips on the board. I zoned out some questions on the interview, so maybe it will help if you don't zone out lol. Also, keep concise and watch tons of videos on behavioral interviews. Review past and present experiences that may have to do with driving, you will be required to give examples. Be honest and confident. Good luck, you're going to do well!
  5. Thanks @leylandvictory2 that's very good to know. I've got no issues with nights as long as I get the hours.
  6. Just wondering, are operators placed on the spare board as soon they pass the training?
  7. The interview is pretty straight forward all behavioral, and you must sight specific examples from your past and present experiences. I think my interview took about an hour or so. To prepare myself I watched a few dozen behavioral interview examples on Youtube. Good luck to you moving forward!
  8. Just got the call today as well!!! June 21st Mode: Bus Division: Mount Dennis See you guys around! Good luck to everyone!
  9. Thanks, it was definitely your time to get the call. Good luck moving forward!
  10. Congrats bro! I'm still eagerly waiting, they called you right after documentation wow. When was your medical?
  11. Congrats to you @Pirlo I'm crossing my fingers I'm in the same batch as you guys!
  12. I totally understand lol. But you got this bro, believe in your skills.
  13. Anyone recently receive their call for training?
  14. Hey congrats man, sorry to hear about your ticket situation, but based on my interview and according to previous post, as long as there are no demerit points you should be ok. I believe it still should get reported to your HR rep. Check out the older post regarding tickets. Good luck moving forward!
  15. Good experience. You will get to meet people that are on the same boat as you. Everyone will be gathered into a conference room and asked to submit their completed forms, SIN, Driver's Lic., and abstract one by one. Then get fitted for uniform. They ask you to wear casual attire but slacks or dress pants will get appreciated for fitting. Then back to the conference room to take photos for you ID, get you employee ID #, document signing etc. Once all your documents are received, you're allowed to leave. All your questions will be answered. Bring water or snacks. Good luck~