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  1. Does anyone know of a good android app that tracks TTC buses that also show bus and run numbers? I know there's some for iphone, but i lost my iphone, and using an android till I get a new iphone and I can't seem to find a good android one. Thanks
  2. BusDude

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    8500 was on the 8 Broadview route monday and it was NOT calling out the STOP REQUESTED
  3. Rumour has been going on for months that the 169 will go to Malvern.... anyone heard anything solid if this will happen and when?
  4. Really? your an operator and got the alert from CIS?
  5. BusDude

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    This week 3 out of 4 buses I took on Bay st had visions..... and they would call 3 stops at once, then when it passed the next stop it would call the next 3 stops right after eachother. For example when we were at bay/front going north it called out " next stop, Wellington St. next stop king st w. Next stop Adelaide st" .
  6. Question for any bus/subway operator out here: On a one bus route, all drivers have the same offdays. I have seen on one route this period all crews before the late relief has weekends off, yet the late relief piece has fri/sat off. is this something new? I have never heard of this before.
  7. more complaints then compliments. I know operators who have had commendations given to them but they never got them from the division..... seems they were "misplaced". Yet a lot of these stupid bogus complaints people put through- well they never go missing.
  8. WOW and why would they put that up? I'm surprised the drivers/union haven't said anything bout it.
  9. On the buses that have VISIONS installed, what does OP ID and the numbers mean? That's not the drivers badge number is it?
  10. I noticed the same about the T1s. Since the weekend the chimes are very low or no chimes at all.
  11. BusDude

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    The trackers are acting up... on friday it showed on the 8 Broadview route (1 bus route) 2 buses, being 4 blocks apart.... one was the regular bus and the other was a 17XX bus, and Birchmount has no Hybrids . It showed this for most of the day
  12. BusDude

    Spadina Subway Extension

    thanks, I will email her this
  13. BusDude

    PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    Can anyone answer this: A few times when I get on the bus by my place, I notice later on in my presto history it doesn't list the location I got on at, it just says "birchmount garage". I'm wondering, if i make a legit transfer, will it double charge me? I have a metropass on my presto so I cant tell if it double charges or not.
  14. BusDude

    Spadina Subway Extension

    Does anyone know what route shuttle buses take on the line 1 extension? A friend of mine was pulled off her regular work in the east end to go to a shuttle and she had no idea where to go, and her divisions response was " i have no idea, go to sheppard west and follow the other buses".
  15. Only ones i can confirm now is that 190 and 102 are going to Malvern division