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  1. Thank you very much, guys! If you have more information and if there are people, organisations and local authorities, who will be interested to help us preserve 152 - please, let them know. What will be the attitude of the local authorities and ETC. Will they help? For sure we will need some documents from them which show that this trolleybus was in operation in Edmonton, in order to put it in service here in Sofia.
  2. Hello friends! My name is Viktor Chaushev and I am vice-chairman of "Public transport and infrastructure" NGO from Sofia, Bulgaria. I want to share with you this information: http://bgtransport.org/?action=news&info=629aeb373e7bd3db0a6ae5f89d77d1c4 We have recently started a campain for preserving 3 historical trolleybuses for moving museum exponates in Sofia, Bulgaria. One of them is General Motors Company – Brown Boveri & Cie Company (GMC-BBC) HR150G #152. I need help from your forum to spread these news and to see if someone can help us. It can be helped three ways: - by spreading this news to other people, organisations, bissness companies and local authorities; - by sharing technical documentation and pictures for GMC-BBC HR150G #152 - we need service manual, diagrams, schemes, history of this model of trolleybus - everything you have and know; - by donating in our campain. We use Paypal also. Pictures: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5NZfLOOAflbSUxTbDlYSmRhVjg/view?usp=sharing Feel free to ask any questions! You can contact me also on e-mail: office@bgtransport.org My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/viktorchaushevSF Thank you! Viktor
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