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  1. They do send an email but you can contact the recruiter there is no harm in it.
  2. Today was my interview and at hr office I saw more than 15 people who came for Documentation.
  3. I have to complete job shadowing assignment.never been on ttc routes. I need guidance for completing the Yonge street routes. thanks
  4. I applied on mar 20 invitation received. July. 9 information session on July 24 let’s if see its normal process or fast track
  5. Is Information session works as old way of test and then interview or interview is on the spot if you clear the test. Please guide
  6. Last year I could make it to interview only and I reapplied in March end after a gap of 1 year. Still waiting for invitation to info section. Will it be adviceable to contact my last hr person by email or shud I wait . Experts need ur advice. Thanks
  7. Ttc is working on fast pace. But I m curious to know if u have to complete report for going on different routes. I forgot the specific word. I got it. Job shadowing
  8. Buddy. If references are not contacted within week it means negative. Sorry but that’s the reality.
  9. Congratulations. When did u applied for operator opening
  10. I attempted my interview on march 15. And still my references are not checked. Is it normal time frame for ref check.
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