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  1. In spring/summer they can park buses outside but in the winter they can’t
  2. So I noticed that 107 the D901 is parked behind FRG, does anyone know why that is
  3. No that’s not a mistake reason why they are using 14 bishop grandin is because there isn’t a stop on the 14 called Dunkirk so people can get confused
  4. I’m not too sure why 9914 is moved from active training buses to retired training buses, I’ve seen it used numerous times recently and it should be changed back to active training buses
  5. In general 9xxx buses are non revenue buses, that D30lf is ex 914 and is often used as the surveillance camera outside FRG, the rest are 1999 D40lfs currently used as training buses. You can find information about them on the wiki
  6. A bit of word of caution from me: So me and bus is coming 1965 were fanning at graham and smith and after we are done police came and asked us what we were doing, they said that due to current issues going on in the US and potential threats posed towards the police headquarters they are kind of sensitive towards cameras being used around the building, so to anyone that plans on fanning around there it’s best to avoid fanning at graham and smith for the time being, although it’s not explicitly asked to stop fanning around there in general all precautions should be taken when near the build
  7. Actually they will be 440-471 because winnipeg transit always starts with 0, 1 or 5 with fleet numbers
  8. As of now non if there are any I will post them but I’m hoping in the spring
  9. A factor to why they took a long time to go back to regular from reduced last time is the lack of drivers due to large scale layoffs, if we were going back to reduced I’d expect them to be more aligned with the province’s measures since there’s already a plan in place for different scenarios, not like see as we go type of deal. Also with school winter breaks potentially being extended into January it’s likely that ridership will drop significantly for that period of time which is also a signal transit may need to go to reduced service for that period of time. Schools are a big part of ri
  10. Thompson transit finally has a word about the new cutaway style buses they are purchasing https://www.thompsoncitizen.net/news/thompson/city-buying-two-smaller-transit-buses-that-should-be-ready-for-service-by-spring-2021-1.24188921
  11. 422 entered service on the 48 today
  12. I seen it already, it says practice social distancing non medical masks recommended
  13. 354 is on the 101 tonight 615 is on the 102 tonight
  14. Looks like Saskatoon will be testing out electric buses https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi8-Jjl2OPqAhWG9Z4KHSEdDsgQ0PADegQICRAH&url=https%3A%2F%2Fsaskatoon.ctvnews.ca%2Fcan-an-electric-bus-survive-a-prairie-winter-saskatoon-transit-aims-to-find-out-1.5034545&usg=AOvVaw0qH2FAwAfpah7uvUe8fL9r
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