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  1. The photos from that crash still exist in an old youtube video
  2. It was probably coming from MCC at Jane and Highway 7. They've had a few random buses there, usually US ones
  3. As someone who volunteered for the Hygiene On Wheels project before it fell through (specifically the interior teardown), hearing about this is infuriating. While yes the project and bus was pretty much abandoned, the fact that someone decided to severely damage the bus plus another active vehicle as well for their own personal gain is beyond unacceptable. I'm really hoping said individual is held accountable for their actions.
  4. Long gone, that clearly hasnt been updated in years
  5. Unknown Flexity involved in a collision with a Lamborghini last night
  6. 3023 was spotted on a truck heading east on the 401 near the 400, anyone here able to confirm why?
  7. H5's couldn't be used as lead cars at one point? Why was that?
  8. Correct, that was the Kerfluffle dance party charter back in December
  9. 2 unknown hybrids were used in a crash test a couple days ago
  10. The buttons on the Proterra are also on interior, the rear doors are sliding plug doors like those on the Flexity LRVs
  11. One was spotted doing test runs in the Montreal area, 1906 I believe
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