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  1. Saw S422 on a flatbed truck leaving the Bridgeport shuttle lot. I'm guessing it's probably going to a used bus dealership.
  2. 9235 was mentioned back in November 2016.
  3. 3352 is on the 555 right now. Probably replaced an orion sometime earlier today.
  4. The #20 is completely Novas right now.
  5. 9257 is refurbished. Saw it on the 601 tonight.
  6. Pretty good from my experience. Sometimes you might have the odd person deciding that he/she would prefer to have wind instead of a/c, but other than that, most people have the sense to not open the windows when the a/c is running in the summer.
  7. Also, you used to be able to click and drag the sentence you wanted to quote, and after you dropped the mouse, there would be ''quote post'' box, and now when you do it, it just shows a black box with nothing in it. I'm presuming that this is related with it not showing the original poster you're quoting and not reading the date of the original post.
  8. 9282 did a 401 earlier today. Not sure if this block is just here for Easter Monday or it's a new block for Spring.
  9. 9213 and 9214 are now both at PCTC.
  10. I've had a lot of fast bus drivers, so having a bus driver doing top speed on a bus with me on it is nothing new to me. 130 kph was the fastest I've ever experienced on a bus. It was a 2008 Orion V, so it was going top speed.
  11. Saw 9255 refurbished at Bridgeport stn.
  12. Terminating every other 601 at Steveston Highway will not make any difference at providing better connections to South Surrey. The two best options would be to just provide 20 minute service during afternoon weekday off peak hours while the 601 will continue to terminate at Bridgeport station, or short turn every other 601 at South Delta Exchange and will be added to the FTN.
  13. Looks like 9268.
  14. I notice that all the 2016 XN40s seem have the old font on the inside, yet they have the new font outside.