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  1. Spotted what looked to be a brand new un-numbered 4th gen nova lfs exiting highway 1 eastbound at 200th street and headed north
  2. Collisions and Incidents thread

    Couldnt make out the number too well as i was driving past but it looked like P9216 was involved in a multi-vehicle collision on highway 1 at brunette just after 6 this morning
  3. It looks like they can store 3 behind the garage, 4 or 5 beside it and they have 3 bays inside the garage. They've put up fencing in the last year which now restricts the space they have but I remember when whistler retired all their 35 foot orions they were all stored in the squamish yard before they got scrapped, along with the 4 darts and 3 mci classics and 2 handydarts squamish had at the time
  4. Im thinking Squamish could be a potential candidate for 2-3 of the 30 footers since they still have 2 darts (9084 and 9905) in service. Their recent service expansion had 5 vicinitys replacing 4 of 6 darts. There is also another expansion planned for 2018/19 requiring another bus
  5. Dart 9084 has been transfered from victoria to squamish
  6. BC Transit - Chilliwack

    Abbotsford nova 9465 is on the extra 66 running from highstreet to carvolth tonight
  7. Kamloops Transit

    Will 5610 be out this weekend for the Hot Nites show and shine?
  8. Spotted 9864 and 9867 westbound on highway 1 exiting at 176 st in surrey this afternoon
  9. Central Fraser Valley

    Spotted 9201 on route 7 about an hour ago aswell
  10. Kamloops Transit

    Spotted 9905 operating in squamish today and also saw 2 xn40s at port kells today as i drove past on the highway aswell, must be those two
  11. Whistler Transit

    I think you're right. As of yesterday its back and now there is also an ex whistler 30ft 2 door dart parked there too
  12. Spotted 9718 and an ex translink d40lf heading north on the sea to sky highway through lions bay
  13. Whistler Transit

    Yeah. Im guessing that means 9933 has possibly been scrapped or sent somewhere else since its not there or in Squamish and was replaced by 9947
  14. Whistler Transit

    Drove past the yard today and noticed 9755, 9737, and what looked to be 9940 parked in the back of the yard