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  1. https://huronshoresareatransit.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/20220203-Accessibility-Compliant-HSAT-Schedules-for-Website-as-of-Feb-6-2022-003.pdf A bunch of expansions happening this month with HSAT, with a few changes in routing for routes 1 and 2, and extensions for routes 3 and 4. There is also a new smart card available for purchase, as well as the introduction of new monthly passes. The $5-anywhere fare is still in place, with free transfers between routes making travel cheap & affordable for those who use it. The most interesting changes here; (1) the introduction of regional transit to Goderich! Route 3 will now operate 3 days per week up from 2, connecting Grand Bend to Goderich through Zurich/Hensall and Bayfield. This means that it will now be possible to ride from Goderich to either London or Sarnia using entirely public transit, which is important to note since a $5 bus fare to ride 80+km is significantly cheaper than paying for gas for the same trip. (2) increasing daily trips to Sarnia from 2 to 3 means that it is now possible to take the bus into the city for only a few hours before heading back, as opposed to previously taking the bus into the city early in the morning, and having to wait the whole day before the next return bus. Although with this service increase the local runs have been cut, this is the sort of expansion that will make the route more consistent and usable, especially for those who live/travel to Sarnia more often. Another important addition to this change is the new stops in Thedford/Arkona, increasing its service area. (3) route 4's extension to Strathroy will make the Parkhill/Ailsa Craig corridor more meaningful, since this route's ridership is low and Strathroy is a bit more of a common destination for those in North Middlesex. This also allows for a connection with another Voyago service, Strathroy Intercommunity Transit, which runs between Sarnia and London. The run times are also both in the afternoon now, as opposed to previously being a one-morning one-evening service. In addition, route 2 now runs to London University Hospital at UWO, and route 1 stops at Walmart in Sarnia. All around, the changes happening make the system much more accessible and consistent, something that has been important all along in its journey. With ridership still low, these changes create more opportunity for the region to use the service and come to be comfortable with using it.
  2. I have two photos for the Huron Shores Area Transit page, attached here; 1361 is seen departing Grand Bend on route 1 to Sarnia 1936 is seen in Lucan operating on route 2 bound for London
  3. Figured I could start a page for this service, given that it's been running for a year now. Huron Shores Area Transit began at the end of last year to service the rural area along the shores of Lake Huron, based out of Grand Bend. It runs daily service to the cities of Sarnia and London, with two other rural branches as well operating on select weekdays. It is provided by Voyago, an operator of other recent rural-based transit startups as well. This system is interesting as it operates in an area that I, having grown up in, understand to have been dry of transit since forever. It appears to be struggling a bit with ridership, not only due to the pandemic but also because of decades of historical car reliance, as it is a large area for a transit system to cover. Although I know people who use it, and it is quite reliable in terms of timeliness, I see from a local perspective that it is quite difficult to pull people towards a bus system when most have grown up knowing nothing more than car use to get around. The system fortunately has had additional funding since its beginning, allowing for a few more years of potential service, which is great, as I see it important to its success that people can see something like this as a reliable long term option, if it is to stay. Anyways, its exciting to see something like this happen in an area familiar to me that I never thought would see transit, and I hope it turns out to be successful down the road.
  4. Hello, Can I change my username to: RandomRailfan151 thx
  5. Just thought I'd mention this, for 100in1 day London (Saturday June 3rd), LTC will be selling unlimited ride $5 passes which they began selling on May 17th. Yesterday I went to their downtown office to pick up one for myself, and surprisingly, I was the only one who had purchased one so far. Here is what the pass looks like for those who want to know
  6. Nice, it looks like they left the DRT green trim around the destination sign on as well.
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