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  1. I think you may be right. The main positives about buying this D40LF is that it is wheelchair accessible and they probably didn't pay much for it. But other than that it probably isn't the best for a mostly rural operation with high speed 2 lane roads. Now I'm not complaining as I spend 3 months a year up in the Bruce, and before this operation started, the nearest non-cutaway transit buses were in Collingwood, which is a bit of a drive for me.
  2. So I was driving up Highway 6 today, and between Owen Sound and the town of Shallow Lake, I saw the D40LF doing its route. The picture quality isn't that great but then again I was going very fast, plus there was lots of dirt from dead bugs on the windscreen. But yes, it is ex HSR 0516. I'm assuming that they either bought it in a public auction, or from a dealer (there was one outside Hamilton I saw a week ago which had 4 or 5 ex HSR D40LFs lying around).
  3. Credible evidence I saw on a Facebook transit group indicates that BWI Marshall airport outside of Baltimore is going to receive 20 NFI XN60s this fall (they'll replace their AN440LF CNGs).
  4. 8170 (new livery) was doing the 7 Bathurst this evening. Heres 8183 on the 33 today: Also, not really sure if this is the right place for this, but I was traveling West by Pearson along the 401 at about noon, and saw the Flexity Freedom mockup BBD likes to bring to special events (it was headed East on a flat bed).
  5. Hydrogen has so far only been used in lighter rail applications such as trams, the Alstom iLint that you mentioned, and a select number of experimental shunting locomotives. You would need a lot of fuel cells to power a 12 car bi-level train, and a lot of volatile H2 gas to power them. Electrification is a far better, safer, and proven alternative than any Hydrogen technology currently on the market, especially given GO's needs. These politicians need to just focus on electrification, and not waste money on studies pondering risky alternatives.
  6. Here's an odd one. The Bruce Peninsula now has a privately operated transit system based out of Wiarton, Ontario (that's about 20 Min NW of Owen Sound). They currently have one route, and they are using an ex Hamilton bus (apparently its a full sized transit bus!). A smaller cutaway will soon run another route to the popular Sauble Beach as well. They are also planning a connection to the Chi Cheemaun ferry stop at Tobermory. http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/2017/06/08/transit-bus-service-on-bruce-peninsula Their fleet information describes them as having a 38 passenger transit bus, and its supposedly ex HSR. Anyone know what that might be... D40LF? https://brucepeninsulatransit.com/other-services/ Given that I spend a lot of my summer up on the Bruce, I will be on the lookout for this new operation, and hope to report more soon.
  7. Well with WMATA retiring 3 series of subway cars, I've been videotaping some of my rides on them. One thing I hate (whether I'm recording a video or just riding home) is when someone sits right in front of me when there are many other seats available. It messes up my videos and makes me feel unnecessarily cramped in. I also hate how everyone leaves the free "Express" newspaper (owned by the Washington Post) all over our Metro trains after morning rush. It is distributed outside subway stations, and many riders can't be bothered to recycle it when they're done. Instead, its often left on the floor and seats.
  8. My first list (some stuff missing): TTC: 2007-2008 Orion 7.501 NG HEV 2009-2010 Orion 7.501 NG WMATA: 1994 Flxible Metro D 1997 Orion 5.501 2000 Orion 5.501 2001-2001 NFI C40LF 2005 Orion 7.501 CNG 2006 Orion 7.503 CNG 2006 NFI D40LFR 2007 NFI C40LFR 2008-2009 NFI DE40LFA 2010 NFI DE40LFA 2011 NFI XDE40 2012 NFI XDE40 2014 NABI 42-BRT HEV 2015-2016 NFI XN40 Every model of WMATA subway car. DC Circulator: 2003-2004 Van Hool A330 Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority: 2012-2014 NFI XD40 DASH (Alexandria Transit Company): 2011 Gillig Trolley Replica HEV 29' Other Private Systems I've Ridden On: 2005 Gillig Low Floor Advantage 35' 2010 Gillig Low Floor Advantage HEV 40' 2013 Gillig Low Floor Advantage 35' 2013 Gillig Low Floor Advantage 40' Probably forgetting others...
  9. They should be retired when the MP54ACs arrive. A year ago, Railway Age Magazine stated that the MP54s would be delivered "in 2017", but I can't find anything more specific about it.
  10. I noticed that the WMATA page is a little outdated. All 164 2001-2002 NFI C40LFs are retired (the last was gone in November 2016). Also, the Neoplan USA AN460s are also retired. Here's a repainted DE40LF and D40LFR (all DE40LF, DE40LFR, and D40LFR are now repainted and rehabbed). They have rehabbed all but one of the NABI CNG Artics, and are working their way through the LFA fleet right now. Also, the 1000 and 4000 Series subway cars are currently being retired (around 50-60 of each is in service, and they should be gone by the end of the year). All 4000s will be scrapped, while some 1000s provide service as money trains (numbered in the 8000s). Next year the 5000 series will begin retirement, though rumor has it 50 will be kept as a reserve fleet. Heres a 1000: Here's some 4000s: Here's 5000: 6000 Series (these and the 2/3k series will be the only aluminum cars left after all 7K cars are delivered):
  11. DC Circulator in Washington, DC will be getting 40 new buses this year, 12 of which are supposed to be electric (model type is not yet known, but they demoed a Proterra a while back). The other 28 should be BAE XDE40s (numbered in the 2100s), and they will replace the 2003 Vanhools. This comes amid concerns regarding the Circulator's safety: http://wamu.org/story/17/05/15/drivers-ask-safe-today-d-c-circulator-struggles-maintenance/ Also, I previously mentioned that Ride-On will be getting 17 Gillig BRT Plus 40' Diesel buses. In addition, they will also get 8 more Diesel Low Floor Advantages (to replace the remaining Orion Vs), and 34 CNG Gilligs so they can commence the retirement of the 2003 Orion VII CNGs. http://www2.montgomerycountymd.gov/mcgportalapps/Press_Detail.aspx?Item_ID=21097
  12. As of this January, several sources seemed to indicate that the redesign process had not been completed or approved. (Here's one, quoted from Trains Magazine) http://ccrail.com/california-is-a-no-show-state-officials-cancel-bilevel-presentation-at-conference-send-statement-instead/ In the past the NGEC committee was providing decent updates on this order, but things have gotten dark over the last 6 months. NS continues to lay off the workers at its plant (110 more earlier this month), so it certainly doesn't look like they're ready to start production anytime soon. Another source I read quoted an "industry expert" who believes a prototype wouldn't be available until 2018. The big thing at play because of Nippon Sharyo's slight screw up (it was just 2K lbs short of passing) is the funding. Unless its extended by the current administration, which just yesterday reiterated proposed cuts to Amtrak and rail spending, the order might be in jeopardy.
  13. You're wrong. They still have not completed the redesign process, and as far as I know they have not yet started a new prototype. The federal funds which payed for the 88 cars for the Midwest expire later this year, and the current administration may not provide an extension (the 42 cars for California are state funded, so they shouldn't be affected). On a side note you're right that many other components of these cars have been tested. This whole Nippon Sharyo thing is a disaster, and the fact that they keep laying off workers at their factory is evidence of that. I also heard a rumor on another forum that the Illinois led consortium is currently in the process of canceling the contract.
  14. 15 million for an environmental assessment... Phase 1 from Toronto to London might be feasible, but all the way down to Windsor for phase 2? https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2017/05/19/wynne-is-all-aboard-21b-high-speed-rail-project.html