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  1. more complaints then compliments. I know operators who have had commendations given to them but they never got them from the division..... seems they were "misplaced". Yet a lot of these stupid bogus complaints people put through- well they never go missing.
  2. WOW and why would they put that up? I'm surprised the drivers/union haven't said anything bout it.
  3. On the buses that have VISIONS installed, what does OP ID and the numbers mean? That's not the drivers badge number is it?
  4. I noticed the same about the T1s. Since the weekend the chimes are very low or no chimes at all.
  5. BusDude

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    The trackers are acting up... on friday it showed on the 8 Broadview route (1 bus route) 2 buses, being 4 blocks apart.... one was the regular bus and the other was a 17XX bus, and Birchmount has no Hybrids . It showed this for most of the day