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  1. Stalker Buses

    A few weeks ago 232 has been stalking me for like a week
  2. Feature Photo Submissions

    It's plain white
  3. Feature Photo Submissions

    751 is a ex Winnipeg transit 1971 gm new look preserved by the Manitoba transit heritage association, photo taken at the annual Winnipeg Santa Claus parade
  4. Feature Photo Submissions

    One of the newest Winnipeg transit 2017 new flyer xd40s at Winnipeg square
  5. Winnipeg Transit and area

    when I went there I saw it missing a license plate and the doors were open, I don't think its been there for that long looking at the ad on the back cause that ad is fairly recent
  6. Mystery Buses in Winnipeg

    oh yeah I remember that bus I saw it on main street before
  7. Winnipeg Transit and area

    I agree with you there needs to be buses on des meurons
  8. 170-199

    199 21 194 18
  9. EX Calgary D40LF

    652 18
  10. Feature Photo Submissions

    How about a pic of Brandon transit‘s new novas taken at downtown terminal
  11. 170-199

    198 55
  12. 170-199

    196 46 197 54
  13. EX Calgary D40LF

    651 29
  14. Want to Buy a Bus??

    Those are some old ex calgary d40lfs that Brandon transit bought and retired
  15. 170-199

    180 has been in service for a while already when it entered service it did the 65/66