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  1. A sunlong SLK6101UBEVN1 operated by Pudong Shangnan transit of the Shanghai bus group is seen on tunnel inter district line 3
  2. After looking at the schedule for the 16, I found that transit did a really bad job with scheduling the 16 during rush hour. Between 3PM and 6PM there are 11 16s that end at Kingston row and only 10 16s that go to island lakes and plaza drive, the headways between the 16s that go to island lakes during rush hour is about every 40 minutes. What's worse is that sometimes there's two 16 Kingston row scheduled back to back and other times there's a 16 island lakes and 16 plaza drive scheduled back to back. with the headway of about every 10 minutes between buses plus traffic down main, graham and Osborne. I often see one overloaded 16 running late and another one almost empty only a few minutes later. with 40 minutes of headway between buses and all the traffic and construction the 16 has to go through (you can't forget about when the lights at confusion corner went out), it's no wonder she complained about the service being unreliable. In the end it's still scheduling that's causing the problem.
  3. Here’s some pics from my recent visit to Bangkok, Thailand. A lot of buses there seem to be older Japanese buses along with buses that are familiar in China like sunlong, foton and youngman. I do not know any other information about the system or buses, if anyone has any information feel free to comment below.
  4. From my recent trip to shanghai: A 2018 sunwin/Volvo SWB6188BEV21 is seen approaching shendu highway station while operating the fengpu express line BRT
  5. I saw a brand new xd60 delivered in front of FRG today possibly 373
  6. While I was by FRG today I saw that transit had put a 9 in front of 425 which makes it 9425, does anyone know why?
  7. Found an interesting piece of winnipeg transit history today, an old supervisor shack trailer
  8. Something interesting today: I was riding 55-17 tonight bus 109 and at around 7:40 2 police officers got on the bus at SB St. Mary’s at Marion and said we are just here to help, they remained on board until St. Vital centre and I don’t know what happened after that, they were pretty quiet other then asking when the driver finishes work. I was wondering is it just me that has seen this or has transit started asking police to be on board buses, I mean this is not like 1 or 2 stops downtown. Also has anyone else seen similar things?
  9. Another problem with loading peggo cards is that transit shut down the fare loading system after a certain time, lets say someone gets off work at 9 or 10 PM and want to load their peggo cards, they are out of luck. I'm not sure if other transit systems do similar things but that's really inconvenient for some people to get their peggo loaded. something else they should do is that since 7/11 and some shoppers drug mart is open 24 hours they should make a sign saying no peggo card will be loaded past a certain time
  10. can someone make the following changes to the Winnipeg transit page: 1. list 193 as equipped with wifi 2. fix that 419 retired in May 2018 and scrapped in September 2018 instead of retired in March 2019 3. list 425 as stored and write converted to ideas in motion bus in April 2019 in notes 4. list 461 as retired May 2018 and write used for Winnipeg fire department training at 2546 Mcphillips street in notes 5. list 551 as retired 6. in retired pile, write that 685 is used for Winnipeg fire department training at 2546 Mcphillips street until May 2018 in notes 7. list 925 as retired in 2018 8. list 932 as retired in September 2017 9. add that 971-983 and 984-990 can be found on route 35 as well 10. and since that someone wrote 971-983 and 984-990 can be found on route 160, why not update the route 160 page saying d60lfs are used
  11. I find that transit doesn't do a good job at replacing damaged signage either, the stop at SB mcphillips and logan has been damaged from a car crash months ago and all they did was take out all the route information leaving only the top part saying logan, that would confuse a lot of riders and they even took out the part that said the stop number. I figured if something like that happens they should at least put a tag on the damaged bus stop sign saying the stop number and routes that stop there
  12. From my recent visit to minot eldorados: Retired 1005 or 1006 is parked by minot auto mart on burdick expressway just west of the turnoff from US-2
  13. it may be faster but it's a safety issue what if the driver slams on the brakes or the bus got into a crash where would the bike go unless you are ok with holding both brakes the whole time
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