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  1. There are 1 or 2 more that were also on in the morning.
  2. I know it was already reported in the transfers thread, but 7445 is at PTC right now, I was surprised to see it just now on the 159. Very happy to have it back where it belongs, just in time for the snow 😄.
  3. Half of the R3’s I’ve seen today have blank destination signs.
  4. CMBC Buses (2014 XN40 14023, 2000 D60LF 8096) At Coquitlam Station in December 2016, a few days after the opening of the SkyTrain Millenium Line’s ‘Evergreen Extension’, which includes a stop at the station (pictured in the background)
  5. 14038 has white prefixes, black fleet numbers.
  6. It’s obvious it’s in preparation for RapidBus lol. The ‘Evergreen Extension’ portion of the M-Line has been removed.
  7. Bus Bridge currently in service between Braid - Production Way - Burquitlam, Connecting at Lougheed
  8. The 99 will be more ‘Rapid’ than any of the RapidBus routes
  9. Spending all this money to introduce a service we’ve already had for 20+ years is the first problem
  10. It’s been like that for years. One or two other units as well.
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