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  1. I know it's been a while since this thread was active, but I think we may have seen our first D60LFR fade out. 8114 which has been abandoned at BTC and was supposed to be refirbushed.
  2. 9473 hit a pedestrian on 8th Ave and Cherry St last night I believe
  3. Returned to VTC after one brief peak hour block 9530 to VTC
  4. My bad; I meant first diesel since June 2019 when 7417 was transferred out
  5. Now the actual first diesel bus to HTC is 9583 9518 to RTC?
  6. From what I heard though from WVMT lately is because of bus shortage; not sure which one is true? Edit: 1211 is doing one of the 253/254 blocks today while a shuttle is running the other
  7. WVMT has revised 253 and 254 to community shuttles. Could be temporary or permanent?
  8. 253 and 254 have switched to shuttles at least weekends and holidays. A long anticipated service change. But unexpected though as wasn’t mentioned in service changes
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