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  1. That would be 2061-2009-2082 consist as I gotten a photo of it on the red line this morning
  2. Does anyone mind changing my username to tctf101 since I have now moved to Calgary
  3. Spotted a green spruce meadows classic on Deerfoot by glenmore today
  4. Spotted 2 U2 sets on the red line this morning unknown numbers
  5. Buses with the on request wraps are 931, 933, 935, 936, 940, 947 they will use 3 usually and the other 3 for spares
  6. It has to do with certain runs, there’s a few 690/691 runs that can get those buses
  7. That’s an arboc spirit of mobility
  8. Bump! So seems like at least one of the D30lfs are now retired, spotted a brand new arboc today and it’s numbered T159 which is the number of a D30lf. Year is unknown so if anyone knows more details feel free to update the wiki
  9. Get your pics of unrefurbished D40lfs ASAP as any that aren’t can and will be retired at any second
  10. They are more likely still being used to train drivers as that’s where I see them being used primarily
  11. In spring/summer they can park buses outside but in the winter they can’t
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