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  1. Here’s a few ideas for the St. Vital area including a revision of the original route 52 design which can pretty much replace the 96 as well as extending the 93 west to plaza drive which could make the 16 end at St. Vital centre and get rid of the 101
  2. Ladot 2017 BYD K9s 17302 is seen Vermont canyon road after leaving graffith observatory while operating on DASH observatory/los feliz
  3. I’ve done many custom winnipeg transit routes including a route from st. Vital centre to polo park as well as made some designs on what current routes could be changed into like extending the 16 west to brookside
  4. Can someone please update the following: 401, 411, 413, 417, 438, 443, 444, 455, 458, 482, 485, 487, 489, 499, 502 retired 923 retired
  5. From what I heard they will eventually get rid of school charters completely and go with a network that everyone can use
  6. I’m not even sure if they are actual roll signs or just cards because both of those buses had electronic signs
  7. I can sort of see remains of the numbers 64 and 141 on those buses which indicate which exact unit they were, I’m not too sure if they are used for a movie but I will be going back soon and taking a close look at them
  8. I’m thinking the older one is from Calgary and the newer one is from Lethbridge although I could be wrong
  9. Spotted some D40lfs at a lot by church and hutchings, the one on the left seems to be a early 90s model as seen from the headlights, both of them are painted in a Calgary style livery but the colours of the stripes aren’t Calgary colours, if anyone knows who they used to belong to and what they are for now please comment below
  10. Winnipeg transit 142 is seen on route 14 ellice to ferry road as the 2019 Santa bus, this is the third year that this unit has been wrapped for Santa bus
  11. Recently noticed that the front sign of route 68 is off center and misspelled cresent instead of crescent, I’ve only seen that on the outbound 68s while the signs on the inbound 68s are perfectly fine, does anyone know why that is
  12. Forgot to mention that 489 is retired and that there are no more buses with WiFi as they’ve been removed Also would someone mind adding this photo to the wiki:
  13. can someone please update the wiki with the following information: 402, 408, 423, 433, 448 retired as of September 409 is still around sitting at a compound in fort garry industrial park 425 has been converted to ideas in motion bus as of april 2019 and renumbered 9425 448 is used for fire department training 938 has been refurbished on route 160 page: route 160 is primarily a 60ft route and uses new flyer d60lf and xd60
  14. Something interesting I noticed today while biking along the transitway today is that chevrier and Clarence stations aren’t very far apart but the speed limit between them is still 80km/h, I don’t think buses will be reaching that speed before having to slow down so I don’t get why they decided to make 80km/h the speed limit. something else I noticed is that there was a random car parked on the transitway itself by Beaumont station and there was a supervisor called, maybe someone took a wrong turn or didn’t know they weren’t allowed to park there, with all the at grade intersections along the phase 2 transitway I wonder If there’s gonna be any wrong turns made by drivers given the absence of no turn signs at those intersections.
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