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  1. The other LFs Winnipeg transit has have sliding windows which create more airflow the ex-Calgary transit LFs have windows that only tilt open on the top
  2. Here’s 8077 on the 504 after MIA since November 2021
  3. Here’s 7934 on the 468 in Cranston’s riverstone on the last day of service for this route
  4. It looks like 7733 has now returned to service unlike previously mentioned it was retired
  5. Looks like Prince Albert acquired cutaway style buses from an unknown school shuttle https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/prince-albert-launches-a-lawsuit-against-vicinity-motor-corp-1.6449747
  6. 8087 driving with the engine door open today
  7. 6080 on the 43 a few other notable sightings to mention due to snow day 6060 on the 128, 6069 on the 31/76/105 and a few artics on the 145
  8. Noticed a bus tracking as 3732 today anyone know what that could be?
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