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  1. Not that I know of, it’s actually not that weird I’ve seen things like LACMTA Xn40 and other new flyer demos out on the road
  2. Transit could’ve started preparing a plan for going back to regular service as soon as the province released its plan for reopening and yet they cut service back on the same day phase one of the reopening approaches came into effect, perhaps to start things such as monitoring ridership more closely and take any complaints seriously, as well as a phased approach as I’ve mentioned like problematic routes get their service back while some routes remain in the reduced service. I also question what transit is going to do with all the laid off drivers they’ve recalled back, if it’s not for providing more service and they will only sit at the lounge waiting for their work you might as well keep them laid off rather then recalling them back with no clear intention, they also need to pay whoever they’ve laid off which is also draining their budget
  3. Also what I think transit means by “increase the number of buses as needed” is to send out fills on discretion of the driver, if a driver didn’t bother to call in a full bus then there might not be a increased number of buses
  4. I’m saying for right now like does everyone think it’s a good time to bring back regular service
  5. Today I saw 380 on the blue full almost to the front door and the driver didn’t even pass up or call for a standby bus From what I’ve been reading ATU is trying to get transit to bring back regular service but a person who works for the city’s emergency department said that ridership is still at the point it was when ridership fell from normal, I do want to know how they determined that as from what I’ve been seeing is not true at all Transit could’ve done a phased approach to bring service back to normal like certain routes that tend to get packed go back to regular schedule and the routes that doesn’t need full service back stays the way it is, also transit could’ve done a better job at finding ridership like actually surveying riders and get their opinion
  6. Looks like there’s now run cards for fill buses, spotted 16-51 on the 18 today as well as 50-9/11-51 on the 11
  7. They can send any bus on any route.
  8. Work buses are buses that stay out very late in the evening (2am) or pull out very early (3am) to take drivers to and from the garage, sometimes they are fixed route sometimes they can go on any street, there’s a work bus for every single area in the city (ex. W201 is Assiniboia-St. Vital work bus), they used to be public as far as I know but not sure if that’s the case now
  9. A fill run is a bus whether it has a run card or not if it does then it leaves the garage early to go on standby and then goes on whatever route they need
  10. I have seen 40ft on the 101 a few times before even on the 110 so I don’t really think it was a test
  11. Bumping an old thread here I spotted an winnipeg transit plus arboc with a door that looked like it came off of an ex Calgary transit arboc
  12. I am no so sure if bus delivery will be affected by the border closure as those are considered commercial traffic on a side note, I saw 417 at the back of FRG a while back
  13. Saw some old 400s reactivated as training buses today
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