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  1. 3 more buses have been purchased from Edmonton Transit Service, they are the following: #37 ex ETS 4307 #38 ex ETS 4329 #39 ex ETS 4349 #40 has been retired as a result of the new buses If someone can update the wiki that would be great
  2. Thanks for updating the wiki, as of now 47 is still active but it is stored for the winter season as it’s mostly for going up and down gravel road for the hill, 46 is currently out of service in storage and it’s future it’s currently unknown.
  3. The following buses need to be added to the sunshine village ski resort page: #27 2014 Ford E450/Ameritrans #46-47 1998 Blue bird CV200 #70-71 2022 Ford E450/Girardin micro bird G5
  4. Roam transit 1013 (Winter elk) is seen going down Mountain Ave after the first major snowfall of the season
  5. Just noticed this today there were these 2 buses lined up at Sherwood school in lynnwood today and they left just after 3 when school would’ve ended, both buses ended up in auburn bay following the same routing. There’s no mention of any routes at Sherwood school on Calgary transit’s website, so are those brand new school routes Calgary transit has added or just the case of driver shortages? it’s interesting that both buses do show on the tracker unlike the other buses previously mentioned which are used for elementary/junior high school charters which do not appear to track at all. Both buses seem to be doing other routes after (7870 doing the 178 and 8480 doing the 14 respectively)
  6. 7928 has capital one credit card wrap
  7. Here’s my ideas for splitting route 52 into separate routes as well as incorporating Silverado with one of them I also did a concept route for when Alpine park and Buffalo run (Tsuu’tina) is more developed, I believe at some point there would need to be service to Buffalo run as the shops around there get built although I don’t know how negotiations with Tsuu’tina First Nations would have to go for such a route to work though I do know in the 1990s Calgary transit ran a route to Tsuu’tina First Nations from Anderson station. Personally I think the shops built at Buffalo run would more likely benefit those living in Woodbine, Cedarbrae and Oakridge as those who live south of Fish Creek have easy access to Shawnessy shopping centre (Shawville Blvd) so that would need to be looked at potentially as well
  8. I think it meant the bus is going SB on 14 St similarly the bus going NB would say 14 St N same with route 81 Macleod Tr South and 81 Macleod Tr North
  9. I was there on Tuesday as well and in addition to nothing was tracking select buses were as late as 20 minutes behind despite google and transit app showing them as being on time which made the situation even more difficult A common trait I see with the artics in Saskatoon is there’s only ever 2-3 being used and they don’t rotate everyday example 1005 and 1006 would be out and those would be the only artics out for weeks before they will switch and bring out the other artics, not sure if this is due to it being the summer or if this would change when schools are back in session for September.
  10. Little update here: The Freightliner/Champion defender M2 106 purchased from auburn university tiger transit have now entered service, most do not have the routes programmed on the sign and either run with sign turned off or displaying P/R messages. 3270, 3277, 3279, 3283 are known to exist and are the former numbers of these units at auburn university The bus loaned to Prince Albert from grande west still appears to be in service as I managed to capture it doing route 5 East Flat, it does not have a fleet number associated with it nor does it track on transitlive. The bus runs with “Route B” constantly displayed on the sign
  11. The other LFs Winnipeg transit has have sliding windows which create more airflow the ex-Calgary transit LFs have windows that only tilt open on the top
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