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  1. Coquitlam Station Service Changes: October 29 - November 3rd: Bay 7 (159/160 Poco) moved to newly constructed island. November 4th - Onwards: Bay 7: Closed (Will be the bay for the R3) Bay 8/9: 151, 160 Kootenay Loop swap Bays. (151 will be Bay 8, 160 KL will be Bay 9) Bay 1 (Currently 171-174): 159/160 Poco Station will serve this Bay. Bay 13/14: New Bays on Island, will be used by 171/172, and 173/174. These are permanent changes with the introduction of the R3 *East side of Loop widened, Work being done on new Entrance/Exit on EB Barnet Highway As of today (10/30) Some buses travelling WB Lougheed are continuing on Barnet Hwy, entering Loop via Mariner entrance, others continuing to enter Loop SB Lougheed Hwy
  2. Yes, I’ve seen artics on Mission City trips multiple times
  3. It was a Trainbus There was a police incident that delayed the last 2 trains at Waterfront, and I believe the delay was 40+ minutes
  4. 3344 was a WCE TrainBus on Monday evening
  5. Now, will they plaster stickers all over buses like last time?
  6. Yet another stupid idea, not having the R3 serve maple meadows, and extending the 595 instead. Do the planners even take transit? One unrelated thing I forgot about, the WVMT contract expired in March, and obviously was renewed, but does anyone have the details on it? How long is it for this time?
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