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  1. Bravo Actual

    Grande West Transportation

    It may have to do with the fact that Diesels are selling well and have a decent reliability track record so far. They may wish to delays little while longer, perhaps 2020 before dipping themselves into the Electric market, which is still in its infancy at the moment. The sales just aren't there, yet.
  2. Bravo Actual

    Grande West Transportation

    I thought only the body shells were made in China? And that the majority of the bus was still "built" in BC?
  3. Bravo Actual

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Still sounds relatively healthy whenever I happen to see it... I may be biased, but I prefer riding it to a Nova.
  4. Bravo Actual

    Hamilton Street Railway

    0510 was still in service last night on the 52 Head Street route. When is its retirement date?
  5. Bravo Actual

    Hamilton Street Railway

    I have heard a few gripes about it myself, but chalked it up to just heat outside.
  6. Bravo Actual

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Yeah. Im not very fluent with my words today. Isnt standee's vs sitties more of a safety risk though?
  7. Bravo Actual

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Just wondering, why is some of the rear seating on some Nova's switched around into a "U" shape instead of all the other buses? Will grab numbers when I see it again. Noticed it twice on some 15XX series buses. Any reason for it?
  8. Bravo Actual


    Novas will rise again... Wonder if they will share the same fate as OC Transpo's earlier jaunt with them.
  9. Bravo Actual

    Ontario Northland Railway

    Article regarding a local groups push to bring back the Northlander. https://www.northernontariobusiness.com/industry-news/transportation/passenger-rail-supporters-expect-new-government-to-make-good-on-campaign-promise-952072
  10. Bravo Actual

    Ontario Northland Railway

    Only thing I know of would be some mining related stuff near Conniston or Sudbury. Anytime ive seen the train go by paralleling the highway tho, its usually just boxcars with a few grain cars. No stops that i'm aware of along that route.
  11. Bravo Actual

    Ontario Northland Railway

    The biggest gripe ive heard (and experienced personally) is that the bus's just aren't adequate, nor have a reliable timing system for locals to get much use out of them. Winter is worse as their reliability and timing becomes laughable at best. In part, this is a massive reasoning behind the push for passenger rail renewal. As far as freight service goes along the HC route, I believe there isn't much more really that could be "new" to that line, save for maybe (and im throwing darts here) an autorack service for campers heading up from Toronto with drop off points in Northbay, Cochrane, Sudbury and the Sault. But that verges on fantasy land stuff since other than the Polar Bear Express, I don't see much demand for that kind of service. And I haven't got much info on the OVR railway myself. It surprised me when I first was up along the Highway 17 Corridor that it was something other than ONR or CN. What traffic do they get anyways??
  12. Bravo Actual

    Ontario Northland Railway

    So since there has been a new government elected that had a pledge of renewing the Northlander Rail service in Ontario, any guesses that we shall see a return of passenger rail services? There has been a pretty large rumor mill around the Muskoka area the the train would be returning for Canada Day 2018 or in time for School starting in the fall (Any option that brings rail back id be happy with). Also, there has been a lot of chatter recently regarding Huron Central requesting government assistance to keep operations going. There is at least one news article about it that states there is at least a public desire for Ontario Northland to take over the line, as well as start passenger service along the same corridor (Which logistically I see as proving very, VERY difficult). https://www.sootoday.com/local-news/should-ontario-northland-take-over-huron-central-railway-942170
  13. Bravo Actual

    Gillig product discussion

    On this note, has there EVER been a Gillig bus or two run in Canada? Even second hand?
  14. Bravo Actual

    Bruce Peninsula Transit

    A shame, but not really unexpected per sey. Question is now, will the D40's soldier on somewhere else? Or end up as scrap?