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  1. 7473 was spotted at the scrap yard in Port Perry, safe to say that one's done.
  2. TR 5711-5716 seems to be equipped with what look to be some form of smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  3. Original GO Cab Car 104 is at the Toronto Railway Museum
  4. Construction is already starting on Finch, what are you talking about?
  5. The streetcars are painted during rebuild, not wrapped.
  6. Kinda doesn't make sense that they'd paint the bottom panels red and just paint over them in grey.
  7. So there seems to be an ALRV with a modified livery now. Anyone know the car number by any chance?
  8. They're replacing the signs and maps, no temporary stickers.
  9. It's a software problem, nothing to do with the pedals at all.
  10. If you happen to find those pictures, post them here.
  11. 8620's been delivered, a bit weird that that back isn't all red but I rather like it.
  12. MTA never ordered TRs, I think you're referring to their R179s which are nothing like the TRs.
  13. The Crosstown LRVs only have one cab? Are there any photos to prove this?
  14. Got sent this photo of a chartered TTC LFS Artic on Yorkville Avenue. Not sure what the custom sign is supposed to mean.
  15. This would be that bus, it's an ex Calgary bus owned by Rapido Trains in Markham.