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  1. Would be cool if we could snipe theirs. I’d imagine they have a lot more than we do.
  2. The company that made our fare boxes no longer makes them, so we’ve gone back to paper transfers on all shuttles, in order to free up those fare boxes for the 18/19xxx’s. We seem to have run out of fare boxes for conventionals.
  3. 7322, 7382, and one other training unit are currently sitting at HTC along the south wall.
  4. IMO, the Girardins are better, but I kinda agree, West Van (and First) should be getting what stuff CMBC doesn’t want, not poaching the good stuff.
  5. Not sure when it came back in service, but 3312 has been refurbished.
  6. 7426 has appeared on T-Comm on the 3. Currently sitting at VTC ~45 minutes ahead of schedule.
  7. Christ, when do they not get it wrong...
  8. Yes, saw the 251 running yesterday. Not sure if they are running all day or just at peak time though, that’s how it was in the last week or so of April.
  9. Any funding translink gets is likely gonna come from Victoria, not Ottawa. The moment the feds hand out money to one agency, every other one will be looking to get their own share of that pie.
  10. 15019 on the 130 yesterday evening
  11. Afaik, they are placing Plexiglass barriers on the older buses like the ones you would find at grocery store's. Simply screwed on with a hinge to open and close it.
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