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  1. Unless an Orion V unexpectedly shows up on the 480 or 49
  2. Quite possibly 9673 according to tcomm retirement export
  3. What number is it? 121/221? Or something else?
  4. 32 Ave Diversion headed back to Richmond
  5. R16221 currently on extra 351 trip for some reason. On it right now; but it’s not showing on tcomm nor is the stop announcements and display workong
  6. Actually lets either: Merge WVMT with CMBC or consider an underground garage somewhere.
  7. It’s like that EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY. The North shore is an “anti transit” city to me.
  8. The driver of 9787 has gone insane; and seems lost according to this pic
  9. Operate exlusively on the b-line/rapid bus routes The D60LFRs should be staying in Poco; it seems they've not had good succession with hybrids (not talking CNGs). That's also why they've gotten a lot of D60LFs back. Perhaps they should get some XN60s or something
  10. To make things easier with the articulated buses arrangement, the 49, 257, 480, and 620 should use double deckers
  11. Now just 16213 needs to be transferred to Richmond
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