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  1. Spadina Subway Extension

    thanks, I will email her this
  2. PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    Can anyone answer this: A few times when I get on the bus by my place, I notice later on in my presto history it doesn't list the location I got on at, it just says "birchmount garage". I'm wondering, if i make a legit transfer, will it double charge me? I have a metropass on my presto so I cant tell if it double charges or not.
  3. Spadina Subway Extension

    Does anyone know what route shuttle buses take on the line 1 extension? A friend of mine was pulled off her regular work in the east end to go to a shuttle and she had no idea where to go, and her divisions response was " i have no idea, go to sheppard west and follow the other buses".
  4. Only ones i can confirm now is that 190 and 102 are going to Malvern division
  5. TTC Service Changes

    I realized my error after I posted the message that they are wilson routes.
  6. TTC Service Changes

    Im not sure of other changes. I'm trying to find out if 169 or 42 will leave BMount? Does anyone have any info?
  7. Does anyone know if the 169 or 42 will be moving to malvern? Has anyone heard anything?
  8. TTC Service Changes

    I've heard in the new year there are routes which will change what division they are out of. Has anyone else heard anything or can confirm anything? I've been told 102 Markham RD will move from BMount to Malvern in Feb.
  9. TTC Service Changes

    Does anyone know why they are temporarily increasing service late evenings on the 62 Mortimer route? That route is not that busy after 8ish....
  10. TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    I think Eglinton division is getting new buses. I saw 8574 on 100 Flemingdon Park two days ago and on Wednesday I was on 8569 on the same route, 100 Flemingdon Park.