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  1. 2017/2018 Electric Bus Project

    Kevin Desmond mentioned in an open board meeting recently saying that they will purchase 2 New Flyer and 2 Nova buses.
  2. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    16126 finally got it's R prefix.
  3. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    The BC Goverment wanted a 10 lane bridge, so that means I could see another 6 lanes being added. I definitely agree that they should use the current congestion problem as an incentive to take transit instead of driving. However, I think there should be one regular car lane, one HOV lane, one bus lane and a cycling lane on the shoulder. The extra car lane would help ease a bit of the current congestion, the HOV lane would support the idea of carpooling to/from work, and the bus lane would add insentive to take transit to skip all the traffic in the tunnel. This way, it eases congestion not too much, but also not too little and would support people taking transit or carpooling.
  4. Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    Haha, very funny. Yeah, I already do, but it said nothing about the 5, 6 and 20,.
  5. Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    The 5, 6 and 20 are all completely Novas right now. Probably has to do something with the Celebration of Light.
  6. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Spotted 8066 on the 601 Bridgeport Station at around 9:50 P.M. on Ladner Trunk Road. Interestingly, there were passengers on the bus, yet it wasn't logged into T-Comm, and wasn't a scheduled bus. Training bus?
  7. BYD Battery Electric Bus Demo (2017)

    Saw 1007 earlier this afternoon at SW Marine Drive and Cambie as NIS.
  8. Vancouver Special Sightings

    8064 currently on the N10: https://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/bus/8064
  9. Whats up with the board

    I like the new design for the most part. I like that you can react with different emoticons to a particular post, and other small touches to give the website a crisper and more modern feel.
  10. Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    T-comm is now officially back online. Although this has happened many times before, this is the most I've ever seen, and I find it quite amusing: 25,014,800 minutes late. LOL
  11. Doubt it, for 2 reasons: 1. The 49 can be really crowded at times due to the density around the route, so I think having 60 footers as well as increasing service is justified. 2. Where are all the XDE60s are going to go? Keeping the XDE60s at VTC ''in case'' if VTC doesn't have enough 60 foot trolleys is just a waste of resources, and transferring the XDE60s to BTC is probably not going to happen because BTC is receiving minimal service increases with the routes served by 60 footers.
  12. Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    T-comm is now sort of running. It's showing the buses currently out, but the GPS on the buses aren't working for T-comm. Yet when you go to https://m.translink.ca, the GPS for the buses work, so it's not the GPS...
  13. Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    T-comm appears to be down. Currently getting a 502 bad gateway error.
  14. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Noticed today that 3304 has a two spoke steering wheel instead of a three spoke steering wheel. Maybe from 3286?
  15. How come I punch in the numbers in the URL code, and it doesn't come up. I even add the 0 and 1 after the code number, and it still doesn't work. Help?