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  1. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    Winnipeg Transit #901-910 tracking (D40i Invero)

    Spotted 901 on the 12 during afternoon rush today
  2. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    Feature Photo Submissions

    From April 3 till April 8 winnipeg transit modified 1998 D40lf 425 to display proposed routes for phase 2 of the southwest transitway and seek public input on the routes, Southwest transitway phase 2 is scheduled to open April 2020
  3. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    Winnipeg Transit and area

    No more period, they went back to new flyer since 2018
  4. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Winnipeg transit 907 is seen at the downtown core while servicing route 41, there are now less then half of the d40i in service. However, this particular unit is set aside for preservation by the Manitoba Transit heritage association
  5. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    Destination sign FAIL !

    Here’s a fail
  6. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    A Sad Day for Winnipeg Transit (part 2)

    I saw around 5-6 drivers putting up "in memory 521", I guess they didn't follow the rules
  7. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    Winnipeg Transit 300-369 (2018 XD40)

    356 is on the 59
  8. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    Winnipeg Transit 300-369 (2018 XD40)

    355 is on the 26
  9. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    Winnipeg Transit and area

    280 is now unwrapped
  10. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    EX Calgary D40LF

    There was actually more then 1 40ft on the downtown spirit today here’s a pic of 653 on the 1
  11. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    EX Calgary D40LF

    653 is on the 1 today
  12. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    Selkirk Transit

    Saw this parked on graham this afternoon but there isn’t a Jets game here today, does anyone know why it’s here?
  13. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Manitoba Transit Heritage Association 1971 GM t6h-4521a 751 is seen decorated with Christmas lights at the annual winnipeg Santa Claus parade
  14. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    Winnipeg Transit and area

    The 44 will use Stapon and reenders to go to peguis instead of just regent the 45 will use rougeau to the back of crossroads station It’s a test to see how it works
  15. Thewinnipegtransitfanhuang

    Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (Reno)

    Here are some of my photos of buses in Reno from my visit in July