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  1. Feature Photo Submissions

    Winnipeg transit 2001 new flyer D30lf 949 refurbished into the new livery seen on portage avenue
  2. Winnipeg Transit Orange D30LF Watch

    Here is a pic of refurbished 949
  3. Feature Photo Submissions

    Golden retriever seniors transportation 1993 Ford e450 overland elf spotted behind a lot in Winnipeg, this is an ex Winnipeg transit unit
  4. 401-499 501-504 retirement

    guys I'm pretty sure 498 is gone I haven't seen it in service since September 2017 and it was parked on the side of the garage until November then its not seen again
  5. 401-499 501-504 retirement

    Good that means at least it's not scrapped yet
  6. 401-499 501-504 retirement

    409 is at a lot on Fenell and seel
  7. Winnipeg Transit and area

    I don't think that stop is for a reroute of any sort because the entrance to seagrim from fermor isn't closed and the original stop on niakwa doesn't have a sign on it saying the stop is temporary discontinued, also the way they mount the sign doesn't look like its a temporary stop because usually the temporary stops will have it's own base and they can be put anywhere but that sign is attached straight to the light pole
  8. Winnipeg Transit and area

    guys I saw a temporary bus stop sign tied of to a light pole on WB fermor at st. anne's, it seems weird because no routes stop there, does anyone know what's going on?
  9. Golden Retriever (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

    I checked the interior when I saw it parked behind the lot at transcona country club and it looked like 902 but the window was tinted so it was hard to be sure
  10. Golden Retriever (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

    I think they are parked behind the transcona country club, because plessis south of dugald the east side is a golf course and the West side it's residential, even more interesting on Google maps it showed 2 unknown elf behind the lot. Here is a picture from Google maps below
  11. Golden Retriever (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

    Well I'll check out dugald at plessis soon see if they are still there I really wanna see them
  12. Mystery Buses in Winnipeg

    that rts is ex beaver bus lines 62 cause it's the only rts preserved by the mtha
  13. New Handi transit van spotted in Winnipeg

    I saw 449 on the 101 on Canada day I think Winnipeg should get grande west vicinitys new flyer midis or xd35s to replace the d30lfs
  14. Mystery Buses in Winnipeg

    Does anyone know if this rts is still in the lot I want to get a picture
  15. New Handi transit van spotted in Winnipeg

    Here is a pic