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  1. Paper Transfers will not be provided at this time In order to reduce contact between our Operators and customers, Operators will not be issuing paper transfers at this time. Our Operators and Collectors have been informed and are aware that customers who have paid by cash, TTC ticket or token will not have a paper transfer and should be permitted to board a bus or enter a station. PRESTO card or PRESTO Ticket customers should continue to tap their card when they board a vehicle and enter a station. So whats the point in paying? Instead of them saying you need a presto card/tic
  2. there usually never a lineup at the machines...except for the last day of the month cause everyone waits for the last minute to buy there passes.
  3. Or you could of put your card in Presto machines at the station and see your balance...... 10 seconds to do, you would of caught your train
  4. Lets be real now... if you get a fancy smartphone, you should have data, that IS the main point of a smartphone. And all stations have wifi, so....
  5. Actaully the TTC does say when GO protocol is in effect. People just need to pay attention. And yes some people don't have smartphones, but 95% of people do have phones, and they should use a smartphone for stuff like this, not to check facebook, insta, snapchat every 45 seconds. That's not where your going to find anything out.
  6. When the subway is closed do to an emergency the stations in the affected area aren't locked down. The stations are open for people to use the buses at that station so you can tap your card. For example if the subway is closed from main stn to broadview stn, and you need to get downtown, if your on the subway system then you can get off at main and just walk to Main Go and walk on a train. If you haven't been on the subway/bus and go to main stn and the subway is closed due to a delay, then you MUST TAP YOUR PRESTO CARD AT MAIN STN, exit, walk to Main GO stn and walk on.
  7. I assume the same. I know a few operators at Birchmount that have put in a transfer for Eglinton division when Mc Nicoll division opens and as of this board period they were transferred over to Eglinton due to a operator shortage.
  8. Are you referring to when there is an emergency closure on the TTC subway and they say you can use part of the GO trains? If thats what your referring too, then if you read FULLY the alerts/messages you MUST tap your presto on the TTC then you can board a GO train and you DON'T tap on the GO...... if a fare inspector checks fares he/she will see you tapped on at a legit TTC station and your fine.
  9. A few buses I was on today you can hear from the visions unit 2 people talking faintly. Driver on 1 bus said it's been like that for a while today
  10. I was on one of them on monday afternoon..... I personally don't like these buses. They seem smaller inside, I hate the side seating on them, and the constant bell like noises coming from the drivers area..... plus the driver said he hated the bus, there was no room for his legs and the area is so small the seat doesn't move. I did like the back doors though
  11. All Janitors now have radios, so there is no need to call them over the PA anymore. Mechanics, supervisors always had them
  12. These have been around for a while. Union was the first to get them, and that was in the summer. Broadview stn has had them for months.
  13. I was on car 5098 last night on line 2 and noticed it had new chimes by the doors. The flashing orange light is brighter and it also shows "Doors open" when the doors are open.
  14. I have never seen an electric bus out in service on Bay street in the afternoon/evenings.
  15. Take your time on the 79s, so he will have to wait longer, and foam at the mouth more
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