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  1. It's a software problem, nothing to do with the pedals at all.
  2. If you happen to find those pictures, post them here.
  3. 8620's been delivered, a bit weird that that back isn't all red but I rather like it.
  4. MTA never ordered TRs, I think you're referring to their R179s which are nothing like the TRs.
  5. The Crosstown LRVs only have one cab? Are there any photos to prove this?
  6. Got sent this photo of a chartered TTC LFS Artic on Yorkville Avenue. Not sure what the custom sign is supposed to mean.
  7. This would be that bus, it's an ex Calgary bus owned by Rapido Trains in Markham.
  8. TTC's got a new work car, will be numbered RT87
  9. Just looked it up, it's only known as that internally.
  10. 85J? What the hell are you talking about?
  11. Apparently Metrolinx is in talks with an "unamed manufacturer" for a possible alternative to Bombardier.
  12. Apparently 1262 has received the new livery and should enter service this weekend. Can anyone confirm?
  13. There isn't really a place to test it since there's no trackage built for it here, but the test unit is at Bombardier's Kingston test site for now.
  14. I've got a pic of that sign on an Orion VII
  15. That RTS is owned by the Toronto Police College if I recall.