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  1. Also something to take note of: Ironworkers Bridge was shut down due to car accident this afternoon detouring all 210s and 211s via Lions Gate Bridge which was shut down yesterday evening due to a police incident.
  2. Police incident at Waterfront station affecting all services. 2 of my family members are caught up in it.
  3. Well, the 6 1998 C40LFs had about a 13 year lifespan which is where these C40LFRs are at now. Or perhaps they have multiple units out for refurbishment and are at a case where they need more busses.
  4. What is going on with all these rapid transfers??? Must be because of the C40LFR retirement. I did hear rumors about it on discord; Another order of aproximately 48 Nova BAE Hybrids has been ordered for VTC allowing them to transfer all of their 2009 Nova Hybrids, as well as maybe a few 2018 BAEs to HTC so they can send off their XN40s to PTC. Not trying to be annoying; this was something I actually read on discord.
  5. That one was already transferred to HTC a while back. Do you mean 9457? That one is actually at HTC
  6. ??? C40LFRs aren’t supposed to be retired yet. Aren’t they???
  7. 16512 hasn’t been seen since February. Done possibly?
  8. My hypothesis as of now: The 2019 XDE60s will all be out of BTC All the 2018 XDE60s will be based out of HTC, STC, and PTC.
  9. Actually it's the first hybrid on the 555 18155 also is doing an artic block on the 503 (to Langley Ctr only)
  10. I wish the double deckers had more comfortable seats. Anyone agree with me? Not tall enough, minimal legroom, but the USB is very helpful - and they actually work too!
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