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  1. At least Vancouver related lol And technically, I'm not being a hypocrite, because I was pointing out that this discussion had nothing to do with Metro Vancouver. The post you are referring to is related to Metro Vancouver. Fine print sucks, eh?
  2. Dr. BusFreak


    What's a really long shower called? A shour!
  3. At the moment, both RTC and HTC are prospective depots from what I know. Yes, while RTC may be close to capacity, HTC is farther out and will increase deadheading, which may make TL want to squeeze the 41st B-Line into RTC.
  4. That was an MVA that happened back in February 2017 along Marine Drive involving 9449
  5. 8066 to RTC I suspect there should be at least a few units in service by December, if all goes well. As of current, no Novas are going to STC. However, this may change in the future. Not sure I understand your third question.
  6. You quoted me, and repeated exactly what I said, word for word. Why? lol
  7. It's an FB group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1538154756444018/
  8. 32+25 First 32 comes in late 2019; other 25 comes sometime in 2020 iirc
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