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  1. Something else that would help the overwhelming amount of students boarding buses at U of M and U of W and taking forever for them all to tap their Peggo cards is to have supervisors either at the stop or on-board the buses to help collect fare and eliminate the need for buses to be held up at stops for longer an example would be in Shanghai, China some bus routes still have fare collectors on board sitting right behind the back door, you can board at any door and pay them, If there’s a lot of people you can take a seat first and the fare collector will come to you after the bus starts moving
  2. They could add more buses on the 11 that runs from downtown to polo park only like how the 11 runs on sundays but I don’t know how that could work considering the 11 is already really frequent at weekday evenings
  3. I spotted an artic heading down Carlton today I thought it was a 183 considering I’ve seen artics on there before but then I bus texted it it was actually on the 137/75
  4. Another way WT could make some money is rather then let the downtown spirit routes continue to run for free and potentially being cut, they should charge people $1.50 or even $1 to ride without a transfer, if you inserted a ticket, token or paid the regular fare, you would get a transfer, pass holders can ride for free still. That would also solve the problem of homeless people riding the 3 everyday and eventually earning the name of “homeless shack on wheels”
  5. From what I’ve heard it’s because the cops said when they go by a bus and wants to see what’s going on they can’t see inside, but wraps like the SWRT1 wraps should be fine since they don’t block any windows. Some wraps are worse then others in terms of visibility like 161 and 315 personally I think that it’s somewhat stupid to ban ad wraps as it just makes our buses look even more boring considering our livery is getting closer and closer to 100% white, but I do understand that we live in a city where bad things happen onboard our buses and having the wraps will only prevent the cops from doing something hopefully they will continue the ad wraps but make it a requirement that future ad wraps cannot cover windows
  6. Heard from a operator today that WT will ban ad wraps soon and buses who has them now will have them removed for safety reasons
  7. Not too sure what’s going on, as far as I can tell the farebox is still inside which means it’s not retired yet, but considering 975 and 987 took a while to come back into service I would assume it’s being worked on
  8. Here’s a few ideas for the St. Vital area including a revision of the original route 52 design which can pretty much replace the 96 as well as extending the 93 west to plaza drive which could make the 16 end at St. Vital centre and get rid of the 101
  9. Ladot 2017 BYD K9s 17302 is seen Vermont canyon road after leaving graffith observatory while operating on DASH observatory/los feliz
  10. I’ve done many custom winnipeg transit routes including a route from st. Vital centre to polo park as well as made some designs on what current routes could be changed into like extending the 16 west to brookside
  11. Can someone please update the following: 401, 411, 413, 417, 438, 443, 444, 455, 458, 482, 485, 487, 489, 499, 502 retired 923 retired
  12. From what I heard they will eventually get rid of school charters completely and go with a network that everyone can use
  13. I’m not even sure if they are actual roll signs or just cards because both of those buses had electronic signs
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