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  1. Yeah, UP still operates #8925. It's a 2006 SD70ACe. Freight railroads mix and match all the time. That's why one sees NS units on UP or vice versa. I don't say "own" because what if they are still paying financing on it? I don't know if UP buys all locomotives outright.
  2. Northern Express may have over-capacity if they use a full-size motorcoach. Maybe not if it's a 40-footer Cargo Combi and they have a monopoly over the market, but combined with the competitors, there might be too many ASMs.
  3. Thanks! So, it's 8500 locomotives and unknown rolling stock. But then again, UP doesn't own a lot of the rolling stock they pull. How much rolling stock is actually UP rolling stock?
  4. Does anyone have a count for how many locomotives are on the active roster? It would take too long for me to count each one. How about the number of rolling stock?
  5. How many locomotives and how much rolling stock does Union Pacific currently operate?
  6. Doesn't Red Arrow use a shuttle van to Cold Lake as well? What does Northern Express use to Cold Lake? Why don't they run a 102DL3 all the way up to Hay River instead of just High Level?
  7. Yeah, but #1152 was "stored" in Vancouver and later sold. #1125 was wrecked in 2015 at Jasper, and, last I checked, is for sale at Edmonton. GLI has sold white 102DL3s with 2.3+ million miles. Many of the 102D3s and G4500s were also sold or are for sale. If they are able to sell numerous G4500s, they could probably sell #1139 too. Greyhound seems to be able to sell anything if it's at a low enough price. BTW, #1127 and #1128 were stored with #1152, so it would not surprise me if at least one of those was sold.
  8. #1194 and #1203 were for sale at Vancouver. They have now been sold.
  9. #1194 and #1203 were sold from Vancouver. Maybe it was one of those two. If they sold two, they could have sold more.
  10. Any info on the EGR?
  11. That J4500 has been for sale for a while. I don't know about the H3-45.
  12. Does anyone know the engine compression ratios of the following engines: Detroit Diesel Series 60 11.1L (pre-EGR) Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7L (pre-EGR) CAT C10 10.8L (pre-ACERT) CAT C12 12.0L (pre-ACERT) Cummins ISX12 11.9L
  13. Does anyone know what gear ratio Greyhound uses?
  14. Yes, I know, I just took that route to Penticton! I would have gone on 5022 but it was discontinued! Do any of those operators on the Edmonton-Cold Lake actually use a motorcoach or is it all-shuttle? Does anyone still run High Level-Hay River connecting to Frontier to Yellowknife?
  15. That would be great! I will send you a personal message! BTW, this #1102 is reportedly a 1997.