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  1. Thanks, it was definitely your time to get the call. Good luck moving forward!
  2. Congrats bro! I'm still eagerly waiting, they called you right after documentation wow. When was your medical?
  3. Congrats to you @Pirlo I'm crossing my fingers I'm in the same batch as you guys!
  4. I totally understand lol. But you got this bro, believe in your skills.
  5. Anyone recently receive their call for training?
  6. Hey congrats man, sorry to hear about your ticket situation, but based on my interview and according to previous post, as long as there are no demerit points you should be ok. I believe it still should get reported to your HR rep. Check out the older post regarding tickets. Good luck moving forward!
  7. Good experience. You will get to meet people that are on the same boat as you. Everyone will be gathered into a conference room and asked to submit their completed forms, SIN, Driver's Lic., and abstract one by one. Then get fitted for uniform. They ask you to wear casual attire but slacks or dress pants will get appreciated for fitting. Then back to the conference room to take photos for you ID, get you employee ID #, document signing etc. Once all your documents are received, you're allowed to leave. All your questions will be answered. Bring water or snacks. Good luck~
  8. Very good to know, thanks @Trini12
  9. Good tip, I will fire off an email later.
  10. Congratulations @Notoriou$ I knew it was your turn. The waiting paid off, stay in touch and good luck.
  11. Everyday trying to remember that patience is key...patience is
  12. I've seen that on the news and we talked about it in Documentation, it felt kind of sinister to think of it this way but yes you are correct. Apparently they are hiring for more operators, just got the email from talent nest.
  13. Likewise lol. Well I know its just wishful thinking. I had my Documentation March 22. Yes i know, i know....
  14. I too feel the urge to email my HR Rep. But I'll be waiting it out instead. Let me know what you decide my friend.
  15. @ttcgirl @slowtyper @a1brt got all the answers i'm looking for thanks, you guys are awesome!