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  1. Spotted 2244 at West Georgia and Seymour being towed this afternoon.
  2. Remember, TransLink is currently in the process of ordering 171 new buses, of which include "low floor highway coaches" to replace the orions, so I don't think we're going to see TransLink purchasing double deckers any time soon.
  3. The route 3 is completely Nova today.
  4. As of 6:08 P.M., the stalled Canada Line train has been cleared and regular service has resumed.
  5. 14035 and 14036 to PCTC.
  6. Spotted 9240 broken down on the side of the SB exit of the George Massey Tunnel with a mechanic looking into the engine compartment.
  7. Actually, it would be best if all the current routes in Richmond remain at RTC due to relief points.
  8. Spotted the community outreach bus (7112) on southbound Highway 99 this afternoon.
  9. In the past, I've supported the idea of an express bus between Bridgeport Station to South Delta Exchange to service the Tsawwassen Mills, but over time, I've realized that the Tsawwassen Mills now has a free express coach service from Canada Place that stops by Bridgeport Station, and it would be more cost effective for TransLink to add the 601 onto the FTN, rather than having a dedicated express bus to service the Tsawwassen. With that said, if you re-route the 601 via 56th street instead of 52nd street, you essentially disconnect all reliable transit service to the Tsawwassen Mills. The only way people could get to the Tsawwassen Mills is via the hourly service of your proposed route to/from Bridgeport Station/South Delta Exchange via Tsawwassen Mills, or the 620, which is also an infrequent bus. As for Richmond, I really don't relish the idea of the 401 and 405 being split into two routes and the 480 being discontinued. I do think that service will be needed on 6 Road in the future though. There is absolutely no transit service on 6 Road below Highway 91 currently. Routing would look something like this: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1MSTuQ7siuJzSin5Jdvwvpf3Hg7s&ll=49.18017621341151%2C-123.1180968572998&z=14. Service would be somewhere between an hour during weekends and off peak weekdays, and 30 minute frequencies during peak times. I know it's mostly farms along 6 Road, but Richmond is ever-expanding, so there could be some use of a 6 Road bus in the future. Comments?
  10. 12001 is on route 3 today.
  11. Or, increase peak frequencies to every 2.5 minutes and extend platforms to 50 metres. This way it is cheaper in the long run than re-introducing the pre-Canada Line buses.
  12. As a frequent rider of the Canada Line on evenings, I think the 7 minute (3.5 minutes with combined frequencies) are needed until at least 8:15 P.M. After rush hour, TransLink eagerly takes off as many trains as possible, which creates overcrowding. Whenever I take the Canada Line on evenings, it is so overcrowded. Something needs to be done about this...
  13. And as of 1:52 P.M., the track issue has cleared.
  14. The reason why CMBC probably transferred 8013 and 8043 to RTC is because, according to Express691's post in the New Flyer D60LF Retirement/Storage Watch thread, 8059 and 8067 are where the XDE60s are, presumably retired.
  15. 8043 is now at RTC doing the 480.