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  1. Backing into a layover spot. As far as I know it’s only one op who does it, I see him do it almost every day. I’ve never understood why really, considering how hard backing up an artic is.
  2. Starting today, March 26th, service on the 143 is cancelled until further notice.
  3. Some observations I’ve made recently: It wouldn’t hurt to bump the 68 up to 15 minute frequency during peak hours. 157 afternoon conventional service needs to start on the 2:45 trip from Burquitlam, rather than the 3:00 trip from Lougheed. Shuttle doesn’t cut it when passing by 2 high schools, a rec centre, and a middle school around dismissal time.
  4. Didn’t this happen a year or two ago?
  5. 19409 had a cracked window today. Driver said he believed it was caused by people stomping their feet at the front of the upper deck. Bus was swapped out around 3 when a new op took over.
  6. Have you taken the 501? It can get really busy between Guildford and Carvolth at times. Re-routing it through East Fraser Heights is a horrible idea. 338 is the right option.
  7. That’s an international city, for ya.
  8. It’s just the odds of it happening, really. I was on 1206 today, right behind 1208.
  9. Why the f**k are we rushing into this so quickly? As @dover5949 said, we haven’t even had our fleet for 6 months and we’re already planning on going full scale with something that has seen very limited use over this short timeframe. i understand the politics of the region and how electric = good, and the “climate change is the #1 issue” agenda that every city council has nowadays, but come on, considering how buses already are good for emissions, are CNG/Hybrids not cutting it anymore?
  10. Yeah, but not having 16 artics sit at the yard all weekend would be nice. Obviously PTC has 10 extra XDE’s for some reason
  11. There are 1 or 2 more that were also on in the morning.
  12. I know it was already reported in the transfers thread, but 7445 is at PTC right now, I was surprised to see it just now on the 159. Very happy to have it back where it belongs, just in time for the snow 😄.
  13. Half of the R3’s I’ve seen today have blank destination signs.
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