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  1. As late as 2014 Greyhound had 3 daily trips between Denver and Grand Junction on I-70. Even if passenger traffic wasn't high enough for 3 runs, it should be enough to keep 1 or 2 runs going without subsidies. So Bustang isn't an improvement at all. As for the commuters they could've taken Greyhound or other private bus companies if Bustang didn't exist. It's also my understanding that the resorts and other attractions along I-70 are more popular on the weekends anyway. As for the State of Colorado boasting about ridership or "farebox recovery", Bustang is still nowhere close to profitability even though I-70 used to be a profitable route for private carriers. It's all PR and publicity to trick gullible Coloradoans into pouring more taxpayer dollars into Bustang.
  2. I agree that Greyhound is hypocritical to complain about subsides and it's possible that someone will try to reboot the company from scratch using the brand name with a new business model. That said, I'm not a fan of Bustang since some of its routes could easily turn a profit if the business environment in Colorado were more conducive to profits. For instance the Denver - Grand Junction along I-70 is a major highway and should have been able to turn a profit without subsidies.
  3. So then Denver was the last GLI location to get sold before First sold GLI. As for "nobody in their right mind", I agree with you but who knows? If the buyer got Greyhound's brand for next to nothing then all the power to them. The assets themselves were costly to maintain; according to Greyhound the Denver terminal cost over a million dollars a year in upkeep and the Los Angeles terminal cost over 3 million dollars a year. They also complained about subsidized competition in the form of Bustang.
  4. When was the last time GLI sold assets? Denver in January? GLI moved out of Las Vegas but the Plaza Hotel wasn't owned by GLI so it's a stretch to call it "GLI real estate". FYI, GLI's computer system migrated around the week of February 8-12. The same week they mentioned that they were getting sold. Also please keep in mind that's coming from GLI and I have no knowledge of GLC's current status.
  5. Does anyone have interior pics of a G4500? Either GLI or GLC? A. Wong used to have some at ETS Photo Express but it seems not anymore.
  6. I heard that they were sold from someone at Greyhound HQ in Dallas. I will not say who but the person is on this list: https://www.greyhound.com/en/about/executive-bios The person only said that Greyhound was getting sold. Did not name the buyer.
  7. Is Tofino Bus still running their G4500?
  8. Which 102DL3s were in the Ottawa yard? We can write all those off as scrapped.
  9. What are the fleet numbers for those? The photos posted showed the fleet numbers blacked out.
  10. Has anyone seen the Greyhound Canada 1140-1143 recently? Are they still operable?
  11. You mean the D45 CRT LE? That's based on the J4500, not the D4500CT. For example, the D45 CRT LE sent to Altoona testing featured a DD13 engine, which isn't available in the D4500CT. Also, the driver area, spiral staircase, fiberglass body, wheelbase, and suspension are all J4500. As for wheelchair lifts, I've found the 102D3 lift more reliable than J4500 lifts.
  12. Swadian

    Buses for sale

    Greyhound Canada units for sale: 6056 6107 6359 1248 6267 6168 1264 6077 6284 6361 6190 6276 6336 6324 6295 6002 6048 6184 6146 6329 6043 6175 Following units can be operational, but need new parts: 1248 6267 6168 6077 6284 6184 6068 and 6077 in best condition. Other than those 6, remainder of units recommended for scrap.
  13. No wonder Greyhound rookie drivers don't know how to use wheelchair lifts. I enjoy being "wheelchair dummy" for practice.
  14. I like my 1994. But then again, it's my 1994, not a Greyhound 1994. Problem is, none of those buses listed have a wheelchair lift, so what the heck is GLI using them for?
  15. Swadian

    Boeing 737 MAX

    Well, rubbish and tools sound better than 346 casualties. Boeing did show their 777X to employees, and that may be their bright spot for the week. They'll replace it with a regular 737-800 most likely. Here in the US we're seeing AA put A321 or 738 on 3M8 flights. Perhaps even some 752 are doing turns. Regulators shouldn't lift the groundings until investigators release their report into these accidents. Well, they could've stuck with the newer 757 frame, which could accommodate larger engines without a hitch, but that opens up a whole new can of worms.
  16. Swadian

    Buses for sale

    The following Greyhound Canada units listed for sale: #6286 #1173 #1303 #1130 #1137 #1158 #1164 #1308 #6002 #6007 #6014 #6041 #6054 #6080 #6123 #6139 #6202 #6209 #6216 #6251 #6308 #6358 #6017 #1131 #1266 #6050 #6064 #1121 #1122 #1138 #1147 #1149 #1153 #1159 #1162 #1277 #1283 #1304 #1312 #6234 #6259 #6311 #1310 #6229 #6160 #6140 #377 #361 #405 #1150 #1182 #1275 #1325 #6040 #6101 #1134 #6052 #6343 #1314 #1316 #6703 #6057 #1324 #9767 #9802 #3415 #3422 #6148 #6164 #9852 #1321 #3404 #3417 #3418 #3437 Also Greyhound US units: #86394 #86395 Let us know where these units end up going.
  17. That's the same order of 360 units from last year.
  18. Yes, they are and that is probably precisely why Greyhound is bugging out. They don't want to cross-subsidize anything and they don't want to run anything that doesn't make a profit. Furthermore, Greyhound was running many routes that couldn't support anywhere near a 45-footer. What's the point of using a 55-seat D4505 on the Whitehorse run if that only had an average of 3 passengers per trip at 3x weekly? By the way, almost all of the equipment will likely be sold as Greyhound just listed approx. 20 more units for sale, including D4505s.
  19. No, it's not you and I misunderstood. There's certain members here where I have gotten into flame wars with before on a different forum, and it turned uncivil fast. I'm also getting dissed every day at my occupation for security and liability reasons. That must be why I'm so sensitive, and I'll try to be less so in the future.
  20. Well that makes sense. If Greyhound did pull out, GO would probably be granted permission to run the exact same routes and schedules.
  21. Not GLC as an operator; GLC equipment on GLI schedules. That's if GLC gets rid of a section on the TCH, leaving the Western and Eastern fleets separated. In that case, GLC could conveniently "get rid of" the Eastern fleet (which don't need trailer hitches) and lay off some OTG and TOR employees. GLI G4500s did run out of Vancouver to Kelowna, Kamloops, and Whistler.
  22. Again, I'm not disagreeing with you, but the GJ Sentinel article that you quoted said: "That became apparent over the years as the service has had a 300 percent increase in ridership since the first runs began in July 2015." So, if the first run had 1 passenger and the run now has 4 passengers, that would be a 300% increase. Of course the article actually quotes "15,000 annual ridership", so the ridership in 2015 was probably something like 3,750. The reason I'm pointing this out is because there was a certain not-so-honorable company touting a 1500% increase of ridership in the first year. Just semantics. Quit ganging up on me and calling me a "local daily fish wrap". I'm reading the words from the article, and the article you quoted did not mention Greyhound ridership at all; it only mentioned Bustang comparing themselves to themselves. Even if Bustang obtained Greyhound ridership figures, it was not mentioned in the article you quoted. If that wasn't your intention, then let's move on. We agree on Bustang's success anyway.
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