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    BYD "E-Bus"

    Thought I'd share this link. It was only a matter of time until the same cybersecurity and trade complaints being hurtled at CRRC by various US politicians also hit BYD. However, BYD has been spared (at least for the time being) by good old fashion American interest group politics. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy managed to get "bus manufacturers" removed from a bill that would have blocked federal funding for transit vehicles built by Chinese companies. McCarthy's intervention is significant because BYD's bus factory is located in his California district. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/despite-national-security-concerns-gop-leader-mccarthy-blocked-bipartisan-bid-to-limit-chinas-role-in-us-transit/2019/05/21/24bb0f72-7813-11e9-b7ae-390de4259661_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.44fee1c76faf

    WMATA Washington

    A few Metrorail updates: WMATA has pulled all 3000 Series trains (274 active cars) from service after a door opened on a moving Orange Line train. https://wamu.org/story/19/05/21/door-malfunction-prompts-metro-to-pull-3000-series-trains-from-service/ There are now about 650 7000s in service, and it looks like the rest will be delivered by the end of the year. The current three contenders for the 8000 Series contract appear to be Alstom, Hyundai Rotem, and CRRC. However, due to cybersecurity concerns, CRRC may be at a disadvantage (I for one hope they don't win). We'll see what happens... https://wamu.org/story/19/04/15/senators-threaten-to-withhold-federal-funding-if-wmata-buys-chinese-railcars/ I doubt the XD40s will end up in Virginia, but who knows... WMATA is apparently planning to replace the 30 ft Orion VII CNGs with 40 ft buses (2020 NFI XN40s). Seems like they are moving away from shorter buses (like other large transit authorities). Then again, there are very few (if any) routes that cannot handle 40 ft buses.

    CP Power

    I had heard about the 2 UPs on another forum, but didn't know their numbers. Thanks for the info. It seems a little odd that CP plans to scrap the CSX AC44s (given that they could be put through a rebuild), but in the end of the day these sorts of decisions usually come down to what makes the most sense economically.

    CP Power

    I wouldn't say that these modernization programs improve emissions "greatly". Tier 0 to Tier 0+ or Tier 1 isn't that big of a difference in the grand scheme of things (although I suppose its better than nothing). The only ambitious modernization program I have heard of (from the emissions side of things) is the upcoming Metra SD70MACH project, which will upgrade Tier 0 locos to Tier 3. Also, speaking of rebuilds, CP has started shipping more SD90MACs (that were not in the previous batch of 30) south to the US. Its sounds as though they are going to have the rest of these units rebuilt by Progress Rail. CP also purchased 4 AC4400CWs from CSX, all with various types of damage, that will presumably be used as rebuild cores in the future.

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    The Xcelsiors already have an "artificial noisemaker" at the back of the bus. Its called the rear HVAC. In addition to that, the AC electric motors used in E-buses aren't exactly silent. Besides, most transit bus riders are not enthusiasts like us who constantly pay attention to every aspect of the vehicle they are traveling in.

    Williamsburg Area Transit Authority

    WATA is getting some New Flyer XD40s (just two I believe), which will apparently be in service by the end of August.

    General WTF Moments

    I've been hearing the buzzing of a prop plane over my neighborhood in DC for the past few days. I finally got a zoom lens out, and determined that the mystery plane is an FBI Cessna (182 or 206) that is used for surveillance. Let's hope the men in black don't come for me... ­čśâ

    GO Transit

    I've seen two trains this past week with a solo T4 MP40 (pictured below is 673, and I saw 674 yesterday). Does GO have a minimum number of miles that each of these units must run before they are allowed to run solo?

    WMATA Washington

    WMATA has put 24 Orion VII CNGs up for sale at public auction (all are in scrap condition, with many parts missing).
  10. WMATAC40LF

    What are you eating right now?

    My dinner tonight was a Chipotle steak burrito, which I ate while watching NS trains at Altoona, PA. Certainly an improvement over several straight months of dorm food.
  11. 9008 and 9009 are in the new livery at Hillcrest. There were a couple of others I couldn't make out as well.
  12. According to Railway Gazette, EXO has ordered an additional 20 CRRC cars, so the order now comprises 8 cabs and 36 coaches. The rendering is interesting (the cab looks a lot like the BBD CEM Bilevel design). https://www.railwaygazette.com/news/traction-rolling-stock/single-view/view/montreal-increases-crrc-coach-order.html?fbclid=IwAR3jChRN3RYuGGsv4iuvPUzXYx-iHjR4DOKcjyuCcsSpevj7eJyyFkId01I
  13. WMATAC40LF

    WMATA Washington

    Believe me, those things breaking down is nothing new! I think its too early to judge whether the decision to outsource was a bad idea in this case (although I do remain sort of skeptical).
  14. WMATAC40LF

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4541 was delivered by a local freight to Lambton Yard this evening.
  15. WMATAC40LF

    WMATA Washington

    I am hearing that Landover and/or Montgomery could get the XD40s, but time will tell. It sucks how they ordered them with windows that don't open! They've got deliveries into at least the high 3230s. 3235 crashed into a ditch on I70 while it was being delivered, so it will probably need some work before entering service. The 2008 NABIs have not yet been retired, but they are all stored (and could be brought back into service if necessary). There are a wide variety of rumors going around about what's wrong with them, but I won't speculate as to what the actual reason may be.