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    WMATA Washington

    WMATA is getting more New Flyer Xcelciors over the next few years. These should replace the 2005-2006 Orion VII CNGs, the DE40LFs (and LFRs), the D40LFRs, the C40LFRs, and the NABI 60BRT CNGs. The first to go will probably be the Orions, since their CNG tanks have a 15 year lifespan. Also, because of higher costs, Metro has stopped ordering hybrids, so all new bus purchases will be clean diesel and CNG. https://www.newflyer.com/2018/07/wmata-upgrades-fleet-with-up-to-694-new-buses-from-new-flyer/ EDIT: They are also getting 12 XDE60s, but those are the only new hybrids coming. I believe these are options from the last order. https://www.newflyer.com/2018/07/wmata-to-add-12-more-emission-reducing-hybrid-electric-buses-from-new-flyer/

    Streetcar News

    So does anyone know where the problem area is? 19 weeks per car sounds fairly significant to me. I'm very disappointed, but it sounds like they've thought out a plan for dealing with this.

    VIA Rail Canada

    Stadler Valencia (which was originally a part of Alstom before it was bought by Vossloh) built the NJT PL42ACs and the body shells and trucks for the EMD F125, so they certainly have experience building FRA compliant locomotives. Stadler (as you mentioned) is expanding in North America, and in fact this year they are set to deliver their first FRA compliant passenger cars to the Rocky Mountaineer. So they could offer either traditional loco hauled trains or DMU sets. It will be interesting to see what each of the bidders proposes, but I think Siemens may have the upper hand here.

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Its a disappointment that one of the three models they have chosen is built by a manufacturer whose buses have proved problematic in several cities. Hopefully BYD will buy them back if they turn out to be failures.


    Didn't know they were doing that. I looked it up and found some answers on railroad.net. The work is apparently being done at the Rensselaer shops, and so far 701, 704, 705, 708, and 712 are confirmed to have hatches installed, and more are supposedly on the way.


    They wouldn't bother spending money on that. The State of New York is currently funding the rebuilding of Amtrak's P32s at Beech Grove, and thus far none of the units outshopped have had such a modification installed. From a financial standpoint its probably cheaper to lease old cab cars on a short term basis.

    GO Transit

    Actually that map does not answer the original question, which was: "Who OWNS the track between Guelph and Cambridge?" (CN is the answer) All it shows are the operators of different lines, but some of them do not own the tracks they operate on. This is particularly relevant because as I'm sure you're aware, parts of the GEXR and SOR are reverting to CN control later this year.

    Bruce Peninsula Transit

    Just saw this. Service will end June 1st because the owner cannot afford to keep operating it. http://www.bayshorebroadcasting.ca/news_item.php?NewsID=101886

    GO Transit

    I think its owned by CN, who leases it to the GEXR. This section of track, as well as several others leased by the GEXR, will return to CN later this year.
  10. WMATAC40LF

    VIA Rail Canada

    Why would they want or need them? The F40s are in good condition, having been rehabbed fairly recently. The new corridor trainset order will provide brand new Tier 4 locomotives. This will certainly replace the P42s, and should also displace the F40s currently used on the corridor. The CAD overhaul was supposed to extend the lifespans of the F40s by 15 to 20 years, so they probably won't need to be replaced until the mid to late 2020s. Also, the Metrolink F59PHs and PHIs that will be retired when the F125 lemons start working properly (if that ever does happen) are worn down and probably in need of a major overhaul that would cost a buyer quite a bit. Re-gearing those engines for higher speeds and/or modifying the HEP system could be done if necessary. But yes I agree, they shouldn't be buying used stuff they don't need right now.
  11. Here's an odd one. The Bruce Peninsula now has a privately operated transit system based out of Wiarton, Ontario (that's about 20 Min NW of Owen Sound). They currently have one route, and they are using an ex Hamilton bus (apparently its a full sized transit bus!). A smaller cutaway will soon run another route to the popular Sauble Beach as well. They are also planning a connection to the Chi Cheemaun ferry stop at Tobermory. http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/2017/06/08/transit-bus-service-on-bruce-peninsula Their fleet information describes them as having a 38 passenger transit bus, and its supposedly ex HSR. Anyone know what that might be... D40LF? https://brucepeninsulatransit.com/other-services/ Given that I spend a lot of my summer up on the Bruce, I will be on the lookout for this new operation, and hope to report more soon.