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  1. Not saying that isn’t a valid point, however one would assume that all the first employees would be offered cmbc employment. Also, there are lots of current cmbc employees that live in the Valley that travel to Poco or Burnaby (mainly poco which is one of the reasons why the seniority required to work out of that depot is so high) and would love to work locally instead of travelling into Metro Vancouver
  2. Saw 3 of the Mk. I sets this evening at Coquitlam Station just after 5, as well as one on Sunday around 6:50pm
  3. It really does when you’re waiting and an LFR shows up and you can’t read where the bus is going cause 2/3 of the sign is burnt out. Nothing wrong with “Destination via Road/Station/POI” like we’ve been doing for decades. It’s another needless change by the planning department for the sake of doing something rather than nothing.
  4. Yeah this is a horrible decision. Good luck to anyone trying to get on the 100 in the afternoon between Marine Drive Station and 22nd Street.
  5. Haha I got no clue I’m just getting annoyed that it’s taken 4 months to fix and we still have no clue how much longer we will have to wait
  6. 150 has been bumped up to 30 minute service, I’m curious if it will still operate with artics or not.
  7. Or keep it as a Diesel/Hybrid/CNG route and use the extra cash for other improvements
  8. I’m just saying in general. I’ve seen it on multiple LFR’s on the 325 and 151, and it isn’t pretty. Definitely makes it harder to see.
  9. Agreed the stacked signs suck. Especially when you get an LFR with half the display dim, or burnt out. Not a huge fan of the RapidBus style either, never really understood why Destination via Main Route/Point of Interest can’t continue to be used.
  10. Yeah my mistake, read it as R2 for some reason.
  11. Have they all been transferred back to BTC?
  12. T-Comm is currently bugged, it won’t show any block, stop, or trip info, however still shows gps data, albeit with every bus showing 0. Was there a sheet change today by any chance?
  13. Fraser Highway B-Line/RapidBus was scrapped because half the route will be replaced with skytrain in ~5 years, same reason we still have the 99.
  14. Really was hoping they’d be long range, but looks like they’re short range BEB’s... Marpole TC seems rather unnecessary but if we can’t find a location on the NS, I understand the need for it. No more diesel buses past 2023? I’m assuming that doesn’t include hybrids, but afaik translink/cmbc have stated recently that suburban orders will continue to be diesel. Also, does that mean WV will start getting hybrids, or do they plan on transferring more of the XD40s and then replacing the depot with a new one in the future capable of hybrids or BEB’s? Im aware that CNG is now the cheapest option, but diesel is universal in our system, and doesn’t cost much more (~$450k). BEB’s cost over $1m per unit if I’m not mistaken. I’m aware there are grants and subsidies, but how much of the total cost do they cover? (And that’s excluding the charging infrastructure) You could run the most inefficient, polluting 2 stroke engine you can get your hands on, but if it’s transporting dozens of people who’d otherwise be taking cars, it’s still a net positive in term of the environment factor. I don’t want to come off as someone who completely opposes electric buses, because I am not, but considering the extra cost and infrastructure required, not to mention all the requirements on the maintenance side, is it really the best use of money during a period in which a priority is spending money wisely?
  15. There isn’t, nor has there ever been a CMBC revenue vehicle with that fleet number.
  16. 14013 Doordash 16013 Regency Med, drivers side only
  17. Go to Bridgeport around 4pm on any weekday
  18. Both lines are returning to regular service as of 11:05. Shuttle train was setup between Lougheed and Braid, no M-Line service past Lougheed.
  19. Spotted 7 BCT XN40s in Port Kells on Wednesday afternoon, and saw one of the new Arboc shuttles travelling westbound on Highway 1 right after
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