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  1. Since the SuperBus appears not to be entering service, what's the world's fastest scheduled bus service in end-to-end average speed?
  2. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    #1042, the 1998 MCI 102DL3? Any others lying around in yards? Who can I make an offer to at Greyhound?
  3. Hit and run, help required

    Call the police!
  4. Axle ratios

    I'd like to understand axle ratios more. With a Series 60/B500, what's the absolute best axle ratio for fuel economy, performance notwithstanding?
  5. I rode that one from Prince George to Vancouver. It used to be #6034. https://www.flickr.com/photos/95851032@N07/33171102853/ By the way, could you please re-upload the #1141 photo?
  6. Because in a court of law, the defendant is either found guilty or found not guilty. In no case is the defendant found "innocent", but rather can be found not guilty due to lack of evidence (or guilty based on the evidence presented). If there is no evidence that MCI has ever used a wrap on a prototype, then it is reasonable to assume that MCI has never used a wrap on a prototype, which would mean that this is MCI's first time using a wrap on a prototype, which is in turn reasonable cause to doubt whether it is in MCI's best interest to wrap this prototype. And all I have casted is doubt. I have not said it was definitively wrong to use a wrap. If MCI had been using wraps for years and years and years, then perhaps there is no justification for my doubt. But there is no recorded evidence of such, so I am justified in my doubts. If there is no evidence presented, it is not necessary for the defendant to find proof of lack of evidence. However, controversially casting doubt on mainstream opinion has been under attack recently. By the way, you can have the last word as well, if you want it. I am blocking you, too. If you wish to continue arguing, I kindly and sincerely request the basic courtesy of meeting me at McDonald's.
  7. Most underrated airline?

    True. Too bad NH is going to 10-abreast. I still prefer Premium Economy where it is available.
  8. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    No, those were/are not in the 60000-series.
  9. Of course I know why they do it, it's already been said many times on this thread. Like politics, knowing why doesn't mean I agree. That is all. I do not support the use of wraps so there is no reason for me to discover whether MCI used them in the past. If I wanted to, I am in the position to find out, but it is not worth my time. If you want the last word, you may have it. But, for your own safety, I would not recommend wearing red trousers into combat.
  10. So, you don't know. Well, if wrapping a prototype is really a "common practice", then shouldn't you know the answer? After all, you seem to support wrapping prototypes, so shouldn't you know whether MCI has done it before or be able to find out? Even if not for the 102A3 or 102EL3, even if for any other previous MCI prototype - you don't know. Or perhaps it isn't common practice. Perhaps MCI has never done it in the past and are only doing it now. "You may not see the point, but then again the point is not directed at you."
  11. SD60M, SD70M, SD70AH top speeds

    I didn't say it was easy, I was actually voicing agreement with you, but you are more inclined to argue rather than agree and try to cause friction on every topic, so I have no more to say. Unfortunately, this thread has drifted far away from its original topic of SD60M, SD70M, and SD70AH locomotives. I admit that I am partly to blame. I ask that we please return on-topic or cease to discuss if there is no more to discuss. Thank you.
  12. Right, and so it's just subjective. We have a disagreement about a wrap, and that's what forums are for. There would be no interesting discussion if everyone agreed with everyone else. There is not necessarily a right or wrong. We can have a civil discussion and get along without fighting about a piece of vinyl. Ships are also ordered before construction is started. That's why there were incidents like the Re┼čadiye.
  13. Stolen Photos!

    I've had photos stolen. One time it was by some students in California.
  14. SD60M, SD70M, SD70AH top speeds

    I know it's an A1A-A1A; it still was a good locomotive. Anybody can make a good passenger locomotive if they wanted to.