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  1. Actually it's the first hybrid on the 555 18155 also is doing an artic block on the 503 (to Langley Ctr only)
  2. I wish the double deckers had more comfortable seats. Anyone agree with me? Not tall enough, minimal legroom, but the USB is very helpful - and they actually work too!
  3. Nice to hear that transit service is all good today, including the seabus. Bonus points to CMBC for pulling out an extra 620 (15014) last evening despite the strike.
  4. Follow up, sounds like they’re going to have to close Hwy 1 in order to recover the cement truck.
  5. As I am writing this, I am stuck on 9748 on Lillooet Road, haven’t moved an inch. Apparently a semi rolled over just before the cassiar tunnel.
  6. Horrible out on the north shore and massey tunnel area today. One step closer to a full strike. All 239s are dark blue (extemely late) on Tcomm.
  7. Hate to be the bearer of bad news... PCTC seems like the next part of CMBC that will be on strike. Most if not all of their maintenance bays are full. My thoughts to those in PCTC covered areas. Also, we’re going to have to brace; especially with this lineup for Cap U.
  8. Tonight: 9644 didn’t make its 8:23 229 Lynn Valley trip; 9614 took over and cancelled its 8:35 228 Lynn Valley trip
  9. So just to clerify: How likely is it that because of the strike, Translink will have absolutely no buses or seabuses running? If this is the case, there are the following free shuttles as far as I know: Tsawwassen Mills to: Bridgeport/Downtown, Scott Rd Station, and KPU Surrey. Capilano Suspension Bridge shuttle from Cap Suspension Bridge to Canada Place. YVR Airport Station to Pacific gateway hotel - useful for access to PAFN and BCIT Richmond automall shuttle from Brighouse to the automall with select trips via Lansdowne
  10. I haven’t seen that unit on Tcomm for a while???
  11. 9627 is equipped with some sort of new screen for the driver (I think it’s the one that tells the driver when to depart). Attached is new ‘please depart now’ sound. 2D25FE4E-4543-4952-BE62-A514D9929296.MOV
  12. Those haven’t been in service since October 30 and 31st. Could be the end of the D60LF for Translink. And a very unfortunate ending for them too; at the start of a strike
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