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  1. 4543 is out and about tonight along Queen heading west around Bathurst at the moment.
  2. Spotted 4540 out this morning in service on King. It's got an unusual sticker on the open side window. Any ideas what "1A Cabbagetown Pre-trip Inspection" is all about?
  3. 4543 was also out this morning for a spin around town. Hasn't tracked in 5 hours, but the last location was Bathurst Station.
  4. I saw 4575 making the trip over to Leslie Barns along Queen this afternoon under its own power. Didn't get a pic as I was on a 503 bus.
  5. 4543 seems to be missing in action. No tracking for 12 days now.
  6. There was a pic on Reddit of what I assume is 4243 then. It looks like they've set up a car scrapping area at Russell. Some overhead is down and there's a loader and forklift there. Saw what I assume was the start of the process the other day with the loader lifting a car off the trucks.
  7. Thanks. I got it confused with the incident that punched the hole in the front of 4486. For reference, the 4498 pantograph problem:
  8. 4498 is in service without the entire pantograph assembly on the roof. It's completely removed. Looking at previous posts, it suffered damage a long time back. Has it been without the pantograph since that accident up at St. Clair?
  9. Overhead down on King eastbound at Atlantic. Happened about 5pm.
  10. Speaking of damaged cars, what's the deal with 4486? It suffered damage in that incident at St. Clair with the overhead back in September. I've seen it here and there on the tracker, but never in service. Same for 4406 which also apparently was damaged somehow and is generally sitting at Leslie and never in service.
  11. What's the thinking there? That Bombardier would invest all that time and money into getting a line up and running in Kingston only to produce a mere two cars total and then just stop? Seems highly unlikely. More likely, as others have suggested, they've paused Flexity production (or slowed it dramatically) in order to prioritize other work.
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