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  1. 6050 on the 468 but for some reason it’s either stuck or broken down as it never got past mahogany gate
  2. 6 Ave and 1 St SW closure today buses going onto 7 Ave for detour including 1, 2, 4, 7, 301, 302 that I saw and buses down centre street past 6 Ave including MP
  3. 8006 and 8008 have fresh co wraps
  4. 6082 on the 305 today, don’t think that even has enough ridership to demand 40ft let alone an artic
  5. Saw 7945 on a tow truck on Macleod today
  6. Noticed that 6035 has a new style of bike rack with hexagon shape instead of the square shape, could they be adding bike racks to all of them?
  7. I’ve seen that D40lf sitting on the tarmac for about a week, it’s either 7898 or 7906
  8. Marlborough station closed to trains due to a CPS matter, trains are still running to the NE but not stopping at Marlborough, shuttle buses in place from Franklin station to rundle station using artics
  9. 7911 on a shuttle 74 today, but around noon 1253 was on the 74 for about an hour for some reason now it’s 7911 again
  10. Speaking of the Ctrain disruption last night I was at 39 Ave station and there was D40lf 8014 sitting in the parking lot which I assumed to be a standby bus for the Ctrain shuttles, around 6pm 8014 left the station and around 5 minutes later arboc 1215 came and parked in the lot which I assume to be a standby as well, is it what I think it is or is it something else
  11. It had a broken window when I rode it on the 14 on the 15th a supervisor came to check it out but I wonder why it hasn’t been repaired yet
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