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  1. One was spotted doing test runs in the Montreal area, 1906 I believe
  2. Its max speed as of now is 60km/h. It used to do 80km/h between some stops quite a few years back
  3. 1103 got sideswiped by a Hyundai hatchback at around 3pm outside Ossington Station
  4. They completely trashed that bus, it's covered in graffiti and all the windows were smashed out
  5. Montreal only started adding AC to their buses in 2017. Their hybrid and electric LFSes have it
  6. The windows on the 3100s and up have locking mechanisms. During the summer they'll be locked when the AC is on
  7. It would also help if the full maps weren't covered by ads after a couple weeks, no idea why the hell the TTC is doing that
  8. The H1 was retired a couple years ago and replaced with an H4 car, no H1 work cars exist anymore
  9. There is one, if you just took a couple seconds to scroll down you'd see it
  10. These alarms were a common problem on the older Novas when they first entered service. They usually activate when people push too hard on the doors
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