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  1. Those are happy-looking buses! Long live the back window! Wonder if New Flyer has ever submitted a serious bid for 40 foot buses for Metro Transit? Would absolutely love to see similarly spec'ed 40-footers to balance all those cramped, sad, dreary Gilligs. The contrast is night and day. I don't get it.
  2. I sure hope they're strategic on how they use the artics. Honestly, I'd rather see all of them dedicated to the handful of lines that need them. In that scenario, the artics can make a meaningful operational difference. It could lead the way to other improvements (off-board fare collection, for instance. Now that fares are being collected again, all can see how p a i n f u l l y s l o w it is.) The artics won't make much of an impact if they're randomly mingled with the cramped, miserable Gilligs on major routes. Plus, what local routes even need artics? Wa
  3. 4800! With a number like that, seems like it's putting the trolleybuses "on notice"... Nice-looking bus, in any case. Glad to see Metro being both proactive and practical about EV roll-out. Other systems still seem caught up in the gimmickry and politics of it.
  4. Weren't 5401 and 5402 assigned to Four Mile Run for a brief time? It was meant to keep up with higher-than-expected ridership on the 5A. I suppose they could have run the 5A from Bladensburg... yet I recall those two buses being loaned to Four Mile Run specifically for this purpose. For whatever reason, WMATA seems set on keeping the artic fleet at 65-75 units. I've heard the excuse of "storage space", but I suspect the real explanation is "unwillingness". There are -many- routes that could make effective use of artics... but they're lucky to see irregular artic trips if any at all.
  5. Nice shots. Sure wish CTA didn't 86 the back window on later orders...
  6. This is the missing link in DMV transit. NoVa and MoCo are robust areas with growing jobs and residents -- the fact that they're not connected is crazy. I remember the 14-line SmartMover. I rode it on two occasions (2000, 2002) and was surprised by the low ridership. Since then, suburb-to-suburb transit options have become more viable. I'm thinking of Fairfax Connector routes from Springfield, Burke area to Tysons. They've managed to develop ridership. Metro can learn from these successes and deploy NoVa-MoCo service more effectively. No chance. Longer, cross
  7. I am not an expert on Disney Transport -- nor do I often suggest/request edits to the CPTDB Wiki. But, I spot what I believe is a seriously false statement atop the Wiki listing for Disney: Disney Transport is operated under contract by Mears Transportation Group. Huh? I'm 99% sure Disney runs the "main" WDW bus system in-house. Mears and other companies handle some niche/secondary services under contract to Disney -- but not the vast, high-profile system that transports guests. @joelkfla ... you were/are an operator for Disney? Can you attest that your paycheck came direc
  8. Thank you! It's always good to skim the board for "possibilities" -- and even better to see it backed up by official documentation. This is a smart, agile recovery strategy. I applaud WMATA. I think it will lead to some overdue changes that will strengthen the system long-term. That is -- if it's implemented! Frankly, I never understood West Ox in the first place. WMATA had been shedding service for years in that part of Fairfax County. And plenty of Four Mile Run routes that could have made the leap to West Ox... just never did. I don't see Metrobus deserting the 1 an
  9. I can't quite tell -- is that a "hopeful" scenario for March service change? Or do you have this as a "likely" scenario from a credible source?
  10. Sounds about right -- but these puppies didn't stay anywhere very long. It's almost like WMATA spread them around so each division would do its part to weather the pain. Toward the end, they did have a, um, stable presence at Western. That always felt like a bad fit. I mean, they were fairly inoffensive on the D2 or E6 or M4. But they did not perform well on busy routes like the 31-33 or 42. I recall seeing them on the C8 and Y8, so they did some time at Montgomery. And -- may just be dreaming -- but were some VIs wrapped for REX? I remember seeing them at King St [M] in the ori
  11. For no particular reason, two photos of bygone Orions at work for Metrobus. As the Orion era fades away (at WMATA and elsewhere), these two pics show the evolution of the product. A specimen of the badly flawed Orion VI. These were WMATA's first low-floor buses and I don't think anyone liked them. Here is 2043, trying desperately to keep up with the rigors of heavy urban service on the 42: I was skeptical of the Orion VII at first -- but it proved to be a decent product. Orion definitely applied lessons learned from the VI. Here is 2508 in Shirlington:
  12. This talk of VTA artics makes me wonder about a fairly obvious question: Do they regularly run anywhere other than El Camino routes (22 + 522) and the 500? They were holding down the 181 before the BART extension -- then jumped over to the 500 once Berryessa opened. I can't picture them ever showing up anywhere else. Any reports of an artic occasionally slipping onto the 23 or 66 or something like that? Which leads to a related question: are all artics based at North? Or are there some at Chaboya, too? To my knowledge, Cerone has never had artics.
  13. Thanks for your response. I take another angle on some of the issues you've stated. Nonetheless, I appreciate your perspective and I'm glad we can engage in a productive, respectful difference of viewpoint! In the US, transit just isn't a high priority period. If it were, all entities involved -- private and public -- would be more motivated to get on board with electric buses and other innovations. There would be serious resources to "do it right". Thing is, in many cases, new/advanced/innovative projects get pushed on public transit systems as gimmicks -- quick ways for slick
  14. I would send that rep a hearty thank you. It's pretty rare to receive such detailed operational info directly from the transit system. I am curious about fleet numbers for future orders. The new electric buses crack into four digits, yes? My sense is, TheBus deliberately tries to stay "below 1000" for full-size vehicles. It may have to do with license plate numbers matching fleet numbers? Not sure. What's open now? Any reason the 400 series has been overlooked/underused for so long?
  15. I am shocked those Blue Birds lasted as long as they did. That was a weird model -- I can't think of a single other transit system that deployed them in any significant number.
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