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  1. CFMaster

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    One of the six TPS buses at Hillcrest has a different livery. It wasn't all dark grey. Imagine the new LFLRV styled livery but instead of red, it's a light grey colour
  2. 8375 is rebuilt. Saw it on 511 yesterday
  3. CFMaster

    Streetcar News

    4500 in service on 512
  4. CFMaster

    Today's Special Sightings

    8669 on 126 Christie
  5. I can confirm to you that 4046 was the last CLRV to run on St. Clair on Friday. I was on the last run from Keele to St. Clair West. Sad to see them go on the 512
  6. As of right now all the buses running on the 108 are 3100s 3180 3104 3136 3109 3130 3122 3127
  7. So far I’ve seen 8499, 8500, 8602, 8607, and 9024 have their emergency handles at the rear section get removed. I’m assuming this will happen to all the Novas buses delivered before 2017 (8620-8716 order)
  8. 4041 is running again on 512. There is a black spot on the roof above the front doors assuming it’s from the incident on Friday
  9. CFMaster

    Today's Sightings

    Due to a stalled streetcar outside of St. Clair Station (4426) shuttle buses ran between St. Clair and St. Clair West Stations. 7695 8324 8706 8728 8730 8850
  10. CFMaster

    Countdown: 79 Days until #Line1 Opening! 

    Got to hear Downsview Park announced on a TR. The distance between Sheppard West and Downsview Park is the distance between Sheppard West and the Wilson Yard Platforms.
  11. CFMaster

    Today's Special Sightings

    7936 on 90 Vaughan. Training bus. Who misses these buses on this route?
  12. CFMaster

    Today's Sightings

    7936 on 90 Vaughan
  13. CFMaster

    Streetcar News

    512 is all Flexities today
  14. CFMaster

    Streetcar News

    The 512 is going through the same problems that the 510 did. There are really big gaps on the line. Usually, there's one or two CLRVs trailing behind a Flexity. For example, yesterday around the evening, there was no streetcars west of Oakwood Avenue. A CLRV at Oakwood heading eastbound was in front of a Flexity (4420) which was at Oakwood heading westbound. Therefore leaving a 30-minute gap. Trailing behind that Flexity (4420) were two CLRVs. One of them short turned at Lansdowne to fill the big gap. Today, there are 5-6 Flexities on 512. The service is better however streetcars now tend to bunch up near St. Clair West Station now that they changed where they load and unload passengers. After 3 days, people are still confused. They had signage posted everywhere in the terminal for weeks about the change. Even a TTC supervisor said that they needed better signage. They also have to fix the announcements for Winona and Spadina as they are pronounced wrong. So far, I think it's a fail as there are so many big gaps on the line, streetcars bunching up especially around St. Clair West Station, no fare machines along the line, running Flexities with broken machines, and problems with a few island stops as the Flexity stops with the back door blocked by a garbage bin. It's nice to have them on the 512, but it was fine when the route was all CLRVs. I think they should run the Flexities on the weekdays and weekend and holiday service should remain all CLRVs but I highly doubt that they would do that. I gotta say though. If you wanna ride a Flexity going fast, ride the 512. Every Flexity driver that I had so far on the 512 drives fast during the late evening.