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  1. TTC Application Process

    Congrats! I look forward to what's next and the great opportunities ahead.
  2. TTC Application Process

    Passed day 25! Thanks for all the support and tips from everyone. Much success to us all. 😁
  3. TTC Application Process

    Thank you! 😁
  4. TTC Application Process

    You'll be fine, just be confident. And make sure you have real good examples for each question.
  5. TTC Application Process

    Much appreciated, day 25 on Monday.😊
  6. TTC Application Process

    You and me both!
  7. TTC Application Process

    Hey all, just wanna say positive vibes. And good luck go all going thru the process or still waiting. 😊
  8. TTC Application Process

    I passed. Every little thing you're taught over prepares you well enough for the test.
  9. TTC Application Process

    Yeah that's what I was told, just be extra careful and go at a steady safe speed.
  10. TTC Application Process

    Congratulations! I have my day 16 tomorrow, I am so nervous. I am confident in my driving but I'm still so worried. I'm going in with a positive attitude. And congrats once again to you. 😁
  11. TTC Application Process

    I'm glad to hear that. I'm just nervous for all my test coming up. A lot to remember. But I'm excited to go in and learn something new daily, just want to succeed. 😊
  12. TTC Application Process

    Thank you, appreciate that! Just drove the bus today for the first time and I actually loved it. Takes getting used to the steering wheel but it was a good experience. How are you finding it now, do you feel more relaxed?
  13. TTC Application Process

    Thanks for the advice, I hope you're right. I'm nervous for day 5 and driving the bus for the first time. How long have you been driving?
  14. TTC Application Process

    Yeah following instructions is key. I don't want to be in the same boat as them. First day there's a lot to take in. As for parking when you come in there's visitor parking for the TTC and further back is for employees. And across the street is George Brown parking. TTC parking is cheaper.
  15. TTC Application Process

    Today was my first day of training, yikes! Not good to hear.