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  1. It only runs as a shuttle between ferry terminals if the ferries cant run
  2. It happened once a couple years ago, there was a news article on it too
  3. All XDE60s are rear drive, what are you on about? No
  4. There isnt any mention of it on the TTC's website, most of the time the organizations who want a vehicle donated will just contact the TTC directly. The execs will decide whether a donation request should be approved or denied. This of course was during the time Byford was CEO so I have no idea if this has changed since Leary took over.
  5. Aww a city with billions in its annual budget "loses" money to something superficial at best. Maybe if transit wasnt so expensive people wouldnt be so inclined to fare evade. TBH it should be free, we already pay for it with our taxes anyway.
  6. Fare evasion isnt serious, the fines are way too high for the nature of the offense. Also why do you care if people fare evade, it isnt your business nor does it affect you.
  7. The photos from that crash still exist in an old youtube video
  8. It was probably coming from MCC at Jane and Highway 7. They've had a few random buses there, usually US ones
  9. As someone who volunteered for the Hygiene On Wheels project before it fell through (specifically the interior teardown), hearing about this is infuriating. While yes the project and bus was pretty much abandoned, the fact that someone decided to severely damage the bus plus another active vehicle as well for their own personal gain is beyond unacceptable. I'm really hoping said individual is held accountable for their actions.
  10. Long gone, that clearly hasnt been updated in years
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