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  1. Today's Special Sightings

    I saw ex YRT 9401, which is now owned by downtown bus. Apparently it was originally built for LYNX (Orlando) in 1994. x
  2. Today's Special Sightings

    I saw 8641 this morning at Queen's park doing driver training. I wonder if they were testing it out on the 94 since that's the route it appeared to be following.
  3. Streetcar News

    4446 was doing a burn in along St. Clair this evening.
  4. CP Power

    Are you referring to the ones that have been coming out of NRE and RELCO with the new paint or the ones GE are doing?
  5. Maryland Transit Administration

    MTA Maryland will receive 140 NFI XD40s next year. These will replace the older D40LFs. http://www.baltimoresun.com/business/bs-md-mta-new-buses-20171002-story.html
  6. Streetcar News

    I saw 4444 doing a burn in run along St. Clair W at around 7:30 tonight.
  7. GO Transit

    I suggest you look it up on Youtube to hear for yourself... On some Tier 4 locos the engine compartment is pressurized (SC-44, and I think also the F125), which is why Amtrak crews have been told not to enter that part of the locomotive while it's operating. This and the aftertreatment systems certainly muffle the engine noise, though you can still hear some of it. The cooling systems on many Tier 4 units appear to be more substantial (in size) and audible. I don't know if the MP54 has pressurized engine compartments, but either way it should sound much quieter than a 710 powered locomotive.
  8. WMATA Washington

    http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Metrobus-Crash-in-Alexandria-Injuries-People-Blocks-I-395-447762503.html A 2014-2015 model NABI 42 BRT HEV (fleet number unknown) crashed into a cement barrier along I-395 in Virginia the other day. Luckily only minor injuries were reported. Today, several days after this incident occurred, none of the 103 active NABI 42 BRT HEV units are apparently in service. The Shepherd Parkway division which they operate out of has been borrowing some buses from other divisions to run their routes. There is no official explanation about what's happening, but I'm speculating they've been pulled. Update: After 2 of these buses crashed due to stalled engines, Metro pulled them all from service. The problem is with the ignition switches, which were recently replaced... http://wamu.org/story/17/10/04/metro-kept-hybrid-buses-service-despite-risk-stalling-engines-second-crash-prompted-action/
  9. WMATA Washington

    A union representing maintenance workers is refusing to perform daily maintenance checks on 7000 Series cars after an employee was shocked a few days ago. They claim that the grounding on the railcars can fail, resulting in parts of the railcar becoming electrified unintentionally. We'll see where this goes, but for now it's causing a headache for riders... https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dr-gridlock/wp/2017/09/20/metro-worker-shocked-by-new-7000-series-train-union-calls-for-urgent-fixes/?utm_term=.d424f0a33f06 Update: they will now brief employees doing mechanical checks before they resume normal procedures.
  10. Future TTC Bus Orders

    I'm pretty sure they do have a compliant design. The question is whether they will be able to beat potential competitors on pricing and delivery times.
  11. 8218 rebuilt in the new livery. Just saw it on the 5. EDIT: Just saw that it was already listed in this forum. I posted this because I didn't see it updated on the wiki.
  12. Proterra

    Ride-On Bus (which serves Montgomery County, MD) will receive 4 35ft Proterra buses. Ride On had initially planned on buying 4 Diesel buses, but an award from the Federal Transit Administration Low or No Emission Competitive program has allowed them to buy electric buses instead. http://content-dc3.govdelivery.com/bulletins/gd/MDMONTGOMERY-1b75e10
  13. WMATA Washington

    Yeah that's a good article. It mentions the additional costs of hybrids (battery and electrical work that needs to be done midway through a bus's life). I've seen the Northern division and it is crammed quite tight, but its location is perfect for the routes it serves. Rebuilding it is the best option. They do have more space for artics elsewhere though. Finally, it mentions that the Sheppard Parkway division will be getting new 10 artics next year. Those are rumored to be 2018 XD60s.
  14. WMATA Washington

    CNG does bring savings when it comes to fuel costs, and the upfront cost of a CNG bus isn't dramatically more than that of a Diesel bus (in fact they are currently converting a 3rd division to CNG). In my opinion the benefits of hybrids (especially on some of WMATA's routes) are not enough to justify the additional costs. Its interesting how in the report you quoted WMATA had looked at converting hybrid buses to Diesel (pg. 61). I doubt they would ever fully implement such a plan, but they did estimate it would cost millions less. Page 64 also has an interesting graphic which shows that by 2030, they want more Clean Diesel buses than CNG. It also seems they are uninterested at the moment in electric buses (yes, they have an XE40, but it doesn't have a charging station, and only does a couple of runs per day). I thought I heard a rumor somewhere else on this board about Nova developing a CNG Artic, but I'm not sure if that's actually the case. Funnily enough there was an XN60 demo bus in DC this week (not sure if it had anything to do with WMATA though). A lot of fans down there want something different than Xcelciors (I share the same view), but we'll just have to see.
  15. WMATA Washington

    I saw this earlier in the week and was surprised that they want diesel buses. A while ago there were rumors that WMATA wanted a 50/50 Hybrid to CNG ratio in the future, but they've clearly changed their minds. Aside from a few baby Orions, they haven't bought any diesel buses in over 10 years. Now Diesel buses do have a much cheaper purchase price (which is important given WMATA's funding issues), and I've also heard about some reliability issues with older hybrids. The proposed delivery schedule seems to indicate that: -The 2005-2006 Orion VII CNGs (40ft units, not sure what they'll do with the 30 footers), 2005 DE40LFs, and 2006 DE40LFRs will be replaced in the 2019-2020 range. -The 2006 D40LFRs will be replaced between 2021 and 2023. -The 2007 C40LFRs and 2008 NABI 60 BRT CNGs will be retired between 2021 and 2022. The other parts of this planned order appear to be for fleet expansion, unless WMATA decides to retire other buses prematurely. The only base arctic orders are CNG, meaning they will likely be based at the Bladensburg division. I hope that they can exercise some of the 60' diesel options, (there are many routes that could use a capacity boost) but I'm skeptical. On the last big order, they did not exercise any options for additional XDE60s.