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  1. Pretty sure back in school I had math questions like this. Initial cost v overtime costs. IDK but preferentially im much more partial to the New Flyers myself. Novas sound sick driving past. " VROOOAAAAAAAAAAM, CHOOCHOOCHOO. Seriously, that sounds sick.
  2. Agreed. And I suppose that the days of getting a high floor 30ft bus are looooong out of question?
  3. Interesting news. I am confused a bit as to why they wouldnt go with a similar bus to what Huntsville uses if the ARBOCs were that much of an issue and instead, they went straight to school buses.
  4. 1202 Has them aswell. Dont think anything more will come of it other than the few buses that already have it installed.
  5. They have been boasting of improving freight traffic for some time now. Perhaps these units could free up some of their other locos for more freight runs?
  6. PTIF funding granted for town transit upgrades: https://www.muskokaregion.com/news-story/9172108--102-000-for-transit-infrastructure-around-huntsville-high-school/
  7. Good on the drivers. And man it seems like the General dropped the ball on this one...
  8. Transit Needs Assessment and 5 year plan released by the town. Some interesting goodies in there including that they will be transitioning to low floor buses as early as this summer, AND that 9m Conventional Transit Buses are not off the table as an option. Personally, I think that the most likely choice will end up being an ARBOC but its fun to hope for something bigger. https://www.huntsville.ca/en/business-and-growth/resources/PlansAndStudies/TransitNeedsAssessmentandRidershipGrowthPlanFinalReport2018_PlansStudies.pdf
  9. Other than some people upset over the new Voyago system, I havent heard anything on the radio.
  10. On 1802 today I noticed there were not any USB plugs under the seats. Did they get removed?
  11. Oh cool. Hideaways. I'll have to look for them next time I ride.
  12. Meanwhile, 0510 will probably stay running 😁
  13. Im kind of confused as I have seen the bus going through town, why they went with another higg floor bus instead of a low floor SOM or something similar. Lots of complaints over bus steps. Anybody know why theyd go highfloor?
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