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  1. I was in Victoria this past weekend and saw a couple flyers in the old livery running around. I saw 8105 on saturday and i wasnt really paying too much attention to the one i saw yesterday but i want to say it was 8113. It was whistling alot when accelerating and it had LED headlights
  2. Rd320

    Whistler Transit

    Yeah i noticed that too
  3. Rd320

    Whistler Transit

    Yeah it never left. I think they kept it for when Nextride was installed on the XN40’s and they likely wanted to keep it around for the winter expansion
  4. Rd320

    Whistler Transit

    Some pictures from Whistler today
  5. I don’t recall seeing any of those on Nextride so i’d say its likely they have been transfered or retired, though i have no way of confirming. If your updating the Wiki and feel inclined to do so, Whistler has been putting Nova 9415 to use again quite a bit in the last month or so. I’ll also be keeping an eye out in Whistler in the next month for the stored 1998 D40LF’s possibly being used for winter expansion as they have replaced the bike rack on 9816 with the newer Velporter 2 bike rack thats on the XN40’s and Novas there
  6. I noticed 4060 on Nextride in Comox aswell a couple days ago
  7. I think its because Squamish is a big mountain biking community, just like whistler which got those bike racks too last year. I’m into mountain biking and the tires for my downhill bike are just a little bit too wide for the old style bike racks aswell as my cross-country bike is a bit too long for them so these ones work good
  8. Here’s 4465 outside the garage with 4023, 4027, and 9084
  9. Thats kind of what im thinking too, i’ll keep my eyes open in the next bit to see if 4464 or another one shows up. As for the 3000 series, i actually haven’t really heard much on how they are doing
  10. Brand new 35’ vicinity #4465 in Squamish. Im guessing there will be another soon if the plan is to replace Darts 9083 and 9084
  11. Rd320

    Whistler Transit

    According to Nextride, Whistler has put Nova 9415 in service again
  12. The 2 D40lf’s on flatbeds i saw going to Whistler earlier in the week are 9818 and 9820. Also added in up there in the last few weeks for storage are 9756, 9064 and a couple other 35ft darts that i couldnt see the numbers of. Also i mentioned a while back that i didnt see 9905 up there but it’s there parked amongst the other darts and d40lf’s
  13. The current plan for the Sea to Sky if everything goes smoothly is starting September 2019 BC Transit will be introducing a new route between Squamish and Vancouver, re-implementing the route between Squamish and Whistler and expanding the current 99 between Whistler and Pemberton to connect all communities in the region. The routes will have 6 round trips on week days and 4 round trips on weekends
  14. Just spotted 2 non A/C 1998 D40LFs on flatbed trucks heading north on the Sea to Sky Highway just south of Squamish, wasnt able to get the numbers since they came up quick around a corner and i was driving rhe other way but they looked like 981x. I’ll see if i can see the numbers when im in whistler this weekend since thats likely where they’re headed. On another note Squamish now has its 3rd 2018 arboc #2672
  15. According to T-Comm, 8104 is in service on the 95 B-Line so it looks like the West Van D60lfr’s have gotten their old numbers back