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  1. TTC Delays and Disruptions

    P1 at Bay on Line 2 this morning. Caused quite the disruption, so shuttle buses were running. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/03/20/ttc-service-on-line-2-from-st-george-to-broadview-suspended.html
  2. TTC in the news

    Brad Ross now says the TTC will install a gate mechanism on Queen's Quay. Maybe that'll work... https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/03/17/the-ttc-is-installing-gates-to-stop-drivers-entering-the-queens-quay-tunnel.html
  3. The Random Thoughts Thread

    I took MAT135 at UTSG last semester. You're lucky you have that many tests. We only had one midterm, and a final with a 50ish average that was worth half of our grade (and the professor refused to curve it). A lot of people were screwed over by that, but luckily I was not.
  4. Owen Sound Transit

    Thought I'd leave this here. The city of Owen Sound has applied for a $1.45 million grant from the province to establish a daily bus service to Guelph. They hope to find out if they are successful by April 30th. Currently, the only regular intercity bus service to Owen Sound is a Greyhound route from Toronto that runs via Barrie. I'm not sure who would operate this service, but I think its relevant to transit in Owen Sound. This route would almost certainly run along Highway 6, so it would also pass through Durham, Mount Forest, and Fergus. http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/2018/03/06/owen-sound-proposes-daily-bus-service-to-guelph
  5. WMATA Washington

    Here's a funny one that I have to share: WMATA has opened a "pop up shop" at Metro Center Station, which is selling WMATA related swag. Some of the t-shirts are interesting, and I already have the mug that they're selling. The funniest thing in my opinion is the "stress reliever", which is a squishy subway car you can buy for $6.95 (and you're supposed to squeeze it). I could've used that during the Safetrack program. They also have subway themed lip balm, in the colors of each line. https://www.washingtonian.com/2018/03/07/m-shop-metro-shop-metro-pop-up-best-and-worst-swag-to-buy/ Also, the first 2018 XN40 has arrived at the Four Mile Run garage. The fleet numbers of the 100 buses will be 3100-3199. Unfortunately, this will likely be the end of the 2000 Orion Vs.
  6. What are you eating right now?

    The kind of sh*t they serve you in a university residence...
  7. I witnessed several odd things when I lived in DC and rode WMATA regularly. -On the bus routes in my neighborhood, we would occasionally get a few crazies riding the bus to a local mental outpatient facility. Some of these guys were insane. I remember the time when one of them was talking out loud to himself about his imaginary villain "slim Jim", and how he wanted to violently stab him to death. Everybody tried to move to the front of the bus, and of course he got off and went to the looney bin. -Another time, I was riding the Red Line through Northeast DC on my way home from school, when a normal sight on the subway in that part of town sparked a violent fight. Several teenagers ran up to the train as the doors were closing, and held them open so they could all get on. This is annoying for the train operator, but it happens quite frequently. An older man who was about 40 got extremely angry at them. After yelling expletives at them, one of the teens said fight me. At that point the older guy pulled out a knife and tried to stab the teen (who luckily was wearing a thick winter coat). I think the fight moved into the next car. When the train reached the next stop, everybody in the car got off or moved to a different car. Someone I knew called the cops, but the guy with the knife escaped at Noma Gallaudet, while the cops were waiting at Union Station. - I could also go on about how the Green Line's name makes sense, given how many times I've seen people smoking blunts on it.
  8. Not if the frame or other important structural components are damaged too severely. In some cases, repairs are not practical. We'll just have to see whether it gets fixed or joins the group of stripped Orions at Hillcrest.
  9. Bruce Peninsula Transit

    I haven't seen any official confirmation that the service is ending, but they did say on their Facebook that the D40LFs were going into storage for the winter. And yes both of them are now up for sale from what I've heard. I never thought that this type of service could justify the use of full size transit buses, so I'm not surprised they are ditching them. Cutaways are much more economical to run. I'm just lucky I got pics of the D40LFs when I did.
  10. TTC in the news

    Its not like we're in Russia where subway surfing is a big thing. While train surfing (or whatever you want to call it) would be harder to do with barriers, the much larger problems are suicides and trespassers. Of course without funding, no barriers will be installed.
  11. Buses for sale

    Well that didn't last long. I didn't think they needed D40LFs for services which could be run much more cheaply and efficiently with a cutaway.
  12. WMATA Washington

    Here are a few Metrorail fleet updates: -Around 500 new 7000 Series Cars have now been delivered. -Cars 4000-4001 will also be preserved alongside 1000-1001. -All 1000 Series cars have been sent to the scrapyard, apart from the 2 being preserved and the 6 used on the money train. Only a few 4000s remain on property, and apart from the pair mentioned above, they too will all be scrapped in Baltimore. -I saw a document indicating that Metro is planning to retire the six 1000 Series cars (8000-8005) used for revenue collection in the near future. I do not believe 6182-6183 have entered into money train service yet. I haven't heard about any other cars being converted, so I'm not sure how revenue collection will be impacted when 8000-8005 are retired and scrapped. -Finally, although none have been sent to the scrapyard yet, Metro claims that around half of the 5000 Series cars are no longer in service (meaning they are probably stored). All cars of this series will be retired by the end of 2019, and while most will be scrapped, I suspect they'll keep 5000-5001. As far as Metrobus goes, no significant changes have been made to the fleet. New Flyer looks like its on track to miss it's latest delivery date for the 2017 XN40s. Most of the LFA buses have now been rehabbed and repainted, and many of the 2000 Orion Vs are continuing to soldier on. Metro has also been installing "knight rider" lights on a significant number of buses. These were common on older buses in the fleet like Orion Vs and C40LFs, but were not originally included on more recent buses like Xcelciors. Here's an example of one on XN40 2841 (located right above the destination sign):
  13. GO Transit

    I wouldn't quite compare it to an airplane's APU. The HEP on the MP54 is generated by the main engines, whereas the MP40PH-3C and MP36PH-3C units have a separate Caterpillar HEP genset (which is a bit more like an APU). In my opinion they sound like vacuum cleaners (and the same goes for a lot of Tier 4 engines these days).
  14. Amtrak

    No. The freight train was parked on a siding, and for some reason the switch diverted the Amtrak from the main into the siding, causing the crash. The investigation will probably focus on the switch, and potentially the signaling system (which was having work done the night before).
  15. Proterra

    I thought I'd mention that DC Circulator's 14 40' Catalyst buses (3001-3014) have all arrived on property now. If all goes well, they should enter service sometime this spring.