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  1. The HEA system was completely down this morning with all buses showing "No GPS." I often wonder whether the cleaning woman kicks the plug out overnight or if somebody just isn't paying attention. Could it be they are finally attempting to add the numbers of the new buses that went into service in December?
  2. We should note that all 16 artics from 2003 have been repainted, along with 11 of the 16 2002 artics. 102 and 104-107 still show the rainbows. They stopped the work last summer, maybe because they were short of artics and didn't want to take any out of service. Or maybe the 2002 buses will be retired sooner than expected, and they decided it wasn't worth it.
  3. Forgot to mention that the only forward-facing seats on the 29-footers are "upstairs" in the back. The front seats are all bowling alley style.
  4. 522 is on route 3 today, Feb. 2. Haven't seen any other repainted 500s but will keep watching.
  5. Bus 249 has been on routes 57A and 43 today. So I'm guessing 246-254 are being transferred to Middle Street. That would leave only 16 of the 200-series buses at Pearl City, and they will likely be moved out as more new units go into service. It also means more of the 1997 Phantoms will soon be on their way to Bus Heaven.
  6. No rear doors on the new small buses, same as the 35-footers.
  7. Finally! Buses 22 and 23 in service today on Kapolei Circulator, route 416. Not recognized by GPS of course, so you won't see them on HEA.
  8. Thanks for your helpful response, Rotidua. If that is OTS policy, nothing we can do about it, but as a handicapped senior citizen, I don't agree with it. Low-floor buses are much easier for me to enter and exit, so the sooner the new ones come out the better. Combined with so many "No GPS" vehicles, I haven't been comfortable riding TheBus for awhile because I don't know what's coming or when. I am a big fan of our bus system, but OTS needs to remember its reputation of being customer-friendly. Enjoy riding the Gillig Phantoms. I will not be joining you.
  9. Am I the only one who is wondering why all our new buses are not in regular service yet? They sit parked at the garage all day while the oldest buses in the fleet continue to pollute our air. I understand it takes awhile for prepping, driver training, applying decals, etc. Some transit agencies have their new vehicles in revenue service within 3-4 days after delivery. Obviously, Hawaii has some special circumstances, so it takes a little longer. But this is too long. Does anyone know what's going on?
  10. I still don't get why it's taking so long for the computer operators to input the numbers of our new buses so they will show up on the HEA. Some of the new buses have been in service for more than a month and the bus numbers were assigned long before that. Knowing when a bus is going to be early or late is important to many riders, but OTS seems to think this is a very low priority.
  11. Does anybody know what happened to bus 187? It was delivered about a year ago in the 185-194 order. It was in service for awhile and I rode on it a couple of times. But it has not been running for many months. Is it being repaired? Replaced?
  12. 664 and 672 are in service on route 52 today.
  13. The 200 Novas, the 500 Gilligs and the 900 New Flyers can make it over the Pali with ease. The oldest and newest Gilligs really struggle. The worst was when they tried to use New Flyer artics on route 55 a few years ago. I was afraid they were going to come to a complete stop.
  14. The decorated holiday bus in this year's "City Lights" parade was #256. Usually it's a brand new bus.
  15. Rode on 965 on route 13 this morning. The new HEVs have GPS and announce all the stops, etc. But they show up as "No GPS" on the HEA. Anybody know why?