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  1. That must be why i saw Whistlers 1140 in Kamloops this past weekend then
  2. It is indeed 1614, just spotted it near horseshoe bay
  3. Ah ha it finally left Whistler, they had the seasonal service reductions start a couple weeks ago aswell as another reduction happening after this weekend. Keep an eye out for D40LF 9820 potentially aswell since i saw it being towed down the Sea to Sky Highway a couple weeks ago. My guess would be that its headed to Victoria but i’m not 100% sure
  4. I read an article on BC Transit’s website and it mentioned that these will be the 30’ version and that there will be 34 total. It doesn’t say exactly where they’re going but it mentions the new transit facilities in Campbell River, Cowichan Valley, and Abbotsford being CNG equiped though i doubt any of these will go to Abbotsford. Also maybe Nanaimo and Kamloops to replace community shuttles?
  5. Yeah, i was just confirming the new numbers
  6. Ended up riding 1613 into downtown today and it showed up on t-comm as 16132
  7. Saw 9047 with cameras this morning aswell, i guess the 2004’s will be around long enough that they thought it would be worth it
  8. 9083 and 9084 are still here in Squamish being stored. I saw 8099, 8110, 9052, 9053, 9062, 9063, 9064, 9754, 9755, 9818, 9820 and 9905 (aswell as the current active D40LF’s) being stored in Whistler at the end of November but it doesnt look like theres anything left stored there as of a couple weeks ago unless they’ve moved the vehicles around and they’re hiding behind the massive piles of snow.
  9. Currently looking at Nextride and it looks like new XN40’s 1140 and 1141 are now in Whistler
  10. Saw V9493 heading south on the Sea to Sky highway in Lions Bay just under an hour ago
  11. Yeah it will likely be around until the end of the ski season in April/May to handle the extra crowds along with the 3 D40LFs they’ve recently brought from storage. Not sure what the plan for them will be after that though
  12. I think 9734 was originally from Nanaimo. Kelowna’s original 1996’s i believe are 9708-9722?
  13. Any idea if 8099, 8110, 9754, 9755, 9818, and 9820 have gone back to Victoria? Those units aswell as all of the ex Abbotsford and ex Squamish Darts that were stored in Whistler appear to be gone
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