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  1. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Particulates like Black Carbon are bad for air quality and public health, so that's a reason to retire these buses. The S50EGR doesn't have a DPF or an SCR system, so its NOx and PM emissions are certainly higher than what you'd see on a new Cummins L9. It seems like every time I see a slow box Orion VII accelerate, a cloud of black particulates comes out of the exhaust pipe, so I wouldn't call them clean by today's standards. I'm used to "clean diesel engine" (a loosely defined term in my opinion) being applied to post EPA 2007 models, which usually have particulate filters, but definitions can vary.
  2. Streetcar News

    I saw 4003 not long ago on the 506. 4002 was on the 512 yesterday.
  3. WMATA Washington

    I'm pretty sure I added that info to the wiki. I've seen photos of 6182-6183 undergoing conversion, but I can't share them. Other than looking them up on google, I can't think of anywhere else to find photos. I've seen the money trains before, but have'nt been able to get my camera out in time. If you do happen to encounter a money train in a station, the guards armed with assault rifles are rather intimidating anyway. As of now, I don't know of any additional 6000s being converted, but I have heard rumors about some 2000s being converted in the future. Also as a side note, Metrobus is beginning to return some of the 104 NABI 42 BRT HEV buses back to service, and are repairing the rest.
  4. WMATA Washington

    For anyone interested, Metro is adding grey vinyl wraps to all 3000 and 6000 series cars (apart from the 2 6000s currently being converted to money train cars). They will also be fitted with only blue seats, and new floors (replacing the carpeting). The 2000s will get this treatment, and I've heard some of them could be converted for maintenance use. https://www.wmata.com/about/media-relations/train-wrap-pilot.cfm For as long a I can remember they've had adds from the Archdiocese on the back of buses during Advent and Lent. I can see they've recently been pulling away from controversial adds (like Milo Yiannopoulos books, adds for abortion pills, and anti-Islam posters), but I suspect they will end up allowing these ones to go through.
  5. The Trillium Line

    Within the last decade European crash standards have been updated, so the Alstom units are probably safer than the older Talents. IIRC the buff strength standard for passenger cars in Europe is still less than half of what it is in the US. European designs focus more on energy absorption elements, instead of frame strength and rigid collision posts. Is there a restriction on grade crossings for non-compliant equipment? I didn't think there was. Why are streetcars and light rail trains (which are structurally weaker than European DMUs) allowed to operate on and cross roads with large vehicles? Non-compliant DMUs operating in the US have been crossing roads on a daily basis for years without major incident. Removing crossings is ideal for safety in general, which is probably why the O-Train doesn't have major ones.
  6. Amtrak

    Between the problems with Toronto, NYC, and San Fransisco I'd say Bombardier has enough on their plate already. As far as I know Bombardier was not one of the 5 companies who submitted bids for the order in question back in 2012. Besides is there an incentive for anyone to design a new double-deck intercity railcar if there are no potential customers at this time?
  7. GO Transit

    I saw a photo of 667 in Denver. Its going to the TTCI at Pueblo.
  8. Streetcar News

    There is a 3rd track on the CP line (between Davenport and Ossington). They could hypothetically bring both cars (without the idlers), and once the first is unloaded, back up and spot it the third track, and then bring the second car in. Of course this would take a while to do. We'll see what happens, it might be interesting...
  9. CP Power

    I forgot about the trucks. CP doesn't seem to like the GE self steering type, since they are replacing them with the standard high-ad trucks on these rebuilds (and I've also noticed several ES44ACs in the 8700s have had truck swaps as well). I heard on another forum that only 1 unit (8100) was to be done by Erie (there's a video of it on Youtube), while the other 29 were supposedly going to be done at Forth Worth.
  10. CP Power

    Last I heard 30 AC4400CWs will be rebuilt and renumbered 8100-8129 by GE. The cab, and some of the electrical systems are being replaced, alongside a few other items such as engine work. It's fairly similar to what NS has been doing with their Dash 9s.
  11. VIA Rail Canada

    I haven't seen anything about that in a while. Perhaps someone else would know. Earlier this week I saw photos of VIA RDCs testing in New Brunswick.
  12. Future TTC Bus Orders

    If you look earlier in this thread you'll see that while New Flyer buses meet the TTC specs, they don't like NFI's parts contracts. New Flyer wants to sell spare parts to its customers, instead of giving them a parts list (which would allow them to buy directly from each part's manufacturer). I'm just about certain New Flyer marks up the prices of these parts, and for a big agency like the TTC these costs would be significant.
  13. Future TTC Bus Orders

    Me too, but if New Flyer can't offer the TTC what they want we'll be stuck with Nova. Also I'm just curious, would the TTC ever consider the Allison parallel system? It's a little more expensive (even with the B6.7), but one could argue it has a better reputation than BAE.
  14. WMATA Washington

    It would be cool, but most people I know who have lived in DC (including myself) wouldn't use Metro if their business is extremely time sensitive. Silver line trains, especially once they've left the Orange line tracks, already move fairly quickly (up to 60 MPH). If Metro did build express tracks, the best place for them would be in the city itself. Having trains from up to 3 lines sharing the same track causes congestion, but the costs of adding a third track along certain underground segments would be astronomical (so it won't happen). As for the third track at Reagan National Airport, it was included because that station was once the Southern terminus of the Blue and Yellow lines. There are a few other 3rd tracks in the system that once served as end-of-line storage, but are now more or less redundant (an example is just West of Farragut North Station on the Red Line). Because of how close Reagan National Airport is to downtown, an express service wouldn't make much sense anyway...
  15. WMATA Washington

    A few updates... Still no word on the 2017 XN40s, so I'll be surprised if they can deliver all 100 before the end of the year. The NABI 42-BRT HEV buses remain out of service at this time, while NFI and WMATA are supposedly trying to solve the defect. Luckily, these occurrences mean that a good deal of the 2000 Orion V's are still in service. As for Metrorail, they have now taken delivery of around 450 7000 Series Cars. All 1000 Series cars (apart from the 2 to preserved and the 6 used for revenue collection) have been disposed of and are no longer on the property. Some were cut up at the Greenbelt facility to train first responders. Hopefully I can update the wiki page sometime within the next week. Finally, here are some of the new stations under construction for the second phase of the Silver Line, which will extend it from Reston Va to beyond Dulles airport...