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  1. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    The following Greyhound Canada units are for sale: MCI 102DL3 #6052, #6057, #6148, #6164, #6343, #1309, #1314, #1316, #1321, #1324, #6703, #9852 MCI 102D3 #3404, #3415, #3417, #3418, #3422, #3437 MCI 102EL3 #9767, #9802
  2. Buses for sale

    The following Greyhound Canada units are for sale: MCI 102DL3 #6052, #6057, #6148, #6164, #6343, #1309, #1314, #1316, #1321, #1324, #6703, #9852 MCI 102D3 #3404, #3415, #3417, #3418, #3422, #3437 MCI 102EL3 #9767, #9802
  3. Jefferson Lines

    Greyhound discontinued service east of Spokane and passed the ball to Jefferson.
  4. Just added a bunch of photos to my Instagram.
  5. Failed Photos

    Tried to upload, but it was larger than 5 MB.
  6. Greyhound in the news

    If those Prevost are anything like the American 86000-series, they'll be hated by the passengers. Just a quicker way for Greyhound to declare bankruptcy and pull out of Canada. In California, woman and child stabbed on Greyhound: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/06/woman-arrested-after-five-stabbed-on-california-bound-greyhound-bus-police.html I'm surprised no one posted about it.
  7. Who ended up with the older pre-2003 STC coaches?
  8. Greyhound in the news

    What were the schedule and fleet numbers?
  9. People dropping the F-bomb and making out.
  10. No heat on Greyhound Bus

    It could have been a more serious issue with the HVAC; we don't know.
  11. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Did #1182 lose its BC plate?
  12. Greyhound in the news

    Right now all we know is that Greyhound has been losing money and wants to discontinue service. If they wanted to try smaller buses they could be doing it right now rather than applying to discontinue service. So let's see what happens.
  13. Greyhound in the news

    If Greyhound's willing to cut Reno-Denver, Chicago-Denver, and Chicago-Seattle, it'll take a lot to get them to stay on the Northern BC passenger routes unless they can get smaller vehicles.
  14. Greyhound in the news

    Doesn't really mean much considering the eastbound train arrives Salt Lake City at 3:30 AM and the metro areas served are much larger than those in Northern BC. This is equivalent to Greyhound discontinuing Edmonton-Saskatoon-Winnipeg, which also has train service. Either way, it is a negative trend for Greyhound and shows that their issues are not confined to Canada. By the way, who wants to join me for the last Greyhound Whitehorse run? It will be May 31, right? I missed the last Reno-Denver.