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  1. Apparently 1262 has received the new livery and should enter service this weekend. Can anyone confirm?
  2. There isn't really a place to test it since there's no trackage built for it here, but the test unit is at Bombardier's Kingston test site for now.
  3. I've got a pic of that sign on an Orion VII
  4. That RTS is owned by the Toronto Police College if I recall.
  5. 8159 at Leslie Station earlier
  6. Tracker is working properly now, 8159 is about to go north on Leslie
  7. 8159's tracker isn't working properly, PocketTrack has it tracking in Lake Ontario but it says it's operating the 51.
  8. I just saw the tweet, was just about to post it here.
  9. T1s 5328-29 have the new TR chimes and side signs
  10. Where'd you hear this?